Sunday, May 8, 2011

Altering Corporations and Freeing the Fifth Estate

1. Corporations can't sign affidavits in court because "they have no conscience to bind them"
2. Corporations are mandated to pursue maximum profit within the law.
3.The unethical pursuit of profit and power result.
4. Corporate culture needs to be reconceived.
5.Corporations are not persons.
6.Collecting taxes from corporations gives them existence as persons.
7.We need to stop collecting taxes from corporations; take away their toehold claim to hold
rights as persons.

Implement a Carbon tax as the only tax of any kind ?

8. Tax individuals.
9. Heavily tax executive bonuses.
10. Study and eliminate tax shelters except where most needed.
11. The existence of non-voting shares breeds indifference to best practises, and must be
12. Shareholders must become financially liable to a greater degree than now for the
behaviour of boards of directors, theirexectives, and all crimes and misdemeanors, within
a graduated system of fines, implemented over time, to evolve new ownership standards.
13 Corporatism was a system of government concived by Conservative Catholics based on
four equal estates: church, state, business, labour.
14. Neo-corporatism: Mussolini modified the four estates into a merger of business and the
state, reduced the church to population control, and yoked labour to business.
15. Liberal Democracy defeated neo-corporatism in war and through the creation of the Fifth
Estate: independent journalism.
16. Post neo-corporatism: see Bush League/ Stephen Harper, business became the state
religion, taking the estate power of the church, corporate conglormerates now own the
fifth estate.
17. Liberal democracy is in decline.
18. We must re-democratize journalism.
19. We must separate the state, the fifth estate and worship from business.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Boss Ford, Bob Rae and Harper endorsement

"Ontarions remember Bob Rae and don't want to go back to those days."
The days we don't want to go back to are the days of Mike Harris and the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries. How did the Toronto Sun turn the McGuinty Liberals into Lieberals ? Because the Provincial Liberals made a number of promises they couldn't keep after they won the election. Why couldn't they keep them ? Because Finance Minister Jim Flaherty lied to the legislature about the state of the province's books before the election. Turns out he had hidden 5.6 billion in debt from the provincial parliament. Did Flaherty wear the disgrace of that contempt ? No, because the right wing media turned the story into that of 'Lieberals.' Does anyone remember Flaherty's dishonesty ? Not many, does anyone remember Lieberals, most people.
Also according to Boss Ford. The other parties "are going to cost the taxpayers a fortune," Ford said. "It's just tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend."
Spend Spend Spend ?
Mr Harper who refuses to explain the costs of anything to parliament ? A right that is the foundation of parliamentary power: back from the days when the House of Commons demanded the right to know why the king wanted to spend money. King Harper refuses, and calls attempts to force him to reveal his costs intrusions in cabinet secrecy.
Then there's Mr Flaherty redux, a man who has been wrong about every financial statement he's made, even while Kevin Page has been right about every statement he's produced based on the same books.
Sorry Boss Ford, your little neo-corporatist faux populist thuggery doesn't fly where intelligent people live.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now is the time for The Real Liberal 'Democratic Renewal' Package

‎If a full-bodied democratic renewal package was created, does it still exist; can it be leaked ? If so, it should be done. Then all Liberals who support that document should stand behind it, stake their campaigns on it. It requires a coup within the Liberal Party, democrats splitting with corporatists, siding with new democracy through liberal renewal in the name of greatest equal liberty.

Ignatieff should offer National Unity Cabinet government, via proportional representation, house as loyal opposition, house controls the watchdogs, first hundred days based on renewal package. Canada needs to get past this, electing the NDP as opposition reminds me of the military protectorate governing Egypt after they swept up their revolution and went home to wait for a democracy that the world desperately needs to see sweep the planet, starting in Canada.

Are you up for a coup Liberal democrats ? Put the renewal package on the electoral table, Canada wants to judge it for ourselves. The world needs it on the table. If nothing else, surviving Liberals will have something to negotiate with, guidelines and timelines. Release the package if it exists. Announce it's contents, get candidates to make their stand with it. And then we shall see."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remembering things different

