Friday, April 1, 2011

File Under Accountability is for Anyone But Conservatives

For when Don Cherry Comes Blustering About Your Riding

A CAPP friend named Emily Dee, wrote about this here.

From her archives, and speaking of tough guys, here is a one two combination for when Don Cherry shows up for right wings rants in your riding


"When COLD-fX maker CV Technologies visited Parliament Hill with their spokesman, hockey commentator Don Cherry, it was “a mistake” for Harper to accept gifts, including a signed Mark Messier hockey jersey and a case of the cold remedy, MacDermid noted."


Shan and Cherry later met directly with Harper in his Parliament Hill office. The company hired Cherry in 2004, specifically to promote sales of the product. They were invited to the capital by James Rajotte, chairman of the Commons industry committee and Tory MP for the corporate president's Edmonton-Leduc riding.

Last week, the company received a critical regulatory ruling - worth untold millions - from Health Canada, allowing it to claim in advertising that COLD-fx reduces "the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system."

What the puck Don ? How much did you earn then, how much do you owe Harper in kickback guest appearances now ?

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