Saturday, August 29, 2009

God's version of Harper

I'm not about to pre-empt God's perogative to judge Stephen Harper but I retain my right to trust my own discernment about the essential nature of his emotions, thoughts and spirit, the spirit God gave him, so that we might know the mark of Stephen Harper, perhaps I have no gift of discernment, but to me, he has the darkness of eyes and the slight of hand of a natural born deceiver. I discern deception in Harper's Christian Conservative version of the body politic - in his social authoritarian beliefs - and in the ways in which he is willing to apply those convictions on behalf of the petroligarchs, arms dealers and financeers of the right wing coalition of privateers to which Canada's Bush League conservatives belong. I see the inheritor's shadow of the coalition that both won and lost the Second World war, what Tarantino might call the unmarked Nazis who took off their uniforms and then hid themselves among the emerging manageriate of post-war North American capitalism: which was a merger of Mussolini's fascism with Duplessism and CD Howe's neo-liberal interpretation of the pre-war imperialist-corporatism of Meighen-Bennett-Drew. I discern the shadow of the Bush League Petrologicahy concealing Stephen Harper, making him unwilling to guard the village well - the Living Water - against he tcorporatist privateers among his more militant backers. I discern a disconnect between Stephen's heart and head, a vacuity of vision, a willingness to deconstruct without an understanding of deconstructionism's true purposes, I discern that his social authoritarian streak was why he sold his soul for power in his very first week in office, the burning need to keep and exercise power is why he showed little but malice and spite to the Loyal Opposition and the majority of Canadians who quite consciously voted against him. I discern in him contempt for British constitutional genius. I discern deception in everything he does on behalf of his true masters, whatever his afterlife hopes of God salvaging a soul from the consequences of endless violations of his own sworn oaths, promises, proclamations, declaration, statements, press appearances, and the insistent utterances of his alleged first and always principles. I discern something in Harper I noticed in Frost/Nixon, Langella's acting, his understanding of Nixon understanding how badly wrong he went. I'm just not sure Harper has it in him to be Nixonian, but will more likely remain Bush League.

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