Monday, March 15, 2010


Main Stream media is the medium of the corporatist message, and contrary
to their being broadcasters, they are actually casters of a narrow
message: www is WSM: wide stream media; it has more stories, more POV’s,
and therefor more interesting contexts and meanings, it is a more
democratic medium and message. Journalists who narrrowcast the
corporatist message are less interesting, however good a writer any given one of them may be, or however hard he or she are trying to be good journalists. The
pretense of objectivity is also not in their favour, no individual can
be objective, everything is subjective, and in the case of corporate
media, subject constrained: at best a journalist can be fair, at best a
blogger can be fair, some journalists speak truth to power, most don’t,
that most is why most of us aren’t interested in what they have to say.

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