Wednesday, April 7, 2010

End of the Liberal Empire ?

My response to Andrew Coyne.
Liberals can't be the party of global corporatism and democracy: the two ideologies are mutually exclusive. Neo-liberalism is a conservative ideology, not a liberal one: there is no such thing as a good corporate citizen for the very simple reason that corporations are not citizens: nor can they sign affidavits in court because they have no conscience to bind them. And if corporatism is the only real game on the table, there is no need for a kinder gentler exploitative golem: what Iggy's grandfather George S. Grant would have called private government. No, liberalism either chooses democracy and small business/cooperative enterprise, or it chooses corporatism: selling us out to the world's privateer governments will not save the Liberal Party: either the party stands for the greatest equal liberty within the context of the greatest equal good, what Grant might have called a more contemporary version of Sir. John A's old fashioned Liberal-Conservative coalition that created Canada, cooperative commonwealth, or it betrays the underclasses of the world by unifying middle class levelers and the ruling class protectorate to create what King and Labour prevented RB Bennett from establishing in 1935, fascism: international imperial corporate capitalism, the most anti-democratic force on the planet.

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