Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What I remember on remembrance day is all the lies and political machinations of non-democratic forces inside our own culture and societies that create the scenarios around which our "leaders" lead men and and women down a garden path to slaughter, I remember the dead who died fighting for one thing, in wars designed to combat very different outcomes than the ones promoted by propaganda. Over one hundred years of oil geo-politics, in support of the long march towards corporate hegemony around the world. That's what I remember. The greatest democracy on the planet is a farce as a democracy, when 44% of Congress are millionaires, they work for the rich, not the poor or the middle class. Here in Canada, conservatives aided and abetted the rise of fascism and ensured the decimation of Protestant Canadians who went off to fight the monster their own masters had help create. Iraq and Afghanistan, wars of humiliation and subjugation in the name of oil and religious crusading are still masked as wars of liberation. Soldiers appear to be the easiest people in the world to lie to. They go off to fight in the newest crusade for democracy, while here in Canada our own democracy is a fraud, we have a Prime Minister who is hated by most of the country, and yet he gets to rule us. Jesus advised us that the greatest thing someone can do is to die in the place of another, I'm just not sure he meant dying for the rich who have as much chance of entering the kingdom of heaven as a camel does passing through the eye of a needle. He also didn't say anything about killing to ensure the profits of oil companies, bankers and arms dealers, which pretty much explains all the wars of the 20th century.
But I do remember the dead, with great sadness, because most of them march off to die in the name of great causes. If only the causes weren't whitewashed and the real truth disguised with smoke and mirrors. If more people lived for great causes, maybe we wouldn't need so many dying for false ones. I remember the dead because they were betrayed long before they marched off to war. I remember their sacrifice, because it is manipulated, twisted and pointed at the next generation just like Jason Kenney is doing now with the new Canadian Citizenship guide: be prepared to die for the next lie.

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