Monday, September 28, 2009

Worthington so wrong

You can't defeat the Taliban by more soldiers and building more reconstruction projects for the simple reason that the Taliban aren't the problem: the War Lords run that country as they have done for centuries. Afghanistan is on the ancient Spice Road, the Caravan route that Marco Polo took to get to China, way back when. The war lords are master black marketeers, they deal in drugs and arms and everything else, they are gangsters and they control their turf in the most time-honoured and brutal fashions. They play NATO like a game between minor league Tykes and NHL players. It's not an Islamic Nation, it's a tribally divided narco state that uses religion to suppress its women and keep everyone else in line. Worthington is wrong, again.

Opium in Alberta

The best way to defeat the war lords who control the drug trade, the Taliban, Karzai and the success or failure of the mission in Afghanistan is to establish opium as a cash crop in Alberta. Make it the source of the world's opium, and the war lords go broke. Heroin and morphine and other opium derivatives would make Alberta the first choice source for all drug dealers in North America. Of course, the new Alberta war lords will still be tied into the oil industry and the rest of the military industrial complex but what a great plan. Why go green, when you can go Alberta 'brown', or Wild Rose 'white'.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harper's next report card

You just gotta know that there will be as many lies in this report, as many lies as the Provincial Liberals inherited from Flaherty, as many lies as there will be corrections made almost immediately by parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page's report on Flaherty's figures. The Con goes on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liberalism and Faith

Liberalism is the protestant impulse to personal relationship with the divine.
The Haisidic enthusiasm for spirit at play. It is the individual rejoicing, repenting, reinventing. Faith Groups however, are often not Faith based but law - fundament - based, social authoritarians using the language of faith but denying the grace they receive by denying others grace before their law. Liberalism is catholic personalism: Trudeau and the Defender of the Faith, Queen Elizabeth, signing a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, making each citizen and visitor a sovereign member of an Eternal Crown. It is not Faith that Liberalism has no time for, it is the law forcefully placed before grace by hypocrites, that and a rabid evangelical republican heresy ramped up on the airwaves by dollar spinning, war-mongering, planet-denying anti-Edenists.
Liberalism gives the prophet courage to speak before the mob, the impulse to self within Self. David's heart led him to liberal excesses, and still he was declared "a man after God's own heart." Every heart has a Provident code of it's own and doesn't need social authoritarian deceivers of the elect to tell truth from lies.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Worthless Worthington

This man has been leaking right wing bilge like a sewer for four decades, the worst American president is the last one, George W. Bush, a criminal, Carter is decent human being, Bush isn't even that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And now we get More Mulroney lies

Now that the Great Con fete celebrating the achievements of Lyin' Brian Mulroney - the only PM who may have told more lies than Stephen Harper - has unfolded tonight as Brian planned, And now we should expect an endless revisionist attempt to make him into our Ronald Reagan - the neo-corporatist who put and end to communism by sinking the American economy under debt so deep he most Americans couldn't even see him giving the wealth of the American middle class to his big business friends: Reagan also traded drugs for arms during Iran-Contra and then lived to have the corporate media rate him as the Greatest President ever. Mulroney is really more like Nixon, a conniving liar with a deep hard-right personal learning curve rooted in post-war Quebecois fascism.
My favourite Mulroney moment was after he tried to get George Bush Sr to appoint him as head of the UN and the ENTIRE country howled our outrage that the master of corruption had been pulled out of the hole into which the Canadian people had flung him and was being dusted off for his reward by the capitalist pillagers who think democracy is a game in which they get to play with our lives. Scumroney I used to call him, still sounds about right.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trudeau's computer stolen

Watergate time again, Tricky Steve sent some young Tory out to see what he could find by stealing Justin Trudeau's computer is my guess.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bullshit from the Edmonton Journal

The failure is Mr. Harper's and Harper's alone, a real leader would inspire people to follow, Harper would rather kill off his enemies in parliament than seek mutual ways and means of creaing a more just society.

