Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harper's Transfer of Wealth to Conservative media.

What liberal left wing media ? These people own 80% of the media in Canada, and they're all conservatives. These people have received the lion's share of Harper's 400 million dollar plus propaganda budget, which bought him the the largest spin cycle machine in the history of Canada.
Have a look at the empires, and stop wondering why the media seems to speak with once voice about Harper's Canada. Any 'liberal bias' in the media is a bone thrown to the dogs for con bloggers and commenters to savage. The only bias in the Canadian media is Conservative/Corporatist, with funding from the PMO. Even the CBC has been dragged to the right, so that it can pretend to occupy the centre. Any dissenting journalism is pilloried and ridiculed. Corporatism and democracy are incompatible.

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