Saturday, August 29, 2009

God's version of Harper

I'm not about to pre-empt God's perogative to judge Stephen Harper but I retain my right to trust my own discernment about the essential nature of his emotions, thoughts and spirit, the spirit God gave him, so that we might know the mark of Stephen Harper, perhaps I have no gift of discernment, but to me, he has the darkness of eyes and the slight of hand of a natural born deceiver. I discern deception in Harper's Christian Conservative version of the body politic - in his social authoritarian beliefs - and in the ways in which he is willing to apply those convictions on behalf of the petroligarchs, arms dealers and financeers of the right wing coalition of privateers to which Canada's Bush League conservatives belong. I see the inheritor's shadow of the coalition that both won and lost the Second World war, what Tarantino might call the unmarked Nazis who took off their uniforms and then hid themselves among the emerging manageriate of post-war North American capitalism: which was a merger of Mussolini's fascism with Duplessism and CD Howe's neo-liberal interpretation of the pre-war imperialist-corporatism of Meighen-Bennett-Drew. I discern the shadow of the Bush League Petrologicahy concealing Stephen Harper, making him unwilling to guard the village well - the Living Water - against he tcorporatist privateers among his more militant backers. I discern a disconnect between Stephen's heart and head, a vacuity of vision, a willingness to deconstruct without an understanding of deconstructionism's true purposes, I discern that his social authoritarian streak was why he sold his soul for power in his very first week in office, the burning need to keep and exercise power is why he showed little but malice and spite to the Loyal Opposition and the majority of Canadians who quite consciously voted against him. I discern in him contempt for British constitutional genius. I discern deception in everything he does on behalf of his true masters, whatever his afterlife hopes of God salvaging a soul from the consequences of endless violations of his own sworn oaths, promises, proclamations, declaration, statements, press appearances, and the insistent utterances of his alleged first and always principles. I discern something in Harper I noticed in Frost/Nixon, Langella's acting, his understanding of Nixon understanding how badly wrong he went. I'm just not sure Harper has it in him to be Nixonian, but will more likely remain Bush League.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mrs. Harper Goes To Gala

Stephen Harper is sending his wife to Lyin Brian's big gala in September. Harper's consistency is clear in one respect: his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Baird Bullshit

Mad Dog Baird, the Minister of Transportation Porkbarrel, misses the point that his government is unstable by its very nature of being made up of malice mongers and reactionaries who have no vision or forthought except partisan attack mode.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Harper: the Ist Suburbanite PM

The man lives in a Calgary subdivision, which, like all subdivisions, is actually located in Anywhere North America, and not in Canada at all. Stephen Harper: too small for Canada.

Republicans for Ignatieff

See Manning Institute for conception, costs, and purposes.
Stephen Harper: too small for Canada.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wrong Again Mr. Harper

We can't wait to throw you out of office and let the Con Party combust on you.

Dust Bowl and an end to oil

With southern Alberta and Saskatchewan turning into dust bowls that will far exceed the ravages of the 1930's, the question will quickly come down to available drinking water versus water available for oil processing. Humans can live without oil, they can't live without water. With the mountain glaciers all melting or melted because of global warming, and thus with no means of replenishing prairie rivers, except random rain storms, it would appear that the once mighty economy of the bastion of climate-change-deniers will be reduced to little if any activity for generations, it's as if some Biblical wasteland will have been reaped by all that rapacious sowing. Michael Ignatieff's suggestion that the future lies in Alberta, has to be treated with serious scepticism, since it is far more probable that the province will revert to pre-1947 poverty levels, with populations having dwindled to the core of obstinancy that appears to govern the ideological blindness of Alberta politics.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Helping to shaft Afghani women

If you don't think we're in Afghanistan for the oil, but for the good of the people, here's what the American puppet president Karzai is up to now, and it isn't good for Afghani women. Why the hell are we helping this ? Do Canadians really need to die to help oppress women ?

