Tuesday, December 30, 2008

David and Goliath

There can be no doubt that in its treatment of the Palestinian people - not Hamas, not Hezbollah, but the people of Palestine - Israel is Goliath and David is Palestine.
Jubilee politics need to be practiced in Israel-Palestine, sanctuary politics, and the spiritual depths need to be inhabited by Israelis, before the battered and abused people of Palestine can ever hope to move away from the options offered by Palestinian gangsters. That is the flaw of a long occupation, the victims lose everything but a willingness to be led by individuals hard enough to engage in endless vendetta. And when the people become reliant on gangsters, they become twice doomed.

Harper - the self-lamed Duck PM

The master of the self-inflicted wound will waddle into 2009 and stumble around in his self-delusion for a few more months before the Canadian people will finally put him out of his misery and consign him to a footnote in history and his party to an internecine deconstruction process in which the reactionary Harrisite-Harpercons will be sheered off into the abyss of eternal damnation. Somebody say amen.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flaherty says 'deficits short term'

But since everything else he has said has been untrue, short term deficits must also be a lie. That's how Harpercon Harrisite-speak works, the common sense revolution was a lack of common sense reaction, Harper's four year term wasn't, no deficits means deficits. You get the idea. It happens when you think that the truest thing on earth is that you won a mandate from all Canadians instead of less that 38%, twice in row, the lie becomes the truth and the truth becomes a lie.

Blue-Sweater Harper

I want to urge all Canadians to buy up blue sweaters and lob them at the PM whenever he comes to your neighbourhood. No shoes, no stones, no bricks, no heavy objects inside them, except the weight of our communal contempt. Blue-sweater the PM I say.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Senator Mike Duffy

Harper's CTV infotainment specialist gets a senate seat for helping the Con's con the public in the last election and since.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's those 21 new seats in Ontario

Big Blue Says spend Big, and ride Obama's coattails to victory next election, forget the conservative base, win Ontario and win the government. The only problem is Harper will be Harper, and he will destroy his Party with his lack of genuine foresight, when he will be seen to be an actual reactionary, unable to predict anything. His focus is on destroying his enemies, not blessing them. He will reap the malice he has sown. He will be harvested while over-reaching himself at the wrong time some day, sooner than later.


Harper and his finance minister - in fact - his whole cabinet - should resign for the depth of their deceit about the state of Canada's finances. Igantieff should form a full party, proportionally representative coalition cabinet - including a green, and any conservative progressives not tainted by having served as Harper's puppet.


Three months after ridiculing Dion for the idea, Harper's hand puppet Minister of Finance has been allowed to say that it is a good idea to create an economic advisory panel to help plan the government's response to the economic disaster. Harper, the master's student economist is finally starting to catch up to the Ph'd's who supported Dion's plans during the election. Harper: not a leader, never was, never will be.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apply for a Senate Seat

I just emailed the Prime Minister's Office and applied for a job as a Canadian Senator. And just to show how fair minded a senator I would be be, I urge you all to email the PMO @ pm@pm.gc.ca and apply. May the best Canadians win.

Harper unprepared

It is now more than obvious that Harper's self-absorbtion is so complete that he had no idea what was going on in the economy, and now that the coalition jarred him out of his own "I'm the greatest PM who ever lived" narrative, he can suddenly see the darkness swallowing large portions of the population.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Harper blew it

He could have surfed Obama's wave forever, except for the fact that the only reason he is in politics is to destroy liberals, and failing that, he has failed to do anything in two and half years of power, which may stretch into three and a quarter years at best before his malice becomes apparent to all Canadians but his acolytes. At least Kim Campbell failed because Canadians wanted to get rid of Mulroneyism so badly that they didn't even care that he was gone and she was PM. Harper failed because of Harper.

Obama chooses Science

Harper and his sock puppet Jim Prentice the environment minister may be getting no love from global politicians and environmental activists but Obama doesn't take his lead from Harper, and is actually planning on developing an environmental economy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's not just me who thinks so but

Harper has eyes like Homolka, there's something dead moving in them.

Harper, leadership

hunched over the steering wheel while creeping along in a broken gas guzzler on a dark road without passing lanes.

"blocking progress"

building walls at home and abroad. Harper, leadership so solid you have to slow down to stop from running into it.

Harper just can't keep a promise

Now it's former staffers fast tracking themselves into careers as government lobbyists.
The stench began the first week Harper took over two and a half years ago. Everything he does violates his own pronouncements.

