Friday, December 18, 2009

US, China, India, South Africa reach an almost deal

more like an agreement to disagree about an international cap and trade economy run by Wall Street investment bankers, China said no thanks, I say, bully for China. Step and Fetch Obama, the premier politician representing the interest of the American petroligarchy, met with Premier of China and co, and waved some money figures around that will only sort of help before things start going really wrong on the planet. And yet I feel more hope now than if a deal had been struck. Somewhere in the series of blogs and commentaries I've traveled around in the last few months I came to realize that I shared something common with people I regard as extreme right, namely the view that an international cap and trade economy would be bad news indeed. To them, it's bad news because they think it's a socialist plot of the green movement. I think they're wrong in every part of their analysis except their instinct that there is something dangerous in a globally institutionalized cap and trade system. To them it's an attempt by the left to create a global state, while to me it's corporate socialism, because that's the end game of corporatism: like Roman imperialism: corporatists want to manage humanity as a resource, like the planet, their goal is to be free to use people as commodities, exploitable, expendable, tradeable.
The carbon tax on the other hand is just a consumption tax, it doesn't require an international carbon-credit trade manageriate to administer it, a straight carbon tax won't lead to global racketeering.
The UN just announced that 380 billion dollars worth of narcotics profit was money-laundered through international financial markets over the last year. My guess is Bersculoni's encouragement to Italian nationals around the world led the mobs to use the one time no-questions-asked transferring of accounts from foreign banks to Italian ones in 2009.
Gangster capitalism bought a good chunk of the world's assets at recession fire-sale prices: their merger with global corporatism is now complete, or would be, if China wasn't standing in their way.

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