Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Advice to Liberals:

Run Mr. Ignatieff as Professor Ignatieff, a professor being one who professes beliefs based on research, a profession that inherently errs on the side of ethical behaviour because of the duty to students and the generations: analyze Harper the Masters Student in a series of videos, examine Harper as a professor of democracy, transparency and accountability during all his years before becoming PM, show us the evolution of Harper's thought, deconstruct him, and let the voters decide if he can be reconstructed or not. Build the whole campaign around Professor Ignatieff's analysis of Harper and let other liberals make the policy announcements: by the time we get to the televised debates, whether Iggy will be PM or not, we will have Harper where we - the liberal democratic coalition of voters - need him. Challenge Stephen to a debate on collegial leadership versus corporatist manageriate. Whether Stephen debates or not, Canadians will then be in a position to decide which way they want the country run.

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