Monday, September 29, 2008

Patronage by the ton a la Harper

148 pork barrel appointments by the master of hypocrisy
in the weeks leading up to his planned violation of his fixed term law.

Rock em sock em politicos

Wouldn't want to condone violence in the media or anything, but this is funny.

Harper's Agenda in his own context

Here is a copy of the speech Harper gave as the then vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, to a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing U.S. think tank. It's very clear and very explicit about where he stands and why.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Insider Conservativism

A very interesting small c-conservative analysis of Harper's sold soul.

Harper sees Dem Win in US

So we're getting set to re-elect a man who is moving the country backward, a man who represents everything but progressive thought, an unprincipled deregulating ideologue while the Americans are perched on an abyss of their own making, having given (or at least having let the Bush League steal) two mandates. Harper wasn't given a mandate by the Canadian people in the last election, since two thirds of Canadians voted against him, this time his poll numbers haven't climbed more than a few percentage points and no matter how smarmy or nasty he gets he can't get Canadians to trust him. Leadership the Cons call it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harper's privateering agenda

If this man gets a majority, his deeply embedded convictions that much of the Canadian government should be 'privatized' will come to pass. Of course, he doesn't mean private, what he means is corporatized. These conservatives are corporate socialists.
The idea that they are free enterprisers is absurd, corporations are not free enterprises, they are the antithesis of freedom, they destroy individual enterprise, they are legal fictions, they have no conscience to bind them to the law or to the public good. Much like Harper himself.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Okay Dion

The Jewish question of 9/11 which you hope to put behind you and so win the advance poll Judeo-fundamentalist vote is an equation for which I have much personal history which might seem to nuance me towards your sentiment, and yet I know too much about gangster capitalism and the alternative Jewish reality of Rothstein and Lansky but even more importantly Baron Rothschild and Averill Harriman via Prescott Bush to doubt that dark and even darker events actually occurred on 9/11 under Dick Cheney's Blackwater command. And I expect a Canadian Liberal to say so. Stand up and be counted Stephane. This is the real equation. The Jews are like all of us, corrupt and less corrupt individual by individual, and yes certainly, as a community they are nothing but a consequence of personal choices and so not guilty as a people of anything but self-preservation, a closing of ranks, a xenophobia of need for common cause, a flurry of events burying history in ash.

Ontarions !

If you put yet another faux Cromwellian, neo Mike Harris Lack of Common Sense Harperite majority into power I assure you that you will live to regret it as much as you still regret giving Harris a majority. You will shame yourselves again. But this will not be doublefold misery that will befall you but tenfold for betraying the poor, the children, the future, the planet and graciousness itself.

Dion and 9/11

So it's not okay to think that Dick Cheney and Blackwater were behind the sham that was the 9/11 attack on the trade towers in which a forty story tower, the third tower in the story, fell because of fires on several floors, the first building in the history of the world to fall down completely because of a few fires, sorry Dion, your gutless and wrong. Sorry Frank Valeriote, sorry Jake Williams, but even if you're about to lose to Gloria Kovack I won't vote for you now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harper: Women & Children

When Harped dissed his wife by dissing gala-going "fat cats" despite the fact that his wife is hostessing a gala next month in Ottawa then you have to ask, were we listening to policy or to a fight with his wife ? What if Steven's policies are all actually arguments he's having with his wife ? Whyever he dissed the arts & his wife in one sentence only God knows. As for his dissing the arts, PEI's economy is partly founded on tourism based on a book about an orphan, & on musical play about the same child, which is performed annually in the Confederation Centre for the Arts because Canadians are a cultured people, we are a stolid, but nonetheless Renaissance-loving people whose greatest export is our cooperative creation skills.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got to love the Tory whack jobs

Bob's Rae's opponent for one had this to say about the horrendous knife killing on the bus in Manitoba on his now inaccessible blog.
"This is a perfect example of why we need concealed-carry handgun legislation in this country, so we can defend one another and deter horrible events such as this. But what are our politicians talking about? More government regulation and security."
And there's no hidden agenda.

No rest of the wicked

So not only has Bob Rae's Con riding opponent vanished from the blogosphere for a series of hard right rants but we get more Con nonsense about how the Cons' need a majority in order to clean up crime in Canada. Here's an idea, arrest Stephen Harper and the 'in and out' scammers, the Chuck Cadman scammers, the break the election law scam. Do you people never tire of hypocrisy or are you just so ammoral that it's all water off your duck backs ? Either way, asking Canadians for a law and order mandate is like asking Americans to believe George Bush obeys the constitution.

