Monday, March 21, 2011

Of photo ops, liberation, and business as usual.

According to a witness in Benghazi on CBC radio a few minutes ago, when Coalition air strikes began the city was being shelled, eliminating a ten mile stretch of Gadaffi military - troops and equipment, and thus, reports of hospitalized civilians were from the Libyan army shelling outside last night, when the city was being softened up before it waged street to street fighting and terro campaigns aided by fifth columnists who rose after the Colonels' call to arms came the day before, so the army is out of the picture,and the fifth columnists are now fighting for their lives, and thus, civil war is waging inside Benghazi between rebels and their allies of individuals (liberal democrats, petrolier, tribalists, communists, gangsters, terrorists, whoever is not part of the regime's 5th columnists) and who, each for their own reasons, are fighting Gadaffi's civilian allies.
And of course, OUR regime's poster boy PM is waiting for the photo op where he gets to pretend to believe in democracy, pretend he doesn't side with the interests he shares with the guy who will soon no longer be in charge of the big prisons in Libya. Harper is in Europe representing Canada's oil and military-industrial interests, this - international intervention - is being used to change the corporate manageriate of Libyan asset holders, not to enable democracy. Harper is acting as consigliere for the TexAlberta petroligarchy. He is there as their political last hope in North America, because if liberal democracy rises this spring in Canada, while all his own regime's corruption is coming to the fore - despite the fact that he spent over 400 million dollars in 5 years propping up bankrupting corporatist media outlets, especially after 2008 when an infusion of election propaganda kept them afloat until the budget of 2009 when actionplanadscam sped up the transfer of wealth to the three Conservative family chains who run 80% of Canadian media, and thus the Con continued when the transfer bought an endless spin cycle, when PMO money laundering throughout the country produced a stream of endless propaganda about Harper the Good, and about Conservative trustworthiness in managing what they never noted is essentiallya liberal economy they would have dismantled if Harper had been elected his first go around.
Harper needs jets he can use on protesters in Canada when climate change starts creating death, destruction and protest, the petroligarchy is known to be paying for climate denial, and they aren't doing it because they don't believe it isn't happening, they know it's coming and the less there are of us when it does, the happier they'll be, and there are 5th columnists who collaborate with them in their plans for our demise, and they do so because they hope their families and clans will be allowed to survive as servants.
This is the last stand of the protectorate folks, Harper knows his own electability is now on the wrong side of history and that all his broken promises about democracy, transparency and accountability via the subsequent actions of his self consolidating power base in the PMO and cabinet, have guaranteed that he will once again face an air strike of votes cast down on him for the third time in a row by Canadian liberal democrats voters who still form the majority of the electorate in Canada, and who now, because of Libya, grasp how well aimed an air strike must be against an enemy throughout the country and hunkered down in communications hubs. We must own the comments of anything put out by his propaganda allies in their corporate bunkers, we must speother liberal democratic voters who don't yet see through the lie will hear truth being speaking to power as well blow past all the talking point minions.
It has been the existence of the loose coalition of political-philosophical liberal democratic voters, and not coalitions of parties, who have preserved the spirit of that cause since the 1935 victory over the Bennett-Meighen Corporatist Government, (they too loved large prisons) and they - since before forming their government in 1930, had been aiding and abetting Hitler, Mussolini and Franco (and Duplessis in Quebec). That is what corporatists do around the world, they set up dictators to regulate populations for profit, which is what our PMO wants to do in Canada, why Mulroney "opened it for business."
We live in a Cromwellian Protectorate, in operation in one form or another since 1640, 5th Columnists, who back then were called Levelers, are people willing to betray the poor, who had been known as Diggers. Thus a Proetctorate is one in which the Servant class betrays the impoverished classes because their masters need to exploit somebody to make a profit. From a Levelers point of view, there are always two sides to an exploitation, and since both the Protectorate and the Diggers have weaknesses, Levelers exploit their masters, because the Protectors are a minority, usually a small minority, and thus, they need allies, which Levelers provide by not questioning the share of the commonwealth taken by the Protectors. Levelers then take the percent left to the rest of the population, so they exploit the weakness of the disenfranchised, by removing the poor even further from the mutual benefits of the Commonmwealth itself. Commonwealth, however, by definition, does not belong to any group of people. Humans have to organize crime families to rob the commonwealth over time and because wealth is power, they turning fellow commoners into servants, who then turn those who have less than nothing into beggars.
It's Mammon worship in a Babylon system of whore management, it wears a mask of Piety and speaks righteous reward to cover up multitudes of sins and crimes.
So these may or may not be the End Days, but Endgame Time is coming for the Protectorate because sins and injustice can no longer remain concealed, truth will set us free and reconciliation will preserve most of our generations when climate change hell and high water comes, we can create processes for the international and national stages that let justice and mercy save us, and once we do, all children will grow up in a process that no longer surpasses our understanding, and time will tell a different story of a more mature humanity and about the glorious planet on which we share in the regeneration of Commonwealth that is life itself.

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