Friday, November 20, 2009

Cdn Italians Interned In WW2

The attempt to bury the truth about fascism in the Italian Canada community during WW2 has made a reappearance in parliament, and not unsurprisingly it is conservative proposal designed to also hide the truth about Conservative fascism before the war. The Italians who were interred were fascists, even the mobsters were fascists, their whole ideology is fascist and still is. There should be no compensation. they sought the overthrow of the Canadian government in order to derail the war effort so that the overthrow of Britain would follow. If you want to read a detailed assessment of the issue, written by Italians and Italo-Canadian historians, read The Enemy Within. This whole issue is a disgrace. They were guilty. The Conservatives were guilty. There were about 650 Italians interned out of a population of 125,000 or so Canadese at the time. Mussolini's vice-consuls replaced the leadership of every social club in Canada with fascists, so more of them, not fewer, should have been interned. The most powerful of them were left alone to help form the Italian part of the core of George Drew's neo-fascism post-war conservativism. Veterans groups should be outraged. Mulroney tried to bury the history of Conservative fascism by apologizing to Italian Canadians who had been interned, and now, yet another, even more right wing government is trying to bury the past in it's endless efforts to unite the right. As for Quebec in all this, it had a fascist government until 1960.

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