Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Harpercon Spin Machinery On its way

More Social Authoritarian infrastructure being moved into place before the Harpercon coup against parliamentary democracy in Canada. Just correcting facts for now, building a data base,and then set it on spin.


It should be called the Liberal Democrat Conservation Party, committed to creating an environmentally sustainable society and adapting it to evolving conditions, based on the ethical search for the best ways and means of achieving greatest equal liberty, in order to build a post-corporatist political-economy, with the federal bank becoming a credit union national for taxpayers, in short, we create a coalition of Levelers and Diggers and establish a cooperative commonwealth. We do what the Americans are about to do in America when they rein in Wall Street.
The next revolution has just started, consumers of government and financial services are joining forces to overthrow the Cromwellian-Mercantile banking Protectorate who have been running our world since the 1640's.