Monday, November 30, 2009


Whatever the excesses of the particular scientists involved in the series of emails involved in the theft of private correspondence now known as Climategate, the fact remains that every national science academy on the planet knows that climate change is happening. As for 'global cooling', it's caused by an effect called "dimming" in which atmospheric pollution reflects sunlight, and thus heat, back into space before it reaches the surface of the planet, it's a phenomena that wasn't understood until relatively recently, although it was first noticed in the 1950's near the Maldive Islands, where extreme pollution from Asia, meets the relatively clean airs of the south Pacific. Without telling us so, dimming is the major cause of the data differences so loved by those advocating for the corporate socialists who want to run the planet for a profit while exploiting everyone and everything thing they can without conscience. It's part of the merger of gangster capitalism and global corporatism (formerly known as fascism.) Dimming, far from being a cause for celebration, is actually making things worse. The "scandal" now known as Climategate is a public relations scam, paid for by corporations whose plans to control every aspect of the world's food and drinking water, are being threatened by the democracy inherent in green political philosophy. Climategate is a well-financed effort to undermine Copenhagen and the efforts to salvage the planet for more than those who support what is in essence a geo-political seizure of power by corporate socialists. Climategate is a massive marketing item in which Big Business is opening the payola floodgates to their journalist-stooges in the corporate owned medium (which is to say, most of the media on the planet). It is now producing its own dimming effect, a dumbing down of science discourse, by championing scientists who have been paid by corporate socialists to discredit the politics of climate change, as if it was genuine science instead of propaganda. Generally speaking, modern science is a whore at the best of times, committed to servicing those who pay, climate change science was an exception to that rule. Now, the corporations are fighting back. And it's not because the corporations don't believe global warming is happening, it's because they are intent on taking advantage of the situation when things start to really go wrong.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cdn Italians Interned In WW2

The attempt to bury the truth about fascism in the Italian Canada community during WW2 has made a reappearance in parliament, and not unsurprisingly it is conservative proposal designed to also hide the truth about Conservative fascism before the war. The Italians who were interred were fascists, even the mobsters were fascists, their whole ideology is fascist and still is. There should be no compensation. they sought the overthrow of the Canadian government in order to derail the war effort so that the overthrow of Britain would follow. If you want to read a detailed assessment of the issue, written by Italians and Italo-Canadian historians, read The Enemy Within. This whole issue is a disgrace. They were guilty. The Conservatives were guilty. There were about 650 Italians interned out of a population of 125,000 or so Canadese at the time. Mussolini's vice-consuls replaced the leadership of every social club in Canada with fascists, so more of them, not fewer, should have been interned. The most powerful of them were left alone to help form the Italian part of the core of George Drew's neo-fascism post-war conservativism. Veterans groups should be outraged. Mulroney tried to bury the history of Conservative fascism by apologizing to Italian Canadians who had been interned, and now, yet another, even more right wing government is trying to bury the past in it's endless efforts to unite the right. As for Quebec in all this, it had a fascist government until 1960.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harper enroute

to the parade of right wing buffoons that includes these two.

Harper gets off pot and stench roils out

Harper finally got off his pot and went abroad to find right wing allies at home, only to discover that while he's been away making deals with reactionary business interests in India, the stench of what was in the conservative pot began to waft through parliament and down the hill and into the streets of Canada. Even CTV and the Duffy Del Mastro dynamic duo can't put the king of pork back on his barrel, and nor can the Bush League backer of torture and deregulated capitalism come home and hide the rot at the root of Canadian conservatism because the smell of death can't be concealed by climbing back on his pot in the shithole he has made of the Canadian House of Commons.

Afghan Con Corruption

Cannon says the rule of law governs our relations with Afghanistan while knowingly attending the swearing in of a corruptly re-elected President, a man who represents those who routinely received prisoners from Canadian soldiers before torturing them before 2007. Cannon wasn't boss of the file then, because in 2006 these crimes against humanity were committed under the leadership of his predecessor Peter - my word is worthless - MacKay. Somebody say amen to the last inning of the Canadian Bush League.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Canada: least corrupt nation in the Americas

Until Stephen Harper and the Reform-Con coalition gets through with us.

Tory Hate Mail $6 million and climbing

Tory mailouts on the taxpayers dime that do nothing but spread partisan vitriol across the country have escalated at a rate greater than ever seen before. Put it in the same category as Harpercons - the biggest pork barreling machine in the history of Canada, use every source of tax dollars to attack, attack attack. Does anyone remember when this reform con coalition stood for something ?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harpercon Global. Inc

Soon the great corporatist crusader will set off on his world tour to unite militarists, bankers and right wing political operatives and so mastermind the end of liberal free enterprise. Harper admitted in Sudbury that these are not times for conservative economics, except he's wrong, these times are when conservative economics are being practised on the grand scale: this is the consequence of Reagan unifying global corporatism and gangster capitalism. Our "Wall" must come down now. Global corporatism must be unchartered, and a cooperative commonwealth created in Canada, based not on statism, but on credit unionism: citizen-members, our taxes, become mutually beneficial fees between members, where bureaucrats are employees,from cleaners to senior management,and where politicians are directors of the board elected by local members, to do things for the greatest common benefit and so rise all ships on the tide that will then be unleashed and we create a world economy where business is personal, rooted in partnerships and associations, commercialism that retains limited liability, in an attempt to consciously create responsible government ie. the greatest equal liberty for the survival of humanity.