Harpercons v May at Climate Change

Jim Prentice, the Minister for Doing Nothing About the Environment, doesn't want Elizabeth May telling the world he's there to do nothing, too bad. That is why Harper sent him.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christian Con

Christianity is about taking responsibility for one's own actions, apparently fundamentalist Christianity is about blaming others. Only one of them is real Christianity.

Cons as pretend Libs

Just about every voice of every Liberal you hear complaining about the way Ignatieff came to lead the party will be just one more piece of the great Conservative Con. Almost every comment on every blog, almost every comment on every letter to the editor, almost every comment on every phone-in show will actually belong to a conservative pretending to be a disgruntled Liberal. And all these lies, all this conning of the Canadian public, is going to slowly but surely find it's way back to Harper and the Harrisite thugs who surround him. They will reap the whirlwind. "Mendacity, mendacity, I'm surrounded by mendacity !" as Burl Ives bellowed in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Harper charted a course of lie upon lie, and the only place it will lead him is to the home of the Father of Lies.

Corporate Welfare Bums

$13,639 worth per Canadian citizen. That's almost as much as I earned last year. Give the poor the money, it would be better spent, because the poor, unlike the rich, spend their money, not squirrel it away, stimulating local economies as they spend. Instead we subsidize the rich, and we get less bang for the buck. Free enterprise now ! End corporatism.

Where did Canadian Conservativism Go

Is there not a single conservative politician or supporter in this country willing to stand up for the realities of parliamentary democracy in Canada ? Not one who understands or is willing to defend the House, have you all become so partisan that you're willing to go on lying about who the 308 people we elect actually are ?

Only Tories elected last election

Apparently no one else among the majority of parliamentarians were elected, only Tories. Don't you just love Conservative reformers and all their lies about how they were going to change democracy in Canada. I actually thought they meant for the better until the first week Harper took office two and a half years ago, and then I realized he was just another Mulroney-cronyism political hack meister.

Harper Hypocrisy

This time it's betraying his own Senate policies. Abolish.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Canada in the Cold

Climate change crisis convention lines up against Harper, his government and their obstructionist policies.

Tory appointee

thanks Flaherty and company are lying about surpluses.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Charest wins majority of seats

But majority of Quebec voters lose because the system remains broken.

Obama speaks

And the Harpercons act.

Skinheads for Harper

Looks like he's growing his own fascisti.

Dion's own words


Dion goes as he came

He came with dignity, he goes with dignity.
Harper on the other hand will break as much of Canada as he can before he's forced from the scene. His days are numbered.


O yes, the allegedly fiscally prudent conmen put our money where their mouths aren't.

Pathological Harpercons posing as Liberals

If there were as many liberal party members as there are supposed liberals writing letters to the editors, calling radio shows and otherwise indicating their disgust for the coalition - as Liberals - the party would never have lost the election in the first place. Sorry, but the pathological nature of the Harpercons has set new records for deceit that can only be compared to the Bush League at the height of its lies to the American people. They have poisoned public discourse in this country. I had a woman named Rhoda send me a whole series of emails, except when I continually commented that her remarks showed that she was not and never had been a liberal she finally stopped writing me.

In and Out Will be the Last Nail

Once the results of Elections Canada's investigation into the In and Out Adscam are completed they will drive the nail through Harper's vampire heart and seal the coffin of his credibility for good. Reaping and sowing.

Harper to Reap the Whirlwind

With Dion poised to fall on his own sword, the man who led the campaign to character assassinate him is about to reap the malice sown for the last two and half years. It's one of those spiritual laws that fundamentalists always fail to understand because they think they alone know what it is to be on God's side. Mr. Harper has born false witness and he will reap the consequences of that, Mr. Harper has sown contempt for common decency and he will reap the consequences of that, Mr. Harper has built dividing walls and will discover himself set aside in history to occupy his own special category of failure, Mr. Harper has lied in the name of truth and will be known for that throughout time. Mr. Harper has made his bed in the Canadian political consciousness and he will lay there in it for all time. Mr. Harper has created his own doom, and once Dion steps aside, it will descend on Harper like the furies of old Greece. Malice aforethought, come home to roost in his memory for the rest of his life, power will slip away, and though he lacks the emotional intelligence to acknowledge his role, the denied reality that it was his own fault will crystalize on his death bed, and he will know as he dies that he did this to himself. Maybe then, he will choose to avoid a worse fate in eternity.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Relying on the GG is BAD IDEA

