Friday, April 11, 2008

Genetically Modified Food Must be Labelled

Bill C-517: Mandatory labelling of GE food:
Your turn to speak out!

By the luck of the Parliamentary draw, a private member's bill supporting mandatory labelling of GE food in Canada was randomly selected for debate in the House of Commons in April.
What You Can Do

It is important that federal MPs vote in favour of Bill C-517 on the second reading. The stakes are high but this time, the bill has a very good chance of becoming law. You have the power to persuade our federal MPs to support this bill and to choose us instead of Monsanto!

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Bill C-517, presented by a Bloc Québécois MP, was debated during a second reading on April 3, 2008 . A second hour of parliamentary debate may take place in as early as two weeks, according to the House of Commons calendar. Following this second debate, the House will be called on to vote on Bill C-517 on mandatory GE labelling in Canada.
It is critical that we be able to count on a majority of MPs to vote in favour of Bill C-517.

We have a reasonable chance of winning this vote, but we must get the word out now. Not only will mandatory labelling of GE foods provide you with the information you have a right to, it will also pave the way for a gradual withdrawal of GE foods from the food chain. This will also reduce the dissemination of GE seeds in the environment.

If it is adopted in its second reading, Bill C-517 will be studied by a parliamentary committee and then returned for a third reading in the House of Commons followed by a final vote by Canada's 301 MPs.

In the meantime, there is nothing preventing Canadian provinces, particularly British Columbia, from moving forward and adopting their own laws on mandatory labelling of GE food.

More Mail from Huck Farper

Got another piece of junk mail from Huck bragging about his phony child care policies and his $5 a weekday parent cheque that can buy a child about 27 minutes of day care a day. Wow what a way to help parents make their own child care decisions. Come on Huck, we know you don't give a rat's ass about this issue, so please stop killing trees for your propaganda machine(or else those same poorly cared for children will die when the the planet runs out of oxygen when the trees all disappear while your profiteering oil patch pals choke on their own greed and strupidity. Mendacity, mendacity, mendacity as Tennessee Williams would have said in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Save a tree, save a child. Send Huck back to Alberta and the toxic wasteland of the tar sands.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Politics Of Seduction

I'm an indifferent newspaper reader (I used to be a community newspaper editor and got too full of facts and angles) however, I found a hunk of Toronto Star in the Cornerstone while scrounging for something to read today and happened upon Linda McQuaig's April 8 column "Media cheerleaders miss story". She was talking about how the mainstream media covered Harper's NATO talks 'victory" at which he got the Americans to put up another 1000 troops in Afghanisan, despite the fact that almost everyone else in NATO believes that something is rotten in the state of dem Yanks and that Canadians should know better. In fact, McQuaig goes on to say that polls show that the majority of Canadians do know better, it's just that Stephen Harper has his own ideas (as always). I believe that most Canadians are just beginning to accept that the problem in Afghanistan is related to the stench of corruption wafting across our southern border and we don't trust the militarist-privateering agenda of those on the Bush League-Huck Farper raft.
In Legends, I'm perhaps a little gloomier about Canadians, but I'm something of an optimist when it comes to Canadians, so I'm willing to accept that more and more Canadians are starting to believe that something has gone seriously wrong somewhere. Some Canadians will never admit there's anything wrong of course, but for me those on board the raft are heading down the rivers of North America land-banking all the arable land and all the drinking-water sources, privateering as they go, and they've got John McCain's century of war as their strategy. For me the NATO story is meant to distract us while they pillage the commons and the rights of those like me all across the globe, they mean to enclose our access to the bounty that is the inheritance of the commons. They think they are the Eternal Crown and own the rights to everything Provided. But they are not. And people will come to know it.
There is a reason that terrorism is Cheney-Bush's favourite Orwellian New Speak, it is patter noise meant to distract us during their sleight of hand, it is the chatter that covers the bunglings of their covert friends who disguise their work as that of the bad guys.
Huck Farper has to identify Afghanistan as his bad guy, even if it isn't yours, it's in the contract he has with the Alberta oilogarchs and the bankers who are slavering for McCain's One Hundred Years of Despoilitude.
In Legends, I note this phenomena by writing that organized crime is clan-based, rooted in generations of families, whether they are whether Sicilian, Calabrian, Chinese, Establishment or Other.
Here in Ontario we know these people as Family Compact, the governing classes of 1837 when pre-Canadian underclasses first began to use the common's-based British Constitution to turn Queen Victoria's 1838-1900 British Empire into Queen Elizabeth's co-operative Commonwealth of Nations.
They want to seduce us into thinking we don't have the power we have. We have it because those like us asked for it, fought for it, found allies among liberals and conservatives alike over the centuries to grant it to us. So please, conservatives don't get me wrong here, my blood and genes are so interwoven with Orange Irish, Catholic English, Huguenot English, a Kingston Ontario military warrant officer,some Kingston Scots supporters of Sir John A.'s (the first of my ancestors to arrive here, 1832) but their voices are intermingled in me with originally well-heeled Austrian Socialist Jews and their intermarrying offspring.
I am a Canadian, my politics are independent communitarian, and I reserve the right to decide how and when I will interact with the community, but I also believe in the community, and though I essentially trust the law, Grace seems more trustworthy.