Harper the follower

Gutless to nth degree, a climate change denier of the first order, Stephen Harper has no leadership skills except cunning and malice.

Khadr: child soldiers/invasion armies and justice

So a fifteen year old boy, living in a country that has just been invaded, surrounded by his dead relations and neighbours, may have killed some of the invaders during an attack. This case is a disgrace. Harper is a disgrace for doing nothing, for turning his back on injustice of the highest order. Every American war and cowboy or cops and robbers movie ever made would be on the side of the fifteen year old who tried to fight of the invaders. American justice is a travesty, their democracy is a travesty, and Harper is a gutless buffoon hoping Obama tanks and some right wing reactionary like himself seizes the government.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What I remember on remembrance day is all the lies and political machinations of non-democratic forces inside our own culture and societies that create the scenarios around which our "leaders" lead men and and women down a garden path to slaughter, I remember the dead who died fighting for one thing, in wars designed to combat very different outcomes than the ones promoted by propaganda. Over one hundred years of oil geo-politics, in support of the long march towards corporate hegemony around the world. That's what I remember. The greatest democracy on the planet is a farce as a democracy, when 44% of Congress are millionaires, they work for the rich, not the poor or the middle class. Here in Canada, conservatives aided and abetted the rise of fascism and ensured the decimation of Protestant Canadians who went off to fight the monster their own masters had help create. Iraq and Afghanistan, wars of humiliation and subjugation in the name of oil and religious crusading are still masked as wars of liberation. Soldiers appear to be the easiest people in the world to lie to. They go off to fight in the newest crusade for democracy, while here in Canada our own democracy is a fraud, we have a Prime Minister who is hated by most of the country, and yet he gets to rule us. Jesus advised us that the greatest thing someone can do is to die in the place of another, I'm just not sure he meant dying for the rich who have as much chance of entering the kingdom of heaven as a camel does passing through the eye of a needle. He also didn't say anything about killing to ensure the profits of oil companies, bankers and arms dealers, which pretty much explains all the wars of the 20th century.
But I do remember the dead, with great sadness, because most of them march off to die in the name of great causes. If only the causes weren't whitewashed and the real truth disguised with smoke and mirrors. If more people lived for great causes, maybe we wouldn't need so many dying for false ones. I remember the dead because they were betrayed long before they marched off to war. I remember their sacrifice, because it is manipulated, twisted and pointed at the next generation just like Jason Kenney is doing now with the new Canadian Citizenship guide: be prepared to die for the next lie.

It's not surprising Cons won in rural Quebec

For nearly twenty years Quebec was a fascist state, and there are still lot of reactionaries in that province, The Bloc Quebecois is far more progressive than many parts of that province, and large numbers in that province pine for a return to corporatism and social authoritarian governance. Harper has a natural home among them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Coach to Senator to Shill for the Con

Stephen brings out the liar in all his people.

44% of American Congressmen are millionaires

If you want to know why 1% of America controls the other 99% look no further than the fact that nearly half of Washington's politicos are millionaires. Healthcare for the poor, let them eat cake, bank regulations to protect the middle classes and the poor, fuck em. That nation is a disgrace, it's certainly not a democracy, with individual congressmen acting as nothing more than wholly owned subsidiaries of the super rich.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Firearms Commisioner's report

Available here.

More fakery with help from friends

Harper's first Little Help from My Friends photo sent by PMO intentionally misleading.

Duffy skewered

The former phony journalist turned Con man's senator gets what he deserves.

Tory long gun law and order hypocrisy

The removal of the long gun registry is just one more example of the total lack of strategic thinking on the part of the Con's. They really don't have a vision, what they have are a series of nightmares, all of them involving ways to destroy progressivism in Canada, and replace it with pure reactionary lack of common sense.
The registry should have been fixed, not removed. Law and order, just like Mike Harris and the murder of Dudley George: they don't want to obey laws themselves, they just want everyone else to do what they say: it's social authoritarianism on the grand scale, but implemented piece meal, because the majority of Canadians reject the very premise of social authoritarian politics.

Phony former journalist calls kettle black

Mike Duffy, who apparently spent most of the last few years of his career fighting for the Conservative cause and undoing any respect he had for his craft and sullen art, thinks an elected NDP MP is a fake while the the discredited former journalist and current Tory Flack, has spent the last three months pork barreling around the country on the public dime. Mike Duffy probably spent the last three months arranging the marriage between CTV and the Tory party.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming soon: guns galore

Con's going to rid of the pesky gun registry that the police like so much, and we'll soon be up to our yin ying in untraceable stolen rifles.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not so prepared

Apparently, according to the auditor general, there is reason for concern about the Harper government's preparedness. She doesn't say so, but it has to do with their being reactionaries, who can't actually plan to be prepared, because their natural inclinations are to react with a lot of bluster of the kind that John Baird excels at, and only then go looking for solutions, which is kind of how Harper does everything. He looks stunned for awhile, but after a bit he shows that great leadership of his, makes a decision, and then follows someone else's plan.

H1N1 man-made in 1950

This is a virus strain that was created in a labratory in 1950, and reappeared in 1977.
This historical overview by a virologist details it's roots.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Con's only real agenda item

The destruction of the Liberal Party.

The Marriage between the Tories and CTV

MP MacKay to marry CTV news executive. His oath to David Orchard wasn't worth much, but making himself the Man of the Conservative Television Network, for now appears to coincide with both his fiance's and Harper's agendas.