Yes, Dion had not rallied liberals, but the failure of the Green Shift message was not his, but the media's: 140 Canadian economists signed a letter supporting the Green shift as the best means of meeting carbon reduction targets. The consortium failed to follow the journalistic logic of so important a public statement and give it considerable column space, instead it buried the story as one day's announcement. Dion gave simple explanations of the tax because it's a simple tax, designed to be the only tax, with a built in shelf life and not something forever. The media made no real attempt to keep Harper from lying about it, and they joined in saying it was hard to understand, and vast amounts of column-inch were given over to stories belittling Dion. The Green Shift is not only better economics than cap and trade but is safer, because Wall Street can easily take over cap and trade , and will,unless the America democracy movement throws the bankster's into jail, convicted for the shakedown of the American Treasury in 2008. Another unreported story, buried in spin about meltdowns, gutless journalism when a clearer example of organized crime can't be found, "give us the money or we'll crash the world economy." but it's not the job of corporate media to delve, it's their job to perform a role in a protection racket.
We have very little democratic media on the continent, it's nearly all corporatist, and through Rupert Murdoch, it's the same around the globe. MSM is the publicity arm of the Dilbert manageriate who practice their conscienceless pursuit of profit at the expense of democracy. During the 2008 election, which Harper triggered because he knew he wouldn't survive a confidence election after Obama got elected, the corporatist media was on message and so Harper was not held to account for his conscienceless pursuit of power despite his own 4 year term law, a story the media dismissed. Dismissed as part of the protection racket in which their payment would be more wealth transfered to them through even larger propaganda payments once Harper was safely back in power before Obama won. The laundered spin cycle money receiving MSM was not engaged in journalism in defense of democracy during the election of 2008 , they failed to make the connections between the 140 economists supporting the Green Shift and the Canadian people. No, the corporatist media was on message: after getting away with the shakedown/meltdown lie, the ethical miasma that occurs during the conscienceless pursuit of profit took care of the rest of the spin cycle. Dion was Big Oil's enemy, TexAlberta Bush League politics and Big Media were against him the whole election.
On the Thanksgiving weekend before the Monday vote, as families got together, young people came home from university and defended the necessity of the Green Shift, and there was poll evidence of an electoral uptick towards Dion, he was an honest likable, brilliant guy who had no killed instincts, but we weren't electing a killer, that's why CTV released the footage of Dion struggling to answer that question that could only have come from the logical warrens of the Duffyverse whoever actually asked it of Dion, but it was the release of that footage of him trying to sort through the questions tenses, the endless showings of the threepeat of attempts to figure out the logically challenged question, destroyed the uptick for the next day vote, liberals stayed owned, other people felt let down by Dion and voted against him. Duffy and Pamela Wallin were rewarded for the release with senate seats.
So that's when MSM lost the trust of liberal democractic Canadians, which is why, in early 2009, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament and its allies and offshoots swarmed your comment sections and your polls, it's why the yellow National Post allows now allows no comments, no challenge. CAPP changed politics in Canada, we forced the PM to come back and admit that the country had to "make up for lost time." The Canadian people forced that bumbled admission out of him,and the media did not even note that he had made the admission, when it was there in his own words, when he challenged the liberals to work through the March Break in order to "make up for lost time." The corporatist press had been paid to run a protection racket for the PM and that's what you did, and mostly do.
The PM Protection Racket, or Propaganda Man's Action Plan Media Scam, saw the PMO transfer hundreds of millions of dollars to the Consortium that controls debate in this country, the last 26 million of the protection money was paid out two weeks before the election, an ad buy that ostensibly promoted a program that was ending.
80% of Canadian media is owned by three conservative business families. 20 years ago 10% of Canadians owned 40% of the commonwealth, they now own 60%, while 50% of Canadians own only five per cent of the commonwealth. The corporatist media serves to protect those rackets, those ends, and not the goals of democracy. We have learned that as a people, enmasse, since 2008. The consortium is a cartel. The consortium is a protection racket. It will say, that I am proud of those Canadian journalists who are trying to break out the bubble in which they are forced to report. I may have to begin respecting more of you if you keep it up.

Friday, April 1, 2011

File Under Accountability is for Anyone But Conservatives

For when Don Cherry Comes Blustering About Your Riding

A CAPP friend named Emily Dee, wrote about this here.

From her archives, and speaking of tough guys, here is a one two combination for when Don Cherry shows up for right wings rants in your riding


"When COLD-fX maker CV Technologies visited Parliament Hill with their spokesman, hockey commentator Don Cherry, it was “a mistake” for Harper to accept gifts, including a signed Mark Messier hockey jersey and a case of the cold remedy, MacDermid noted."


Shan and Cherry later met directly with Harper in his Parliament Hill office. The company hired Cherry in 2004, specifically to promote sales of the product. They were invited to the capital by James Rajotte, chairman of the Commons industry committee and Tory MP for the corporate president's Edmonton-Leduc riding.

Last week, the company received a critical regulatory ruling - worth untold millions - from Health Canada, allowing it to claim in advertising that COLD-fx reduces "the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system."

What the puck Don ? How much did you earn then, how much do you owe Harper in kickback guest appearances now ?