Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Harpocrisy (Borrowed from Ted Bett's FB)

Tories Most Subsidized Party, By Far
by Ted Betts on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 10:59am
According to a Elections Canada data (as reported on here: http://tinyurl.com/Tories-Most-Subsidized), in 2009 the Conservative Party of Canada was the most subsidized party, by far, of the four federal parties. Not the Bloc. Not the NDP. And certainly not the Liberals.

While Stephen Harper attacks the per vote subsidy and claims that he believes political parties should not rely upon taxpayer subsidies, his party has raked in millions upon millions more taxpayer dollar subsidies than any other party through the tax donation subsidy, the per vote subsidy, the party election costs reimbursements and the candidate election costs reimbursements

* About 80% of Conservative funds comes from the taxpayer subsidies, compared to about 69% for Liberals.

* The Conservatives cost taxpayers $8.11 per vote, Liberals $7.75 per vote.

* Tories took in $54.4 million in 2009, only $10.5 million of that was from actual donors (after tax credits)

* And here's the real killer: while only 36% of voting Canadians (and only 22% of eligible voters) supported the Conservatives in the last election, the CONSERVATIVE PARTY RECEIVED 44% OF ALL TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES. Total taxpayer subsidies was approximately $100 million. The Liberals received only 28% of all taxpayer subsidies, which is more in line with their 30% of the vote; the NDP got 20% of the subsidies; the Bloc got 8%.

Even if you don't like the per vote subsidy, you must agree that the Conservatives are eating at the trough a lot more than any other party, once again proving the saying that "Conservatives seem to think Conservative principles don't apply to them".

The tax donation subsidy is: far less democratic since it results in parties getting taxpayer subsidies with no connection to their democratic support; far costlier than the per vote subsidy; and more detrimental to society since the 75% tax credit provides an incentive to Canadians not to donate to charities.

[Note: data derived from Globe article - http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/per-vote-subsidy-but-a-fraction-of-taxpayer-support-for-political-parties/article1880294/]

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