The real Reason Harper is Ahead

Canadians just aren't paying attention to the election according to a new poll. But here's another curious poll find, most Canadians know Harper has a hidden agenda, and most Canadians want a majority government, they just have no desire to give it to Harper. This election is nowhere near being over.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

If only the press would do its job

The press is being pushed around by Harper & they're so afraid of the thug they just roll over. The Ottawa Citizen keeps plugging away via the Freedom of Information Act to keep the file open on the Tories illegal campaign financing from the last election, but there's not a trace of it elsewhere in the main stream media. Everything is just rosy with the Tories as far as the press is concerned. Harper even locks them on buses to keep them from doing their jobs & they don't complain.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enviro Catch 22

It appears that the more the planet heats up due to global warming the more plant life begins to produce carbon dioxide rather than absorb it.

Harper in trouble in Quebec now

A trail of lies, a methodology of character assassination, a record of bullying the press & public officials, a string of scandals, a faltering economy, pockets full of oozing oil money, a minister who thinks listeria is funny, indifference to environmental degradation. It's all beginning to leave a bad taste in the mouth of voters including those in Quebec. Harper will be lucky if he hangs onto a minority. As things get worse, his natural propensity for malice will come to the fore and then even the minority will be gone and so will he.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Turning has begun

As Harper's majority hopes begin to slip away, so does McCain's hope for beating Obama. The neo-corportatist agenda has too may moral and political holes in it to hold water long enough for voters. As the weeks pass the gap will widen and Harper will fall through the cracks, as will McCain.

Cheney and Blackwater revisited

That's the problem with the American right, they're up to so much evil and hypocrisy that its hard to tell the difference between what they do to ensure the success of their agenda and what others do because they hate America because of the neo-corporatist agenda that lays waste to their people.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"'The other parties do not believe in tougher laws against criminals," Harper declared. "They will fight those laws, they will amend those laws, they will obstruct those laws." No Stephen, they will make you accountable for breaking them ! Have you no shame, no conscience at all, is your Christianity so shallow that you lack the guts to acknowledge your own malfeasance ? Now I know why Layton wants to debate you on TV so badly. He wants to nail you to the cross of your own hypocrisy and let you rot into history.

Here's something else we can force Harper to do

A government report on the cost of the war in Afghanistan will remain a secret unless there's an all party agreement to release it, the other leaders have already agreed, others will follow, but will Stephen - unless the Canadian people force him to agree ?

Harper Lead Slipping in Ontario

According to this, Ontario's swing ridings are starting to swing away from Tories, the "shift" has started.

Minister of Do Nothing for the Environment Baird

Got to love Billy Bob Baird, he's so concerned about oil sands pollution that he's come up with a plan to more of the same nothing.


Leadership you can trust to sink the ship of state.

McCain admits ads are a lie

And doesn't care. Did Obama call Palin a pig he was asked. No, he answers, and then goes on to imply that Obama did call her a pig. Gee, what a great way to slip around Rove's criticism, admit the ad is untrue, and then go on defending it. 70% of Europeans would vote for Obama, a huge majority of Canadians also prefer him. Only Americans can't see that if they vote for McSame, America's reputation will crash and burn.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rove: McCain went 'too far' in ads

Master liar shows that Maverick McCain is a bigger liar than Rove himself. Harper hopes to do the McSame.

Join the fight Against a Justice Society

Vote Conservative.

Do You Have a Friend Who Lies for Living ?

Stephen Harper would like to exchange notes.

Harper Gets New Mouth

The press keeps reporting that Harper is vowing this that and the other thing. The reason you can believe him, is that he got a new mouth, because the last one kept lying so much, it was the old mouth that vowed not to steal from seniors' trust funds ... it was the old mouth that vowed no future Canadian government could call an election for political advantage ever again. It was the old mouth that told lie after lie. But it's alright Canadians, he's got a new mouth. This one doesn't lie. Honest.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Ally for Harper

"Ms. Palin runs an administration that puts a premium on loyalty and secrecy. The governor and her top officials sometimes use personal e-mail accounts for state business; dozens of e-mail messages obtained by The New York Times show that her staff members studied whether that could allow them to circumvent subpoenas seeking public records."

