Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adscam turning into chump change compared to Action Plan scam

Adscam Con style, but not just for a few corrupt individuals, government money spent to promote the con every day, the Action Plan is a massive misapplication of public funds for propaganda purposes. How do we prevent this much fraud from ever happening agai ?. It's the same thing Mike Harris did in Ontario, the largest expenditure of taxpayer dollars for partisan reason buried in every government promotion.

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playlandnews said...

Transport Minister John Baird told the Commons that Blackburn apologized and suggested that should be the end of it.
NDP MP Joe Comartin (Windsor-Tecumseh) told reporters the latest incident is further proof that cabinet ministers believe they are above the law.
“They are constantly prepared to push the crime button at every possible opportunity but when something like this happens we get no comments
Where is Harper when it is touch on crime ?
and more info needed on What "Law" they broke please ! What penatys or charges could they face.
This could be a big as Afgan. lets go for it , blog it everywhere!

Need help finding out if a law was broken as mentioned , for news story , tnx