Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Harper, Fall on your sword

CAPP and its allies forced you to come back when you went rogue, went off the democratic track altogether. My guess is the only principle that you still are - that you ever were - standing on, is your visceral hatred of liberalism and your commitment to eradicate it. For the good of Canadian Conservatism, resign. In honour of those from that political tradition (including some of my own MacDonald-era Kingston Scot Tories,) resign. In the name of those from the party you used to subvert the nation, resign; for the sake of those who helped create our democracy, and in the cause of parliament over every party ever in power, resign.
For the good of Canadian Conservatism and the nation sir, you need to surrender your party and leave the stage. Let local conservatives reconsider their cause, let me them quickly pick a new leader, even as the stories of the ship of your state begin leaking out, Stephen let your party fight an election without you, even as a chorus of truth telling and whistle blowing and ratting out begins to sound. Let the new leader stumble to the polls, and in the aftermath of your ruinous rule Mr. Prime Minister, let them consider a less dictatorial form of conservative philosophy than neo-corporatism to present for our consideration next election.

Let voters of good will create a coalition of our own, one whose goal would be to elect representatives who serve individual ridings and not the interests of their party.

We are crown-chartered commoners, none greater or lesser than another. Party Politics just met its match in an awakened, online electorate capable of mobilizing on the ground around an ancient tradition of common rules that politicians keep making and breaking. The Speaker speaks for Our House, for the deal that was negotiated over centuries, the agreement we keep re-working as our institutions become more egalitarian. That is how I will be voting next time.

The Speaker comes Through

I thought Milliken was going to cave and that Harper's dictatorship was just around the corner, but apparently the majority still has a voice in this country. A good day for Canadian democracy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Political Class

Thank you Mr. Ignatieff for stating what should be said, and now discussed. What is the political class, was is political class, as far as I am concerned, Ignatieff's Liberal Conservative family pedigree, intellectual accomplishment and willingness to listen to reason, show me who has political class and who has not, when it comes to him and Mr. Harper: the PM has no class, Harper is small minded and mean spirited: thus, Stephen is too small for Canada. And more fool Bruce Anderson, the columnist I linked too, for his poor grasp of Ignatieff's place in the Canadian ruling class, his actual place as a cautious liberal willing to think and then do big within a complex balance: in fact; a genuine liberal from the ruling class always finds a way to create greater equal liberty, while Harper serves only the oil money: Anderson's admitted inability to strategically comprehend why Ignatieff would talk about the political class, says more about the columnist than it does about Iggy. A political class should have class. Ignatieff has it, Guergis, Jaffer and Harper do not. The PM's record of discord proves he is a lesser man serving a lesser cause.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

End of the Liberal Empire ?

My response to Andrew Coyne.
Liberals can't be the party of global corporatism and democracy: the two ideologies are mutually exclusive. Neo-liberalism is a conservative ideology, not a liberal one: there is no such thing as a good corporate citizen for the very simple reason that corporations are not citizens: nor can they sign affidavits in court because they have no conscience to bind them. And if corporatism is the only real game on the table, there is no need for a kinder gentler exploitative golem: what Iggy's grandfather George S. Grant would have called private government. No, liberalism either chooses democracy and small business/cooperative enterprise, or it chooses corporatism: selling us out to the world's privateer governments will not save the Liberal Party: either the party stands for the greatest equal liberty within the context of the greatest equal good, what Grant might have called a more contemporary version of Sir. John A's old fashioned Liberal-Conservative coalition that created Canada, cooperative commonwealth, or it betrays the underclasses of the world by unifying middle class levelers and the ruling class protectorate to create what King and Labour prevented RB Bennett from establishing in 1935, fascism: international imperial corporate capitalism, the most anti-democratic force on the planet.

Lament for a Nation

This book, by George P. Grant, maternal uncle of Michael Ignatieff, somehow seems extremely timely again. A must read.
Addendum Just read True Patriot Love by Iggy, about the Grant family, public intellectuals and Canada, interesting take on Lament, it's roots and his uncle.