Haitian Tragedy Political

If Canada during Harper's watch hadn't helped the Bush League orchestrate a coup against a populist President and then replaced him with a puppet, the people of Haiti might have fared better after three hurricanes if only because they would have had a president who actually gave a damn about them. After the Franco-American coup that ousted him President in exile Aristide said "In overthrowing me, they cut down the tree of peace, but it will grow again, because its roots are well planted." I suspect hurricane Ike left them whole and ready to rise again.

Harper says

"You take the high road, I'll take the low road and I'll be PM before you."

Harper says

"It's not easy being green, so I'm not."

Bikers For Bernier 2

"Harper's our guy, make him yours."

Harper says

"So we're bearing false witness against Stephane Dion. It's not a sin."

Testimonal from Stephen Harper

"I didn't think selling my soul was a good idea at first, but then Dr. Faustus promised me he and his friends would make me PM. They kept their word and now I don't have to keep mine."
This message paid for by Sell Your Soul Inc. It's easy, it's effective, it's forever. Sell Your Soul Inc. Just cry out, we'll hear you.

Harper, Leadership you can rely on.

"Breaking the law is easier than I thought it would be," he says "at first it bothered me, but now I like it, and I'd like to keep doing it. If you give me a majority, I'll break all kinds of laws. Please, vote for me, vote for my friends."
This message paid for by the Break the Law Society of Stephen Harper.

PM on the Environment

"The tar sands project is an environment and anyone who says it isn't should look up the word," he says, "I did: it means surroundings. I'm a big supporter of surroundings, I like to surround myself with people who say yes to everything I want. I'm an environmentalist."

Harper on the Arts

Of course I have an arts policy, it's called watch American television.

Harper's Neo-Corporatism

Why murder your enemies when you can assassinate their characters ?

Harper urges

Commodify your soul, "I did."

Biker's throw their support behind Harper

Bikers for Bernier are urging Canadians to vote Conservative.

United Centre To End Neo-Corporatism

In the 30's & 40's there was a united centre opposed to corporatist ideology. They won that battle at the end of WWII. Since the rise of neo-corporatism with Reagan the extreme right wingtip of the political bird has become entrenched in the global oilagarchy, which is intent on keeping the planet theirs to pillage. The place to unite the moderate left, the centre, & the moderate right is in parliament. If there's a minority, join forces to pass an opposition law restoring the Common's custom of resolving confidence issues by having the GG offer the cabinet to someone else from another party. Then bring down the Tories. Time to end corporatism for good.

Harper: servant of the North American Ratking

They use the press to send out the message that they are for smaller government and freer enterprise, so that natural selection can weed out the weak, but they are a Ratking, a circle of large rats so entwined in their own wastes and filth that they can't move from their positions and so use smaller rats like Harper to drive prey their way. Conservatives in North America use malice & character assassination to frighten voters, driving them to where the Ratking feeds.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Times Have finally Changed !

Come gather 'round people\Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters\Around you have grown
And accept it that soon\You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you\Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'\Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come writers and critics\Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide\The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon\For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who\That it's namin'.
For the loser now\Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'.
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Copyright ©1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

Ken Morgan, Christian Con Answer This !

Answer this , answer why your PM buried a government commissioned report that asserts there would be NO harmful effects of a carbon tax. Enough of your right wing lies and denials and pretenses and malice. Apologize Con or let your curses fall back on your head. This little media-assisted Bush League coup attempt of Harper's via a campaign of character assasination is over ! Your party will be smashed into the oblivion it deserves and Harper will be known throughout history for selling his soul for power.

Harper Afraid to Debate the Environment

Seems like our unprincipled PM has decided not to take part in a French language debate solely on the environment. Bulldog Jack Layton implies that if he can't rip out Harper's testes what's the point of debating, he'll send a surrogate.

Tory Ad Policy: Beat up the Guy with Glasses

Bully for you boys.

Neo-Corporatism not Neo-liberalism

Libertarian, anti-big government policies of Reagan et al conceal a neo-corporatist agenda. Corporatism was a conservative politic that informed pre-WWII governments, from Italy to Canada & beyond, in which Mussolini etc. used the state to 'balance' labour and business. After the defeat of fascism & the rise of liberal social democracy, neo-corporatism gained momentum as big business shifted from ownership by individuals into the modern corporate economy. Neo-corporatism no longer needs the state, & uses libertarian angst to destroy democracy. See Stephen Harper and the oiligarchy.

