Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harper: the anti-democrat

I still have a hard time believing that a man who came to power promising democratic reform, could turn out to be such an utter hypocrite, and still have the support of the people who voted him. Clearly the Reform movement really was just a front for Alberta's oil industry, and clearly the Harrisite Reactionaries who form the core of the coalition party is now the Great Con, never were democrats. But somewhere along the way, probably listening to Preston Manning talking to Peter Gzowski on Morningside, I got the impression that the reformers actually wanted a more vigourous democracy. One thing is clear, if it hadn't been for Gzowski, Manning would never have reached a national audience, so any right wingers who are happy with their lot in life these days, should thank the CBC, because they gave you this chance to prove how much contempt for democracy you people really had all along.

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