Friday, June 25, 2010

The CBC and the Con

When the CBC was first created (before television) by the RB Bennett government, the Conservatives supported Mussolini and Hitler and believed - along with the Empire Club, that there was nothing in fascism that was incompatible with Empire. Clearly Bennett wanted a state radio to buttress the claims of corporatism (the ideology of fascism. However, Bennett was defeated in 1935 by the Liberals and Labour, and thus turned the country away from fascism and tory democracy (letting the servants vote because they support the interests of their masters.) The CBC spent the war covering the horrors of the conflict between liberal democracies and the enemies who the conservative party had aided and abetted before the war. Since then, the CBC has been a voice defending liberal democracy. The neo-corporatists want to undo the result of the 1935 election and the second world war and to destroy liberal democracy forever, which was their agenda in thew 1920's and 30's.
Reminds of Jacques Parizeau being interviewed on CBC yesterday, talking about how when he first got involved in politics as a young man French Canadians, they were the poorest people in the country, what he didn't say, and what the CBC didn't note, was that was because Quebec was a fascist province until the Quiet Revolution in 1960, when Liberals and Labour finally overthrew the Union Nationale and Daniel Johnston Sr. (Brian Mulroney's mentor.)
As far as I am concerned, liberal democracy is what makes the CBC a public broadcaster rather than a state broadcaster. What the Harpercons want, is a state broadcaster willing to support the failed polices of the Conservative Party of 1935.
Fuck em.

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