Hurricane Ike and the Aftermath

Nearly the size of Texas, Ike blasted the petrochemical heart of the military industrial complex & left a wake of ruin. Tens of thousands of people denied the reality of the danger & may or may not have survived. The Gulf coast - which will become increasingly battered as global warming heats up the oceans, & sends more hurricanes against those who live there - may sooner than later leave the region uninhabitable in hurricane season. But of course, global warming isn't real,there's no danger, just like Ike Eisenhauer's warning's about the military industrial complex was just empty posturing. The waters'll recede, Americans can put their heads back into the sand: everything will be okay again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The American Press is Waking up

McCain and Palin's lies are being tolerated less and less in the American media, and when the worm turns there it will turn here, and when it does, the malice and lies of the unprincipled Harper campaign will finally, finally become fair game for Canadian media. Like the slanderous attack on Elizabeth May by Manning Institute fellow Steven Taylor, the darkness does not know the light. The lie is over. The extreme Right will soon be in ruins, and the centre, and the sensible right and the sensible left, will get on with saving the planet and ourselves. Wake up Canada, the revolution is here.

Part of my TVO comment posted here

"the Conservative Party brand was boot-stamped all over Steven Taylors simpyloveseggs YouTube posting. It is also clear from the TVO clip that May not only says "other politicians think Canadians are stupid", but she then addressed someone's un-amplified comment from the panel, because she turns her head away from the camera, looks down the line of seats, and quick as she is, says "And I fundamentally agree with that." meaning, whatever it was that one of the panelists said that was unheard by us."

May Apology to Blogger, Green lawyer "misunderstanding"

Again, from the bottom of the same TVO page as above, a company spokesperson posted this: "UPDATE: I have spoken with Green Party Press Secretary Camille Labchuk. She says the party intends to issue an apology to the blogger known as Buckdog, who had been threatened with a lawsuit by Green Party communications director John Bennett for posting a link to Stephen Taylor's YouTube video. Labchuk said the incident "was a misunderstanding on John Bennett's part about the way that YouTube works". The Greens do not intend to pursue any legal actions against any blogger, Labchuk says."

TV responds to May and the blogosphere over 'Stupid'

TVO confirms "that the audio of the clip in question is intact. As such, TVO is not and will not be pursuing legal action of any kind on this matter. All of this, though, may be a tempest in a teapot, because a few of us here at the shop have reviewed the tape in question and - although she says it a bit quickly - May does not seem to be saying "... I think Canadians are stupid..." at all, but rather " ... They think Canadians are stupid..." In the context of the conversation, the "they" in question would be other politicians who do not have the political will to consider a carbon tax. In the words of Daffy Duck, this whole incident may come down to a case of pronoun trouble."

Palin keeps on Lying

She says she never said climate change wasn't caused by humans. It's tough being politically correct, especially when you're politically and factually wrong.

Harper on Track to selling Cdn Assets

As a thank you to all his big business buddies (and their American and global allies) who are financing his campaign, Harper has announced more Mulroney-style sell-offs of Canadian commonwealth assets: Canada is open for business, just walk in and take what you want, and don't forget who gave you access to what otherwise belongs to the Canadian people.
Crown chartered-privateers with no more conscience to bind their behaviour than Harper's conscience binds him to his, are coming for everything in the cupboard.

Manning Institute fellow "Stupid" YouTube poster

The original tape is a discussion with Steve Paikin on TVO's The Agenda Here It's from a piece called The Debate: The Long Goodbye to GDP. The quote is at 38:32 - 39:01. It was first aired Feb 22 2007. Steve Taylor, a fellow at the Manning Institute can be contacted at

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Stupid" YouTube kerfuffle 3

The person who first posted the edited excerpt 'May says Canadians are stupid' tape on YouTube was not the man being threatened with legal action, it was posted by someone using the name 'stimpyloveseggs'. It strikes me that since it is illegal to post material to YouTube that you don't own, then stimpyloveseggs is the person with the original tape, (which is just audio playing over a photo of May.) Stimpy must have the whole tape of whatever event it was. It would even more interesting to know what the unedited version says. So calling all computer geeks, who is stimpyloveseggs ?