More Afghani madness

A student who was condemned to death for promoting women's rights has been freed, only the Afghan parliament is condemning the fact that he wasn't executed. Why are we helping these hateful people ?

Nanos polls for change

The most recent Nanos Poll appears to have captured a huge mood for a change in government. "Harper Re-election Question: Some people think that Stephen Harper has done a good enough job to deserve re-election. Others think that he has had his chance and it is time for a change. Which of these two opinions best reflects your personal view?
* Time for a change 58.5%
* Deserves re-election 31.9%
* Unsure 9.5%"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Harper not Minority Gov the Problem

The problem isn't minority government, the problem is the guy in charge. The failures of this parliament are the failures of Stephen Harper. He really doesn't play or work well with others. He should be fired, but since our system doesn't allow that anymore, we need an election to get rid of him.

The Incompetent John Baird

Mad Dog Baird is too busy lying about Canadian democracy and other acts of partisan malice to notice a multi-million dollar scandal going on in his own department.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


to teach a lesson you must first have learnt one, social-authoritarian lessons by national governments, are national socialist: consider grassharper, unions standing with corporations to ensure the survival of the most exploitative system of political economy the world has ever endured, Reagonomics, Harpernonmics, Jackanomics, will all soon be dust. Grassharper, teach a wiser lesson or leave the path of teaching to the wise.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Harrisite Harpercons and debt

Harris left the Ontario economy a mess, and now the federal cons have left an even bigger mess, one they lied about again and again and again, and we know exactly how they would pay off the debt - corporatize Canadian assets by selling off the commons to their privateering friends. Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harpercons lie again

Budget Watchdog Kevin Page has been right every time and the Harpercons have been wrong every time, now Page is right about the Lib's EI costs and the Cons keep lying. Stephen Harper, too small for Canada.

Afghanistani democracy

Fraud, that's why our soldiers are dying, so we can support our hand-picked puppet who has so clearly practiced large scale fraud during the election that civil society is decades away, as is any chance of repealing Karzai's law allowing the rape of Afghani wives by their husbands. What a sordid mess. At least the oil is is flowing, and the poppies. Drugs and oil, fraud and rape, what a recipe, what a cause worth dying for...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Recession isn't over

not for the real working class, few of whom vote conservative.

Kenney makes an ass of himself

He's speaking of the NDP, that mushy left-social democracy party “It's a party of hard-core left-wing ideologues. … It's not like a moderate, centre-left party. These folks, they drink their own Kool-Aid right? So I don't think we can see a realistic arrangement with the NDP.” They drink their own Kool-Aid right? As in Ken Kesey and the Electric Kool-Aid Acid test ? Wink wink nudge nudge, their policies come from taking too much acid... Kenney, lawsuit, fucking moron, dipstick so far to the right he doesn't even know what is moderate. The reactionaries' last stand: the idiots' last burble.

Bryant and the Cycles of Rage

It's beginning to look like the deceased Mr. Shepherd was so wound up in his own cycles of rage during the deathly incident at that stretch of Bloor that is unequivocally bound up in road user rage, that the deceased may have wound himself to death.

NDP Maybe Harper will fall on his head

and have a new vision. Maybe. There's a first time for everything.

Wrong Mr. Stelmach

The only thing that will damage the Copenhagen talks is if Mr. Harper's government is still in power: the do-nothing conservatives, are not an an asset on the this or the economic file, they are woefully lacking in ideas, imagination and understanding. The Arctic can't take much more of the do-nothing conservatives either.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Christian con is nearly over

The half-=baked theology of malice that inspires Stephen Harper and the rest of the Bush League will soon be regulated to Canadian oblivion.

Time for Harper to understand

once and for all: the majority of Canadians do not like you, we do not like what you stand for, how you think, how you behave or how you make us feel. The reason you haven't talked to a single voter who wants an election is because the only people you talk to are conservatives. Let me make this clear: we, the majority, don't like you and don't want you.