Monday, August 3, 2009

Lyin' Brian's Party

Lyin Brian Mulroney gets a party for the majority he won twice before the Canadian people shredded the PC Party to pieces in revenge for everything about him and his politics, while his arms dealer buddy and payola supplier Schrieber goes back to Germany and jail. Mulroney, who should be stuffed into prison here for his sins, was a PM who told more untruths than any PM before him, but has since been bested by Stephen Harper, a man couldn't discern truth if his life depended on it. Love him or hate him the last honest Conservative was Joe Clark, and Joe now laments that he has no party, at least not since the the Reformatories and the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries took over the Right in the wake of Mulroney's hated government. My favourite Mulroney moment was the outrage that exploded across Canada when the President of the first Bush League tried to foist Lyin Brian on the world as head of the UN. Never was I more proud of Canadians than when we roared down that revisionist revival. Alas Alack however, poor creature Mack, the Con game goes on without men of integrity to pull the oil guzzling junkie party out of the ditch into which it's driving the nation.
Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

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