Secondly: The Legal Action

The fact that May was not saying that Canadians are stupid, doesn't negate the fact that threatening to sue a blogger is bad politics. It's not on the same scale as Harper calling an illegal election, or the Tories illegal campaign spending scandal, or Bernier hanging out with his Hells Angels biker girlfriend and leaving important papers at her place, or the Chuck Cadman affair, or the fact that the Conservatives don't believe global warming is real, or even Peter McKay's betrayal of David Orchard. But it's bad optics suing a blogger for playing a real tape. She should have explained it away.

First Off: What is Elizabeth May saying in that 'stupid' tape ?

She said, when asked why there was so little political will for a carbon tax "that's because all other politicians are afraid to use the word tax, because they think Canadians are stupid." The murky point is that she then adds "And I fundamentally agree with that assessment." From my perspective, the last bit is the end of her breathless eagerness to answer the question. Ie. she fundamentally agrees with the assessment of the questioner, which is that there is no political will a for carbon tax. She is not saying that she fundamentally agrees that Canadians are stupid.

Canadien !

You, who this country is named after (and who gave rise to the greatest hockey team ever) know that Canada needs you: you know your nationhood is in your blood, and yet you also know that your country is in your land, in the communities that you carved out of the St, Lawrence Valley and into the Canadian Shield. The bounty of this land, the gift of water will remain between us, free to share, unless the Conservatives are allowed to commodify and bottle it for their corporate friends. Help us defend the land and the water, leave your nation in your blood this election, the country - the land, its water and its bounty is at stake.

McCain's Daughter Speaks her own truth

This woman, this child, is out of her mind, just like Dad. The worst thing is republican supporters don't even care that she said that "Only my family knows war. Period." Wake up Americans, you live in a lunatic asylum.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Jewish New Year from Big Brother

Apparently Harper knows if you're Jewish or not.
"Tories under fire for Jewish New Year cards
The Conservative Party is facing questions about religious profiling after Jewish Canadians received cards from Stephen Harper wishing them a happy New Year.
The card featured (an) image of Stephen Harper sitting with his daughter Rachel, son Ben, and wife Laureen. (Good republican family values that Stephen.)

When is the press going to do its job ?

What's happening in the states is worse, since there really is no free press there anymore, they're all cowering in the dark. But it's coming to Canada, I stopped trusting the CBC when the Iraq war started, the only free press are on the net and if John McCain has his way it won't be online either. And if Harper gets back in there won't be a free press in Canada either.

66% supported May, hmm ?

Since approximately 66% of Canadian voters voted against Stephen Harper in the last election in favour of someone else, and since the 66% poll support for May's inclusion in the debate came from all parties. It can probably be assumed that since every party but the Tories believe in climate change, then not only is a majority government out of the question for Harper, but her call for green movement unity is likely to produce the most powerful dynamic in the election. ie "I insistently say a minority with Stephane Dion as prime minister, with enough Greens to keep us on track for positive change . . . is the honest answer. And I'd take enough Greens and NDPers, for that matter," said May."

Now Tories say May can be there

Again from the POST “If the NDP has decided to change its position, we would not stand alone,” said Stephen Harper’s chief spokesman, Kory Teneycke. “We’ve made our point.” But in a mischievous move, the Conservatives will try to convince the broadcast consortium that Defence Minister Peter MacKay also be included. MacKay is running against May in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova. The Liberals have a deal with the Greens not to run a candidate in the riding.' Yeah and let's have David Orchard there too.

Layton doesn't care if May's there or not !

National Post UPDATE 1:54 p.m.: CBC's Rosemary Barton has just reported that Layton, dogged by criticism, has changed his tune on May's inclusion in the televised leaders' debates: "As long as Stephen Harper is there, I don't care who goes."

Clark wants May in Debates

I never lost the respect for Joe Clark that he earned in South Africa, and now he's offering this to Canadians.

This election is getting interesting

Found this 'And she was outraged by Harper's prediction that she'll endorse Dion before the campaign is over. "I wonder how Mr. Harper can predict what I'm going to do, which I don't intend to do, and have that count against me," May fumed. "I know he does employ a clairvoyant who also is his stylist but unless he's relying on crystal balls, this is nonsense to say `I expect her to do something.' Ask me. I'm not going to do that."' here.

