Monday, December 7, 2009

Climategate email burglars

The real story here, is not the phony spin being played around the world on the alleged content and interpretation of the emails, (which don't prove anything like what the climate change deniers say they prove) no, the real question here, is who ordered the break-in ? Who is the Nixon in this ? The theft had been traced to a server in Siberia, raising the spectre of the involvement of the Russian secret service, or the Russian mafiya, which are pretty much the same thing these days . Nothing quite like right wing neo-corporatist attack-dogs being unleashed by Russian mobsters: the fascists of North America join forces with the fascists of Russia in an attempt to prevent the sustainability of the commons and the common-law of the planet: this is a coup by gangster capitalists and global corporatists designed to ensure that oligarch privateer/pirates retain control of dwindling resources. If the attack dogs think they'll be rewarded in the long run, then they are fools: the forces against acting on climate change are people fully prepared to seize control of water and food resources, these are people like those who poisoned Bhopal and never gave a shit: these are people who - while the climate deteriorates - are fully prepared to watch the peoples of the world die off in the billions, including the attack-dogs who collude with them.

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