Friday, February 5, 2010

The Christian Cons' Complaint

Apparently, the only people allowed to vote in online polls like the ones employed by CTV to justify all things Harper are conservatives. If 223,000 Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament decide to vote they're being undemocratic (although about 20% of CAPP members seem to be conservatives from the Progressive side of the party betrayed by Peter MacKay.) Apparently, the Christian Con thinks that if we don't bend over for the shaft from self-professed social authoritarians, we're Harper haters. Some people never will understand that democracy is meant to respect the directions of the majority.
Maybe that's why lying, the inability to apologize for wrong doing, and ethical hypocrisy of all kinds are the hallmarks of the American-inspired holier-than-thou minority that now governs this nation.

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