Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harpercon Global. Inc

Soon the great corporatist crusader will set off on his world tour to unite militarists, bankers and right wing political operatives and so mastermind the end of liberal free enterprise. Harper admitted in Sudbury that these are not times for conservative economics, except he's wrong, these times are when conservative economics are being practised on the grand scale: this is the consequence of Reagan unifying global corporatism and gangster capitalism. Our "Wall" must come down now. Global corporatism must be unchartered, and a cooperative commonwealth created in Canada, based not on statism, but on credit unionism: citizen-members, our taxes, become mutually beneficial fees between members, where bureaucrats are employees,from cleaners to senior management,and where politicians are directors of the board elected by local members, to do things for the greatest common benefit and so rise all ships on the tide that will then be unleashed and we create a world economy where business is personal, rooted in partnerships and associations, commercialism that retains limited liability, in an attempt to consciously create responsible government ie. the greatest equal liberty for the survival of humanity.

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