Monday, November 30, 2009


Whatever the excesses of the particular scientists involved in the series of emails involved in the theft of private correspondence now known as Climategate, the fact remains that every national science academy on the planet knows that climate change is happening. As for 'global cooling', it's caused by an effect called "dimming" in which atmospheric pollution reflects sunlight, and thus heat, back into space before it reaches the surface of the planet, it's a phenomena that wasn't understood until relatively recently, although it was first noticed in the 1950's near the Maldive Islands, where extreme pollution from Asia, meets the relatively clean airs of the south Pacific. Without telling us so, dimming is the major cause of the data differences so loved by those advocating for the corporate socialists who want to run the planet for a profit while exploiting everyone and everything thing they can without conscience. It's part of the merger of gangster capitalism and global corporatism (formerly known as fascism.) Dimming, far from being a cause for celebration, is actually making things worse. The "scandal" now known as Climategate is a public relations scam, paid for by corporations whose plans to control every aspect of the world's food and drinking water, are being threatened by the democracy inherent in green political philosophy. Climategate is a well-financed effort to undermine Copenhagen and the efforts to salvage the planet for more than those who support what is in essence a geo-political seizure of power by corporate socialists. Climategate is a massive marketing item in which Big Business is opening the payola floodgates to their journalist-stooges in the corporate owned medium (which is to say, most of the media on the planet). It is now producing its own dimming effect, a dumbing down of science discourse, by championing scientists who have been paid by corporate socialists to discredit the politics of climate change, as if it was genuine science instead of propaganda. Generally speaking, modern science is a whore at the best of times, committed to servicing those who pay, climate change science was an exception to that rule. Now, the corporations are fighting back. And it's not because the corporations don't believe global warming is happening, it's because they are intent on taking advantage of the situation when things start to really go wrong.

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