Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stephen Harper

Canadian voters are not yours to be whipped.

You've made it personal.

And now, we, the majority of Canadians who have voted against your coalition party and your lack of character three times in a row, will make you understand that not all the media in the nation can keep you from us. We are coming for you, and for your coalition partners, and we will vote you down so that you finally get our message: this is a democracy, not a corporate manageriate, nor a Tory kingdom: you do not have a divine right to rule us, and nor does your ideology of governance by a board of directors through the PMO as the office of a CEO, make us want to provide Harpercon inc with any more opportunities to sell off the Assets of this nation.

We will not be ruled by you much longer. When an election occurs, the result will be conclusive: you and your government will fall: the jackals of your own party will devour you and then one another.

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