There is One Equation in this election

Democracy = Green
Oligarchgy = Oil

I think Canadians are Going to Love Elizabeth May

"I consistently say a minority with Stephane Dion as prime minister, with enough Greens to keep us on track for positive change . . . is the honest answer. And I'd take enough Greens and NDPers, for that matter," said May.
"Now if Jack Layton's honest answer to his constituents is he prefers Stephen Harper as prime minister -- which is exactly how he is constructing his strategy -- then he ought to explain that to his base."
For the above here.

Across the border

John McCain is a total whack job in love with his own suffering, he keeps blundering around making the most ridiculous statements, like his anti-Washington change message, while his campaign is run by Bush League lobbyists, like his accusation that Obama was calling Palin a pig for repeating McCain's own comment about Hillary's health care plan being nothing more than lipstick on a pig. Then Sarah Palin's convention claim that she said "thanks but no thanks" to the 'bridge to nowhere' in Alaska, which is an out & out lie. Why do conservatives there & here think Jesus loves lies so much that if He could vote it would be for those who lie, then lie some more, & then lie again ?

And where Is David Orchard ?

When Peter MacKay proved what a unprincipled man he really is by betraying the deal he made with David Orchard at the last Federal PC convention and helped Harper destroy Progressive Conservativism, I lost all respect for MacKay, and he's done nothing to retrieve that respect since. I went looking for Orchard this morning and found him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Taliban want Jack Layton to win

That's the word from Afghanistan apparently, we want the guy who wants to pull out. I'm sorry, but I actually believe that Dick Cheney is the head of the Taliban.

It's About Water Rights

This election will prove to have been one in which a) Harper wins & water becomes a commodity, after which money talks & everybody else lays down & dies, or b) he loses; the corporate agenda ends & a cooperative commonwealth is created in Canada, in which our lower, middle & upper classes all acknowledge that when Queen Elizabeth signed the Charter of Rights and Freedoms she made Canadian individuals collectively sovereign, above & beyond the House of Parliament, the crown is us, the water is ours, or Conservatives give it away to their monied friends: that's the choice.

Proof Harper's A Liar

For starters it took me about four seconds to find this.

Harper is a Liar

He is lying about the Greens being Liberals, he lied about 4 year terms,he lies about the nature of his party and his policies, but I wouldn't expect a fundamentalist Christian to be able to discern a lie. They live a theological lie.

May v MacKay

Since Peter MacKay proved himself to be an unprincipled power hungry wannabe when he betrayed the Progressive Conservatives by reneging on his deal with David Orchard and made his infamous pact with Harper that resulted in Canada's most right wing government since Arthur Meighen, my hope is that the people of Central Nova will rise up against him and turf him out of office.

Monday, September 8, 2008

How about Real Debates ?

We have so few and such boringly formatted, sometimes ridiculously raucus yet relatively uninteresting 'debates' that they should either be scrapped because Canadians must not know how to debate, or the tv shows should become real debates, and taken from the hands of corporate apologists and the gutless CBC. The moderator should shut down spin doctoring and staying on message repetitiveness as soon as a catch phrase begins looping. You don't need to be potentially able to form a majority government to be in the debate, you just have to have the respect of the Canadian people, a respect discerned through previous vote percentages and whether a party receives public funding or not. I actually think it would be a very insightful debate if Stephen Harper wasn't there, then you would see Conservative spin for what it is: an attempt to manufacture consent through fear and message manipulation. In fact, there should as as many debates as required to leave a different leader out of every debate, and then one more with everyone. Then we'd be able to separate fact from fiction.

Harper's Triple Blind

What Harper can't see is that when there was a PC leader & a Reform Party leader; when there was a PC leader & an Alliance leader, we got to listen to both on tv debates; we could see & hear that the PC's were different than Reform-Alliance; and because we got to listen to both debates we now know for certain what is lacking in the present Conservative Party: progressive thought. The unprincipled behaviour is all too human. I'd sit down with Preston Manning before I would with Harper. For the PM is also blind to what is apparent to me: Liberals & Greens are different parties; their leaders hold different views on various matters, albeit the Liberal Party has baggage as well as an unfinished Just Society to build. Both are prepared to do something with green science & taxation, they will free individual enterprise from neo-corporatism, while Harper blinds himself to science without a sound theology to sustain him. He prays the oil men, pharmaceuticals, agribusinesses, bankers & republican Bush Leaguers can keep the dark forces of his rush flowing. Layton is in danger of following suit,albeit with different demons but neither May and Dion have those kinds of temptations. That's why I trust them, there's no time for demons. Besides which, Harper needs the power rush so badly he shares it with great reluctance, while Layton, the Greens, this version of the Liberals and even the Bloc are much more collegial, they know how to share.