But back to the point of McQuaig's column: while the media made a point of shouting Afghanistan ! NATO ! and Victory ! in your ears and eyes, there was something the media didn't tell Canadians (because they know that there is something we dislike hearing about even more than we dislike hearing the Bush League-Huck Farpers of this world and their war-profiteering backers package Afghani suffering into sound bites so that the oilogarchy can steal their property in our name.)
This is just the denouement of the Anglo-American Oil Company really, the last gasp of their degenerate longing to extract ancient blood from the sands of deserts and wastes while we choke in their hands, but alas alack for them, that's not what's going to happen.
What the Bush League-Huck Farpers have done, according the Ms. McQuaig is have our generals and their generals sign an agreement on behalf of both governments relagated Canadian soldiers to the status of remaining in tactical control of Canada, but in the event of a Terrorist Attack, the American Army takes over. (And why, because terrorism is America's stratgey to keep us distracted for the next century.
Conservative Christians: the Book of Revelations prophesied events that were to take place over the 2000 years following the resurrection: in the first thousand years Satan would be imprisoned, in the 2nd thousand, he would be released, after that, at the end of those 2000 years, nothing but grace would governs the Earth. The 2000 years are up, the war is over: stop listening to the lies of a fading deceiver. The Victory is won, and no human gets to dictate how the world will be healed.

If my analysis of the deal of the generals reads for you too much like just another old fashioned Third World nation takeover of the kind that the dying Cold Warriors got so good at in Satan's last years, just ask yourself why Farper and the corporate media avoided a great big splashy NATO-SHOW for Canadians.
But don't worry; though there might still be some last bungling cough of horror from the last of the cold warriors and law & order fundamentalists, there is only grace to come.
The politics of seduction would have us believe otherwise,of course, but they are ghost voices; and we need not be afraid of them, just wary. The darkness and the human shadow may not be the same thing, but caution is still required: you are being lied to by the corporate media but they are just lies, and their father of lies has been silence. However, when the kingdom comes, you'd be wise not to miss it because it may come as a co-operative commonwealth, drawing on the deep wells of benefit societies and mutual aid, for communities living on a shared earth with enough food and water and shelter and clothing for everyone, while people start living by their consciences, and gradually learn how to avoid judging others. Humans are symbiotic life forms, we don't even breathe for ourselves, we don't metabolize our own food: we have symbionts in our cells that do that for us, there are as many of them in each of our cells as there are angels dancing on pinheads, and what is an angel but a messenger. Be wary, you're being lied to.
If you are a conservative reading this and the thought of voting liberal or NDP makes your skin crawl, then I urge you to vote Green. In fact, I especially urge Orangemen to vote Green, as odd as that may sound to those who know the history of the clash of the followers of those colours in Ireland and Canada: it's time for the lion to lie down with the lamb.
As Legends makes clear, it was Orangemen who paid the heaviest price among Canadians in the Second World War. Most of you who went, went to fight on behalf of the British Empire against German and Italian and Japanese empires, but in one sense, all who died, died so that privateers could profit off your misery. To my mind,while empire belongs to the last days of the now past 2000 years, not only is the War over, but those who chained your dead in disgrace will reap those chains themselves. Our task now is to find common ground for the living, for future generations. The green movement is not your enemy: it is the fulfillment of British Constitutional evolution. Join the evolution.
As for everyone else still reading this, I urge you to vote for the candidate most likely to serve in a green coalition: whatever their party, it's time for renewal.
Let the healing begin.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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