Saturday, March 27, 2010

Someone who was in Ottawa Coulter Day

From A CAPP discussion, with permission
Joy McPherson I agree that the email from the provost set up this whole scenario and Anne must have been rubbing her hands in glee when she received it. Cha Ching, Cha Ching $$. I don't believe Anne has any seriously held beliefs on anything. She acts more like a classic sociopath imho and they don't give a wit about anyone but themselves. She does what she does for her own personal benefit. Below is a comment from a poster on the Greenwald thread I referenced above. He is Canadian and was at the event in Ottawa. He made many good points on there AGAINST Canada's hate speech laws.

Coulter's Anti-Semitic Fundamentalist Hate Crusade

Ann Coulter is an anti-Semite because she preaches against Palestinian Arabs who are Semites. Anne Coulter is a Christian fundamentalist preaching a Crusade against Islam under the guise of the War on Terror, Anne Coulter has a spirit of condemnation and serves the same principality of darkness that all those in the conservative Bush League serve. The elect have again deceived themselves. What would Jesus have done, sat listening to Coulter spread hate in his name, or thrown her and the money lenders she was dining with out of the room ?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Security And Secret Society Rule

When any government - formed from among the elected representatives of the Canadian House of Parliament - whether any cabinet so formed represents a majority of votes cast in any election or a minority of votes cast - rules to conceal security data from any percentage of representatives elected (majority or minority) then it is not democracy, but a secret society that it is being established.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naive Libertarianism

neutered by corporatist geo-politics, although I agree with the blogger that homemaking is a real job, unlike say, working at Walmart or Tim's - the dead end/low rent work that Ms. Bennett may or may not have been implying weren't real jobs, since there is a case to be made for the fact that she might have meant real jobs you can live on, unlike - the drone work for low wages that is the future of employment in the Duffyverse.

Have they already sold out our water ?

Interesting 3.33 minute set of questions posed by an Irish representative at the EU to the Canadian ambassador on the continental corporatist deal signed by the Harper government.

Mindless Journalism

What a complete lack of intellectual curiousity or imagination Greg Weston shows in this article.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Insaneocons lose health Care Battle

It is hard to imagine how anyone can think that rapacious, malicious amoral insurance companies can be the heroes of the American right, but,apparently the Christian fundamentalist whackjobs in the republican p[arty prefer oppressing the poor, removing the last vestiges of dignity from the sick, and turning every opportunity into a money grubbing whorefest in Babylon USA. So much for the Sermon on the Mount. And here in Canada, our religio-political right is just as fascistic. Fortunately the vast majority of Canadians aren't fundamentalists, thank God, and I mean that deeply and sincerely. America is becoming ungovernable however, and the zealots aren't done with their hate yet. My guess is Obama will be assassinated and America will implode on a scale unlike anything ever seen. For a brief shining moment, there is hope in America, after this, the deluge.

Fiscally conservative/socially liberal

That's what Toronto mayoralty candidate Rocco Rossi says he is, I say it's impossible, in modern terms a fiscal conservative is a corporatist, a corporate socialist, let Big business run everything, and once Big Business is involved, social liberalism is dead in the water.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contact the Speaker of the House

and urge him to support the request for Contempt of Parliament charges against the PM, the Minister of Justice, and the Minister of Defense.

Adscam turning into chump change compared to Action Plan scam

Adscam Con style, but not just for a few corrupt individuals, government money spent to promote the con every day, the Action Plan is a massive misapplication of public funds for propaganda purposes. How do we prevent this much fraud from ever happening agai ?. It's the same thing Mike Harris did in Ontario, the largest expenditure of taxpayer dollars for partisan reason buried in every government promotion.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Contempt of Parliament

Let Harper call it a confidence motion, and let him run on a platform of corrupting parliamentary democracy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

welcome to wide stream media

Where the news isn't the corporate message tied in a bow by employees of the corporate medium, because here there is more context and more POV's and therefor more interesting, true stories. Like this one, which has a big back story, msm barely covers.

Library Internet Access being cut by Tories

It would appear that my earlier explanation about the value of wide stream media access to depth of news and contexts, is about to go back to narrow MSN corporate bandwith for many because the Tories have cut off funding to library internet access, too many masses with too much access to information - news streams that the Harpercons would rather they not have, in their efforts to focus everyone's attention back on the facts according to the Duffyverse.


Main Stream media is the medium of the corporatist message, and contrary
to their being broadcasters, they are actually casters of a narrow
message: www is WSM: wide stream media; it has more stories, more POV’s,
and therefor more interesting contexts and meanings, it is a more
democratic medium and message. Journalists who narrrowcast the
corporatist message are less interesting, however good a writer any given one of them may be, or however hard he or she are trying to be good journalists. The
pretense of objectivity is also not in their favour, no individual can
be objective, everything is subjective, and in the case of corporate
media, subject constrained: at best a journalist can be fair, at best a
blogger can be fair, some journalists speak truth to power, most don’t,
that most is why most of us aren’t interested in what they have to say.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Amir Attaran a Patsy of Big Tobacco as Big City Lib thinks ?

A second email from Amir to me,

"How strange. I have not seen what is written at that blog, but if the assertion is that I received tobacco industry funding while at Harvard, that is completely untrue. I am sadly accustomed to such shoot-the-messenger nonsense from the Tory blogs, which have been particularly uncivilized as of late, but to be told this is on a Liberal blog comes as a surprise. I would hope people calm down and learn to focus less on the messenger, than the message at hand, which concerns the government’s compliance with the law of armed conflict insofar as the Afghan detainees, and compliance with Canada’s constitution insofar as Parliamentary documents.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

An email reply from Amir Attaran

Hi Jerry,
There’s no secret. I held research and teaching positions at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Govt earlier this decade, where the thrust of my work was global health policy. Part of the time I was based in the Centre for International Development, where the director was Jeff Sachs. Later I was in the Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy, where the director was Michael Ignatieff. From Harvard, I went for briefer stints teaching at Yale, and researching at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (also called Chatham House) in London.

During the above period, I was being attacked by the anti-globalization left wing on specious accusations that my salary at Harvard was covertly financed by big pharma. Michael was of help in dispelling those false allegations. So it is both comical and ironic now to be attacked from the Tory right, with the nonsense that I am a “puppet” (your word) for Ignatieff.

The better explanation is that, having drawn bullets from both the left and the right at various times, I am independent-minded and believe in the facts as my research leads me to them. Currently, the facts are that officials in Canada’s government have knowingly partnered our country with torturers in Afghanistan. Others may grumble about it, but the evidence is overwhelming.

Canadians Advocating Political Participation wiki

If you have questions about how the government is supposed to work, this wiki is our library-in-progress

Afghan Detainee Issue and the Law

The case for parliamentary supremacy is made here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Own the Post-Budget Poll

This one.

Rise Canada Rise

We have Harper and all the parties between a rock and a hard place, now we claim the democracy we want.

And so it begins

Now the lines are drawn Canada, the echoes of RB Bennett's 'iron heel of ruthlessness' clanging on the prison state envisioned by Harper and his backers, welcome to tomorrow, the world of the decaying petroligarcy herding the underclasses into waiting cells.