Call out the Instigator

because a Green student revolution just started. The NDP is history. Social Darwinian dominant Predator Conservatism just ended. Ring the bells. Dance in the streets a dance of defiance and sing a song of hope. First the American Annexationist Harper showed his contempt for law, now glory-lost Layton showed his contempt for fairness, and of course the ever treasonous Mr. Duceppe remains in contempt of Canada. Bow out of their debates Dion, bring down the media cartel. And we will win a green tomorrow, where enterprise is freed from neo-corporatist agendas and we can create a cooperative commonwealth and a just society. Please, and thank you.

Tories Gloat

And it will backfire.

Shame on You Jack

I knew you Jack back in Toronto, now that you opposed the Greens in the debate I wonder if I ever knew you, or maybe I never did, but you have been corrupted by your own hopes for power. And it will backfire. You just destroyed the NDP.

The Charter and Harper

Had these thoughts while blogging at the Guelph Mercury: the King-Byng Affair altered the relationship between the Royal Guelphs via their crown representatives - their GG's - and throughout all National Legislations in the emerging British Commonwealth, and while the consequences of K-B removed offshore authority and transformed it into a formal mechanism for dissolving parliament, the fact remains that when Queen Elizabeth - the reigning Royal Guelph - signed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, she made the Canadian people sovereign before the law - individually and collectively. In our parliament now the GG is governed by a governing council, who themselves have become a formality in the protocol of parliamentary dissolution. And yet, both GG and GC's remain useful representative: they are there to guarantee that the rule of law remains when governments change. Both Council and GG should be there to mediate four year parliaments, to negotiate and support the creation of both minority and majority governments by ensuring smooth transitions between coalition cabinets - cabinets in which ministerial post allotments are based on proportional representation as ordained by the votes of a sovereign Canadians in the previous election. Queen Elizabeth, Trudeau, the federal Parliament and the majority of Provinces took power from legislators (and bureaucrats) and gave it us. This election is illegal by Harper's own law, therefor it is a violation of our charter rights. The Supreme Court should - if not stop this election - then at least warn the PM - that he has violated our rights - and then let him finish the election, facing us.


Conservative Tory-Vision

Con Artistry

My son chided me for using the word fascist too freely and sent me to Wikkipedia for clarity on its corporatist roots. So on behalf of my son, Mussolini's fascism put the government between corporations & workers. The new corporatism pretends to be libertarian, individual rights vs the state, but it in fact uses the government to disenfranchise workers & voters. Harper, Bush, McCain are corporate socialists, ie they want big business to replace the government, except the government is us, citizens are sovereigns in democratic societies, or were. Until the new Con began.

Stephen 'Con' Harper afraid of May

That's the thing with Cons, it's all sleight of hand, mirrors & distraction. The majority of Canadians are easily conned by anything that comes over their Corporate News, Con-Harper & his Bush League Buddies have conned them into thinking Dion is a bumbling fool, & that May is too, so why have two fools in a debate, when we can listen to an amoral Nietzscheian superman like him. Cons like it when they get no scrutiny, it's how they get away with things, it's why they own the media, it's why they bought Harper with oil money & prop him up in power. All that's about to change.

Congratulations Christian Con Blogger

Happy to hear you were recognized as a preeminent peer among Canadian Con men and women.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tory: a member of

a ruling class that believes Gods' will is that Tories should govern their betters - those beneath them - who are best used as cannon fodder in expansionist aggressions or as indentured servants working for sustenance wages in a military economy.

Elect a Con

Vote Tory.

For Immediate Release

Stephen Harper: it's okay to break the law, if it gets in the way of your agenda.
Corporate apologist PM has no conscience to bind him to the moral obligations of his own electoral term law, he couldn't solve dysfunctional parliament because the majority of members disagreed with his ideology and policy because they were elected to take the country down a different path than his and PM could not lead because they were not elected to follow him and he lacked the wisdom to understand that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Illegal election fight site

The fight is being carried here too.