It has finally dawned on me that all these coalition plans come down to what the GG might do if the coalition drops the government in Jan. It is therefor now obvious to me that since she lacked the courage to 1) say no to prorogueing parliament, when she could have easily have said yes, if only to defend parliamentary democracy in Canada from the lies that Harper and his ministers spread about the nature of the Westminster system of government, and that she even lacked the courage to 2) have acted (if only in her own counsel) on behalf of Haitian democracy by taking down Harper for his role in helping George Bush destroy democracy in Haiti, (despite the fact that she spent time down there between hurricane devastations last fall when it must have become even more obvious to her that the Bush-Harper installed junta was not in the least bit interested in helping the poor) then what kind of courage is she going to have in January ? None whatsoever. She allowed Harper to run and hide from the coalition, next time she'll let him destroy it. No, the GG cannot be relied on, even if the coalition wins the PR battle. The coalition has to swallow the budget, and then pass a private member's bill that creates a legal framework for creating stable coalition cabinets to meet the requirement of fulfilling the four year fixed term law, and only then can they destroy Harper like the mad dog he is.

Big Business not in favour

Well duh, they have a neo-corporatist PM, who wants to privatize - ie corporatize - every commodity in Canada, why wouldn't they support privateering ? Like Harper, they have no conscience to bind them to anything but their bottom lines.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

CBC and Don Newman

Well done Don, you challenged Laird's lies every time he uttered one.

John Baird lied on my behalf

by saying that no Canadian voted for this coalition.

Have the Cons lies about the nature of Canadian

democracy damaged our democracy ? Is the Prime Minister's willingness to defend the Tories right to rule without the confidence of the House as if he was a President and not a PM - as if he actually won a majority of Canadian votes instead of a minority, as if he won the majority of seats and not a minority - has his attack on the very nature of parliamentary democracy through his misinformation campaign done irreparable harm to the Canadian system ? Clearly many Canadians think we are a republic, that a Prime Minister is just another name for President.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Proportional Representation in Cabinet

I'm kind of with David Graham on Prop Rep, it's clumsy, and not as democratic as it sounds. Not sure what he thinks otherwise but I think it would work in cabinet. In the olden days the cabinet was the government, not the party in power, because the cabinet originated in the King's (and Queen's) Council. Their power came from the Crown.
In a Charter country like Canada, where the people have become the crown, it would make sense for us to have Proportional Representation in the cabinet (and parliamentary committees.) It would be the least expensive option, the simplest to understand, the easiest to bring about, the most effective application and the most constitutionally sound custom to follow.


The Conservative Television Network, still working for the oiligarchs and Meighen- Streak Tories.

Bloc-PC-Alliance Coalition Considered

The PC's who created the Bloc via Mulroney and Bouchard, and Stock Day's Reform-Alliance were also once keen on a coalition, back when Harper was telling American businessmen that the Alliance, of which he was a founding member, was the ideological equivalent of conservative republicanism.

