Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Insaneocons lose health Care Battle

It is hard to imagine how anyone can think that rapacious, malicious amoral insurance companies can be the heroes of the American right, but,apparently the Christian fundamentalist whackjobs in the republican p[arty prefer oppressing the poor, removing the last vestiges of dignity from the sick, and turning every opportunity into a money grubbing whorefest in Babylon USA. So much for the Sermon on the Mount. And here in Canada, our religio-political right is just as fascistic. Fortunately the vast majority of Canadians aren't fundamentalists, thank God, and I mean that deeply and sincerely. America is becoming ungovernable however, and the zealots aren't done with their hate yet. My guess is Obama will be assassinated and America will implode on a scale unlike anything ever seen. For a brief shining moment, there is hope in America, after this, the deluge.

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