Friday, December 18, 2009


A year ago Canada had a chance to side with the angels, but the corporate media ensured that never happened, by refusing to delve deeply into the various and countless hypocrisies of Stephen Harper, we are left with our ineffectual and much hated PM slumping around Denmark wasting more tax payer dollars, about the only thing Harper excels at besides secrecy and lies. Cap and Trade is a scam, because the people who will benefit the most are the investment bankers/racketeers, who just engaged in a series of shakedowns of the global economy, it's almost a good thing no real deal was reached in Copenhagen.
It's been a funny ride, finding myself agreeing with climate change deniers about what a global cap and trade system really is, but then, my central thesis is that the Cold War was essentially a merger between gangster capitalists and global corporatists. The UN made an announcement on Dec 13 that 350 billion dollars worth of organized crime narcotics profits were so successfully money-laundered in the last year that the funds actually helped stabilize the global meltdown. To me, there was no meltdown. it was shakedown, and most of the 'honest' people were shaken out of the money tree. A cap and trade deal would have created a new racket of global proportions: a corporatist coup was prevented, a massive international manageriate was avoided.
Dion's Green Shift Carbon tax was supported by 140 of Canada's top economists during the last election for a reason: it was simpler, more direct and more effective, Ignatieff was one of the first Libs to promote the idea, but now he too backs cap and trade. The Green Party of course maintains the Carbon Tax in its policy.
The failure in Copenhagen was multi-faceted. Harper's failure to be of any use looks good on him, but bad on Canada: the idea that a green economy can't outstrip the value of the petroligarch's century old governing model was a tedious tune but one he kept playing. What the mayors of Canadian cities and the Premiers of Quebec and Ontario proved was that the federal government isn't necessary for Canadians to take genuine action, although that too is a reality that unfortunately plays into Mr. Harper's main agenda, bankrupting the national government, so that when it comes time to pay down the national debt he created, he can have a fire sale of Canadian assets, there will be lots of good deals for the privateering friends of the Con coalition, because they want corporate socialism. At the same time, the failure of Copenhagen means untold misery, of a scale that doesn't require belief in climate change for large groups of people to discover what's going to happen: the senior citizens who supported Harper in the last election have helped condemn their own grandchildren to a very dark future. Let them die in the knowledge of what they did, or in ignorance, either way, the shit will hit the fan whether they believe in fans or shit.
There was talk that the Chinese only sent their premier, while the Americans sent their president, but Obama isn't much more than a premier himself, the president of Goldman Sachs stayed home too, the American congress has been bought and sold by big business, the Yes We Can campaign was a lie, Obama is just an extension of the Bush League, a step and fetch boy for the military industrial complex that so worried Eisenhauer. The winter of our discontent is upon us.
And yet, I see a glimmer of hope, it doesn't lie in politics, except the politics of the personal, we don't need big business, we don't need big government, we need one another, we need communities of action, we need a revolution based on a revelation about the inter-relatedness of personal and common good. Insurance companies began their existences as Mutual Benefit Societies. That is the essence of Green ideology: we are symbiotic lifeforms living on a symbiotic planet, Social Darwinism is a lie and we must now move beyond it.

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