A comment I posted at Warren Kinsella's blog

Which may be too large, but which I wanted to say here too.
"Tulk, you're just wrong, period.
Alberta is a one party state run by American Oil companies which is why your guy thinks Canada is a republic.
Your Ontario voters are a bunch of old people who vote in large numbers but who you frightened and conned twice now, most of them are the dying bastion of Harrisite Levelers who have no moral position on waging war on the poor and on the working poor in order to preserve their middle class privileges; they're all dying to live in the protectorate of Tar Sands Canada Inc.
You are the dinosaurs of the fossil fuel age. Our grass roots will grow through the bones of your toxic-death society. This is the Quiet Revolution version 2.0, only instead of Duplessis' Unione Nationale, the same coalition that toppled him is now toppling the Meighen-streak Ontario Tories and the Western Block neo-corporatists (who the Progressive Conservatives could not keep buried in their right wing past.) The restoration cons gave us the blunders of Reaganomics and Mulroney-croneyism; now we have the last stand of the Bush League-Harperistas and their allies among the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries.
Sorry you hate this Warren, but the only option available to the coalition which would strengthen and broaden this evolutionary transformation, would to bring Red Tories into the coalition cabinet and so isolate the Con's extreme right wing. The cancerous coalition of Western Block oiligarchs and Meighen-Streak Tories must be removed, it must be put into a mica chip Joel-style and must be sent into the sun to be the vapourized. This must be done. It will be done.
Of course, Harper the Great Strategian, already thought Coalition government through to his own ends, and created a contingency plan for such an eventuality. It's why he gave the Americans the right to invade Canada. He broke his own 4 year term law, after creating a dysfunctional parliament, and after weakening Dion through 2 years of character assassination, assumed that his efforts to unite the social democrats in the NDP and Bloc would lead all tghree to an August Coalition so that George Bush could have invaded to save Canada from separatiste socialists and thus shore up Harper's oily junta. The Libs, the Bloc and NDP didn't do what they were supposed to do then, and they aren't doing it now. If it had been him in opposition with a dysfunctional Prime Minister he would have acted in August. The only problem for Harper now, is that Bush is the lamest president in the history of America: Obama won't do what George would have done for a man who is neither his friend nor a genuine ally.
Warren, Sorry for the length, spent two hours today watching my father fight for each and every breath he took for two hours after the doctors removed a tube from his lungs, while I had to listen to some Harrisite in the bed beside us who sounded like Mulroney and was as smug as Harper so I just had to get all this off my chest before it breaks my heart.
PS.If CD Howe Liberals betray the diggers - the underclasses and the working class - they will betray Mackenzie King's legacy and leave the oiligarchy and the Meighen Streak neo-corporatists in power, Harper will have succeeded in turning Canada to the right. And then the right will be consumed by the green movement and our grass roots will grow through their bones until the last of the calcium in them joins in the great celebration that is mutually beneficial life on Earth.
Footnote: The Harrisites should never have degraded nurses the way they did.
Thanks to every one of them at Southlake and elsewhere. Thanks for jump starting my old Dad again so he can go and home watch the evolution on TV before he joins that celebration."

Funny that the Governor General

was in Czechoslovakia, a nation that won its freedom through coalition government.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Harper's GG Letter

When he liked the idea of a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc.

Harper Used to Love

the support of the Bloc.

How else do four year terms make sense ?

It's the only way to make four year terms work, a party loses the confidence of the house, they lose, but the house remains functional. The King is dead, long live the King. Harper was always the dysfunctional part of the equation, a man who did not know how to cooperate.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dion rises from the Ashes

Think about it: Dion and Duceppe have fought hard battles against one another, but during the leadership debate in English when Dion said he was a member of the Quebec nation Duceppe did a double take and took greater measure of the man, and then they sat on stage today, and both stated clearly that they still disagreed about Quebec's place in Canada, and that their deal did not deal with that issue, but rather with what the Bloc was willing to do, which was to support an environmentally intelligent economic approach to crisis solving from within a social and liberal democratic context. The NDP did the same, which after all, is what Rae is all about, the charter of rights is a liberalizing influence within the sphere of social justice and democratic reform and Jack Layton finally lost himself long enough to serve the greater good under Dion. Dion was supposed to be down and out in his own party. And yet, he just pulled them back into power inside the box by thinking in larger terms outside the box. Does anyone really think Liberals will hold it against him for losing the last battle and winning the war against Harrisite-Harperistas ? Berated and humiliated and savaged by Harper and the right wing media Dion re-emerged today as victor by hard work and honest intention in front of the entire press corps - the vast majority of whom - behaved as if something new under the sun was taking place in front of them. And when Dion said he would willingly bow out of the leadership in May and live the country with a sound government he was deeply moved and so were the people in the room and so will be most Canadians once they've watched the footage. Dion did not sacrifice liberalism, but every hurdle was removed, every obstacle overcome, every dignity preserved. And, as a bonus, Dion knows that Harper knows that Harper defeated himself, defeated the already fragmenting coalition that was Reform-Alliance-PC. And that must taste sweet to Stephane Dion.

Dion stays for coalition.

Stephane Dion may get to be PM yet, and he does so, with the support of his party and the other coalition members and supporters.
The plan is a 30 billion dollar stimulus package.

Bloc NDP talks

So the NDP and the Bloc have been discussing common ground for coalition government previously, and the Tories think it's a conspiracy, perhaps the talks Layton referred to on the stolen tape took place when the two parties met with Stephen Harper to discuss forming a coalition in the dying days of Martin's last government. What a non-issue. Coalition government is not anti-democratic.