Friday, August 14, 2009

Palestinians are also Semites

thus, Israeli oppression of Palestinians is also anti-Semitic. The defense - by Canadian Jews - of Israel's Palestinian 'pogroms' is likewise anti-Semitic, because they support the oppression of Arab Semites. When the United Church began to question their position on Israel they were not being anti-Semitic when some members came to the table with the fact that Israel employs a form of purposeful misery-making against the Palestinians. It is also more than apparent to everyone with a brain that Israel has been treating Palestinians like shit for 60 years. But nor is it necessary to be anti-Semitic against the Jews to seek to hold them accountable for their real-politik atrocities. To bring charges of crimes against humanity does not require an equal measure of crime against the offending people. And where is the new Ezra willing to stand before the Creator and speak truth about the abuse of power by his or her people ? Bernie Farber is clearly not up to the job, he appears to be little more than an apologist for brutality. A Cultural Jew I suppose, without any of the spiritual intelligence that once made the Jews one of the wisest and most profound peoples on the planet. Farber is a prophet of jackals, not "a man after God's own heart".

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