Thursday, September 17, 2009

And now we get More Mulroney lies

Now that the Great Con fete celebrating the achievements of Lyin' Brian Mulroney - the only PM who may have told more lies than Stephen Harper - has unfolded tonight as Brian planned, And now we should expect an endless revisionist attempt to make him into our Ronald Reagan - the neo-corporatist who put and end to communism by sinking the American economy under debt so deep he most Americans couldn't even see him giving the wealth of the American middle class to his big business friends: Reagan also traded drugs for arms during Iran-Contra and then lived to have the corporate media rate him as the Greatest President ever. Mulroney is really more like Nixon, a conniving liar with a deep hard-right personal learning curve rooted in post-war Quebecois fascism.
My favourite Mulroney moment was after he tried to get George Bush Sr to appoint him as head of the UN and the ENTIRE country howled our outrage that the master of corruption had been pulled out of the hole into which the Canadian people had flung him and was being dusted off for his reward by the capitalist pillagers who think democracy is a game in which they get to play with our lives. Scumroney I used to call him, still sounds about right.


Anonymous said...

Buddy are you sure your tin foil hat isn't on too tight?

Jerry Prager said...

No, just someone who remembers what an awful PM Brian was, utterly in love with the sound of his own voice, the most patronage ridden, lobbyist profiteering Irish con man in Canada, the man in fact who apologized to Italian Canadians for being interned as enemy aliens during the seonc world war, when the reason they were in fact interned was either for mob or fascist activites. The reason Mulroney apologized was because he was trying to bury fascist history in Canada, which is what the conservatives supported throughout the 1920's and 30's and beyond. Mulroney himself mentored by Daniel Johnson, successor to Quebec's post war fascist premier Maurice Duplessis - fascism, a political ideology also known as corporatism. No tin hat here, just the realities of kinder gentler fascism in clear sight for anyone who looks. Obviously I have some courage behind my convictions Anonymous, while you just hide behind your anonymity.