Friday, December 4, 2009

Vol 3 not ready for Christmas

It has taken me quite awhile to understand how to write Volume 3. It will be released in two parts in the new year, successively, part two nearer the spring. I will be reprinting Vols. 1 and 2, unrevised before Christmas. It had been my intention to revise them along with the release of 3, but this is as is. I will have an errata bookmark available, especially as regards their being two Domenic Longos, not one as v. 1 and 2 suggest, the two are Frank Longo's brother in Guelph, and Frank's son, who was Papalia's 1980's Californian advisor mentioned in Adrian Humphrey's The Enforcer (my source). Domenic Longo, the so-called third "old Don of Ontario" alongside Tony Silvestro and Giacomo Luppino is a composite person, possibly created by Humphreys or the police. Frank's brother was interned during WWII, Frank's son advised Papalia not to kill Iannuzzelli for running his own rackets in Niagara Falls. Louis Iannuzzelli lived until a few days after that Domenic Longo died in 1985.

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