Friday, July 31, 2009


The CBC coverage of the event is here, scroll down a few blog postings and you'll find it, if you haven't seen it, and think this story is some kind of liberal conspiracy, just look at the tape, the PM takes the host in his hand and walks away with it, he does not consume it. That's all, no conspiracy, no reason for Irving to fire the editor and publisher of the Telegraph Journal so Irving Inc. could please Harper and get the shipbuilding contract as a reward for helping Stephen with his vengeance just because that paper allegedly "broke the story", the story was captured on camera, no one broke it. Harper lied, again, he was being malicious, again. Stephen Harper, too small for Canada.

Wrong Again Stephen

Harper says Canadians don't want a fall election, and yet, in that poll last week that noted that the cons are the first choice of about 20% of Canadians, the poll also noted that they were the last choice - behind the Greens - of everyone else but 12%. Canadians don't like Harper, we don't trust him, and we seriously don't like his brand of conservatism. We want to get rid of him and his con game so badly we're happy to dump him out of the lifeboat in mid ocean. He's a creepy little man motivated largely by self-obsession and malice. Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crime Wave PM

Despite Harper's blaming the opposition for his inability to fight crime the way he would like (my but Cons love police states as long as they're right wing) the fact is crime in Canada is at it's lowest rate in 30 years and has been falling for years. Hey, it's a repeat of last years scare the old voters tactic.