Friday, August 14, 2009

America is a socialist nation

Any nation that spends more than half it's budget on its military is a socialist nation: "trickle down" was always a nonsensical notion, even in Reagan's day, Reagan was a military socialist, a right wing socialist, a national socialist in fact. America remains a national socialist country. It's also why its right wing media has mastered propaganda to a much higher level than the left wing has, because corporatism is well paid, highly organized and ideologically unified around a distorted Christian theology that denies most of Christ's teachings in favour of a top down hierarchical power grid, in which everyman gets the illusion of independence and none of its substance, law before grace. It's also why America is on a collision course for a Civil War. No Third World nation contains as much hate between citizens as America does. That's why most propaganda is aimed at hating outsiders, the Cold War, the War on Terror etc. but with the ending of the Bush League presidency and the loss of ascendancy of the hard right, the right is turning on the left, and while they are a minority of the population, they absorb malice like sponges. America the apex of national socialist ideology will soon be going to war again, civil war, and it will be ugly and brutal and very difficult to stop. It is however the logical conclusion of the Bush League and Reagan's national socialist ideology.

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