Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Climategate" 2

So all the world's right wing media and political nutbars have jumped onboard the skeptical bandwagon, even the CBC described the release of 3000 emails as a leak, when it was in fact a theft, a theft that then became a massive, well-financed message based on nothing much in the actual emails, or at least nothing according to Elizabeth May who read them all. What she found is a tale of hard-working scientists trying to understand data sources such as old seawater temperature readings that dated back to tests that steamship boiler operators did before putting the water into the boiler, nuances about the differences in temperatures between water carried in buckets to the boiler and water carried in canvas bags, so concerns about messaging data" raised by the skeptics turn into interesting quirks of science and history.
Climategate is probably the only 'gate' scandal that actually parallels Watergate, the original 'gate', in fact the path from that Climategate has more depth as a burglary and coverup story, than it has as a science coverup. Watergate was a right wing break in of a liberal/democratic office, but where Watergate was a physical crime, Climategate is an electronic crime, committed by those prepared to lie about what they found. The 3000 emails, by May's reading, are innocent of the crimes being screamed at their authors by the skeptics. I personally don't think for a minute that the corporate sponsors of this break-in disbelieve the science, I think they want more time to buy up all the arable land and potable water, the old central methodology of capitalism: exploitation of resources: human, and otherwise, without necessity of ethics, motivated by profit. Climategate needs to be solved all right: we need to know who the thieves and liars and moneymen are. That's the real story here, and the CBC if no one else should start telling it.

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