Friday, July 31, 2009


The CBC coverage of the event is here, scroll down a few blog postings and you'll find it, if you haven't seen it, and think this story is some kind of liberal conspiracy, just look at the tape, the PM takes the host in his hand and walks away with it, he does not consume it. That's all, no conspiracy, no reason for Irving to fire the editor and publisher of the Telegraph Journal so Irving Inc. could please Harper and get the shipbuilding contract as a reward for helping Stephen with his vengeance just because that paper allegedly "broke the story", the story was captured on camera, no one broke it. Harper lied, again, he was being malicious, again. Stephen Harper, too small for Canada.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, sure. I'll believe you, the nutty nut Mr.Nut man over the apology story from the T.Journal. But keep trying.