Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liberalism and Faith

Liberalism is the protestant impulse to personal relationship with the divine.
The Haisidic enthusiasm for spirit at play. It is the individual rejoicing, repenting, reinventing. Faith Groups however, are often not Faith based but law - fundament - based, social authoritarians using the language of faith but denying the grace they receive by denying others grace before their law. Liberalism is catholic personalism: Trudeau and the Defender of the Faith, Queen Elizabeth, signing a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, making each citizen and visitor a sovereign member of an Eternal Crown. It is not Faith that Liberalism has no time for, it is the law forcefully placed before grace by hypocrites, that and a rabid evangelical republican heresy ramped up on the airwaves by dollar spinning, war-mongering, planet-denying anti-Edenists.
Liberalism gives the prophet courage to speak before the mob, the impulse to self within Self. David's heart led him to liberal excesses, and still he was declared "a man after God's own heart." Every heart has a Provident code of it's own and doesn't need social authoritarian deceivers of the elect to tell truth from lies.

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