Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christian Conservative Hypocrisy

I know the Christian Conservative is desperate to turn the channel away from the degree of shame the Conservative Party is heaping on itself in Copenhagen and over the Afghan detainee file, so much so that he thinks the photo-shopped Harper-Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby pic is equal to the crimes against humanity the cons are trying to conceal, but the fact is the image itself was removed from the Liberal website almost immediately, a staffer was disciplined for allowing it on the site, and the party apologized, quite UNLIKE what the conservatives did when they photo-shopped a picture of Dion surrounded by bullet holes that was posted on the main party website, and kept up for a week, no apology was ever issued, and no staffers were ever disciplined: there is no hypocrite like a conservative Christian, and now that I've posted this, my blog will be bombarded by spam comments, sent from heaven knows exactly where.

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