Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now is the time for The Real Liberal 'Democratic Renewal' Package

‎If a full-bodied democratic renewal package was created, does it still exist; can it be leaked ? If so, it should be done. Then all Liberals who support that document should stand behind it, stake their campaigns on it. It requires a coup within the Liberal Party, democrats splitting with corporatists, siding with new democracy through liberal renewal in the name of greatest equal liberty.

Ignatieff should offer National Unity Cabinet government, via proportional representation, house as loyal opposition, house controls the watchdogs, first hundred days based on renewal package. Canada needs to get past this, electing the NDP as opposition reminds me of the military protectorate governing Egypt after they swept up their revolution and went home to wait for a democracy that the world desperately needs to see sweep the planet, starting in Canada.

Are you up for a coup Liberal democrats ? Put the renewal package on the electoral table, Canada wants to judge it for ourselves. The world needs it on the table. If nothing else, surviving Liberals will have something to negotiate with, guidelines and timelines. Release the package if it exists. Announce it's contents, get candidates to make their stand with it. And then we shall see."

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