Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peter MacKay, war criminal ?

A PM has a modus operandi for both Canadians and parliament, which has been to create a climate of lies, obfuscation, bluster and bullying and then stand back and smile that insipid smirk of his. His contempt for parliament, his contempt for the mjaority of voters who voted against hi, makes it clear that he is just the kind of guy who would, upon election in 2006, go rushing to join the Bush League in order to make Canada more like the America Harper loves - home of fundamentalist reactionaries whose "my country right or wrong" ideology has been emulated by his cohort of Tory thugs and Christian/capitalists (Cristian/capitalism are mutually exclusive terms, since you can't fuse a theology of 'love your brother', with an ideology of exploit your brother, and still hope to create a functioning community.) Conservative Christians and neo-corporatists are precisely the kind of people who end up turning blind eyes to torture, especially if they're Muslims, and have vast oil reserves to be exploited. The rush to be respected by Bush League Pentagonians, the precise group of people that Eisenhauer warned the world against, had probably led the Harpercons into crimes against humanity, crimes which will eventually be uncovered by the international crimal tribunal. Peter MacKay, he whose word was worthless even before he rushed to join the Bush League, is so intent on hiding the truth from the Canadian people, that the more he and Mad Dog Baird bare their teeth and howl and moan and groan and otherwise spew their hypocrisy all over Parliament, the more obvious it is they have some very deeply troubling facts that they are trying to hide. As Jesus said, the truth will set you free. When, as all the evidence - of everyone but those involved in the coverup points to - finally leads to the truth about what it is they so desperately want kept concealed, it won't matter what Canadians think because this will be played out in front of the world: they are a more virulent form of the Con practiced by Lyin Brian Mulroney. Those of us however, the majority, who voted against the Harpercons precisely because of our fears of this kind of Bush League leadership, may be vindicated, but don't expect those who elected him,to share our sense of shame, as already noted, they're big believers in "my party, right or wrong." And for Bible-believers, there issn't a single one of them who possess an Ezra spirit, the spirit that led the man who led the Jews back to Israel from captivity in Babylon, to apologize for the crimes and sins of Israel that weakened them enough to end up captives. The Harpercons have led us to Babylon, they don't know the way back to Promised Land, their religious hypocrisy makes them blind to the way back.

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