Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Political Class

Thank you Mr. Ignatieff for stating what should be said, and now discussed. What is the political class, was is political class, as far as I am concerned, Ignatieff's Liberal Conservative family pedigree, intellectual accomplishment and willingness to listen to reason, show me who has political class and who has not, when it comes to him and Mr. Harper: the PM has no class, Harper is small minded and mean spirited: thus, Stephen is too small for Canada. And more fool Bruce Anderson, the columnist I linked too, for his poor grasp of Ignatieff's place in the Canadian ruling class, his actual place as a cautious liberal willing to think and then do big within a complex balance: in fact; a genuine liberal from the ruling class always finds a way to create greater equal liberty, while Harper serves only the oil money: Anderson's admitted inability to strategically comprehend why Ignatieff would talk about the political class, says more about the columnist than it does about Iggy. A political class should have class. Ignatieff has it, Guergis, Jaffer and Harper do not. The PM's record of discord proves he is a lesser man serving a lesser cause.

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