America is a socialist nation

Any nation that spends more than half it's budget on its military is a socialist nation: "trickle down" was always a nonsensical notion, even in Reagan's day, Reagan was a military socialist, a right wing socialist, a national socialist in fact. America remains a national socialist country. It's also why its right wing media has mastered propaganda to a much higher level than the left wing has, because corporatism is well paid, highly organized and ideologically unified around a distorted Christian theology that denies most of Christ's teachings in favour of a top down hierarchical power grid, in which everyman gets the illusion of independence and none of its substance, law before grace. It's also why America is on a collision course for a Civil War. No Third World nation contains as much hate between citizens as America does. That's why most propaganda is aimed at hating outsiders, the Cold War, the War on Terror etc. but with the ending of the Bush League presidency and the loss of ascendancy of the hard right, the right is turning on the left, and while they are a minority of the population, they absorb malice like sponges. America the apex of national socialist ideology will soon be going to war again, civil war, and it will be ugly and brutal and very difficult to stop. It is however the logical conclusion of the Bush League and Reagan's national socialist ideology.

Palestinians are also Semites

thus, Israeli oppression of Palestinians is also anti-Semitic. The defense - by Canadian Jews - of Israel's Palestinian 'pogroms' is likewise anti-Semitic, because they support the oppression of Arab Semites. When the United Church began to question their position on Israel they were not being anti-Semitic when some members came to the table with the fact that Israel employs a form of purposeful misery-making against the Palestinians. It is also more than apparent to everyone with a brain that Israel has been treating Palestinians like shit for 60 years. But nor is it necessary to be anti-Semitic against the Jews to seek to hold them accountable for their real-politik atrocities. To bring charges of crimes against humanity does not require an equal measure of crime against the offending people. And where is the new Ezra willing to stand before the Creator and speak truth about the abuse of power by his or her people ? Bernie Farber is clearly not up to the job, he appears to be little more than an apologist for brutality. A Cultural Jew I suppose, without any of the spiritual intelligence that once made the Jews one of the wisest and most profound peoples on the planet. Farber is a prophet of jackals, not "a man after God's own heart".

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Climate Change the Military can believe in

If even the most reactionary, non-democratic force in the dying empire south of our border is starting to make plans for dealing with the instability caused by climate change, then even the most socially authoritarian RepubliCon is going to have to start believing in it much sooner than later. Of course, the smart ones already know it's happening that's why they and their friends are buying up so much land that will still be arable and contain drinking water in that dismal future, they don't want everyone believing in change's inevitability yet, at least not until it's too late and they own all the food and water resources on the planet. Which their military can then protect for them. Won't that be fun for the have nots who warned and warned and warned but the sheep were too self-satisfied to listen.

Bill Davis turned 80

Somebody say amen.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lyin' Brian's Party

Lyin Brian Mulroney gets a party for the majority he won twice before the Canadian people shredded the PC Party to pieces in revenge for everything about him and his politics, while his arms dealer buddy and payola supplier Schrieber goes back to Germany and jail. Mulroney, who should be stuffed into prison here for his sins, was a PM who told more untruths than any PM before him, but has since been bested by Stephen Harper, a man couldn't discern truth if his life depended on it. Love him or hate him the last honest Conservative was Joe Clark, and Joe now laments that he has no party, at least not since the the Reformatories and the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries took over the Right in the wake of Mulroney's hated government. My favourite Mulroney moment was the outrage that exploded across Canada when the President of the first Bush League tried to foist Lyin Brian on the world as head of the UN. Never was I more proud of Canadians than when we roared down that revisionist revival. Alas Alack however, poor creature Mack, the Con game goes on without men of integrity to pull the oil guzzling junkie party out of the ditch into which it's driving the nation.
Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Liberalism and Ethics

Thomas Axworthy makes a good case for a restoration of the liberalism that was the Gladstonian counterpart to Disraeli's conservative democracy (ie letting the servants vote because they'll always vote for what their masters want.)