Law & Order Candidate loves Breaking Laws

Illegal election, illegal pre-campaign ads, but strong law and order platform. And what a good family man, what a swell guy he appears to be in his Bush League TV spots: that's what I want in a PM, a complete hypocrite teaching his children it's all right to do what you want if you have power and big money behind you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vote: Stealing Water, or Not

This election is about the future of water. Harper Conservatives will turn water into a commodity so it can be stolen by corporations under the Free Trade Act, then sold back to those who can afford high priced water. Thousands of years of "common law" access to local water, and ancient stranger rights to village wells will be replaced with this Mike Harris-style Lack of Common Sense Bush League water policy. If you think they care about you any more than they do about Iraqi or Afghani civilians then you will be a true believer until you die of thirst in the wilderness of environmental disaster.

Gut-toting Religious Right ready to kill for Jesus

The Love God or Die crowd has once again taken over the Republican Party. One of the vilest forms of Christianity to ever rear its ugly head, the question remains, will the hate mongers take over America in Nov. Hard to understand how a theology based on God is love, can become so small-minded, mean-spirited, stiff-necked & hard hearted. It's like a pre-Christ blood sacrifice cult with a corporate agenda that serves some primal demonic power intent on debasing Christianity & all its tender mercies. The psychopaths are coming. Their friends in Canada are drooling in the wings like orcs. Fallen man indeed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For Joe Who written way back when

King Tut and Joe Clark
With Joe retired from politics, the truth can now be told about why his short-lived government fell in 1979. Commentators at the time ignored the evidence I attempted to lay before them then, but the facts are still in my possession. In early December of 1979 when he was still Prime Minister he visited the King Tut exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I know because I was a maintenance worker there. A week later, his government fell.
People remember the Mississauga train derailment and poison gas threat that saw the forced evacuation of much of that city. What they don't seem to remember is that it happened the week after the King Tut exhibit passed through the city on its way to Toronto. What befell Mississauga, befell Joe Clark.
Never having been a Tory, I nonetheless became one of the few people I knew who liked Joe Clark. I remember hearing him talk about Canada as a community of communities, and somehow it sounded so much more livable than the ideas of centralized federalism and creeping republicanism. I could envision the creation of a cooperative commonwealth within a community of communities. I didn't agree with the Charlottetown accord, largely because I thought it debased Clark's idea of Canada into a community of provinces, which is not at all the same thing, I think of it bioregionally, watersheds.
The reason I liked Clark however was less abstract than that. I met him him during his visit to the King Tut Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. With my broom and long-handled dustpan I could walk into the exhibition area whenever I felt the urge to see the King and study his eyes and then make my way around the long lined milling masses, scooping up the debris they left in their wake.

The day the PM came I was sweeping up in the lobby when he and his entourage came out the exhibit exit. He began signing autographs and his aides and bodyguards were only letting school kids near him. They brushed me aside when I tried to get the Prime Minister to sign the triangle of plastic where the bristles of my broom conjoined. (It was the only thing I had for him to sign.) Joe however said, "Where's the guy with the broom...?" and there I was.
Afterwards I shellacked the signature and created a little card explaining the circumstances. I hope the broom still hangs over the door to the maintenance room in the sub-basement of the AGO.
As I said, while I attribute the fall of Clark's government to the curse of Tut, I'm not so sure I attribute the curse itself to Tut. In those many hours in front of the death mask, all glory of gold and lapis lazuli, the black eyes lucid in the calcite glitter, If there was a curse that traveled with Tut, it was not coming from the death mask. It came from one of the smaller funereal artifacts that sat off in a case in another room of the exhibit, a malignant thing in a room where an older woman ... well, never mind....

Greens are not Liberals

It just shows you how little modern conservatives understand their own political philosophy to hear them talking about how the Greens are liberals. Greens are conservative because they are communitarian. Even liberals are essentially communitarian these day because they have adopted the community, rather than the individual - which is the basis for true liberal philosophy - as their ideological starting point. The phony libertarian ideology of modern conservativism, from Reagan to Mike Harris, pretends to be about individual rights but is really about corporate rights. Read George S. Grant the great Canadian conservative political philosopher.

Emerson won't stand for office

I guess not. Good riddance to bad rubbish. One of Harper's first week in office soulselling decisions done with. By emmy, enjoy life as the traitor you are.

Joe Lieberman

I don't know, but this guy is k'fecked, he's totally meshuguna, a complete farcical whack job. Gore is somebody, Lieberman is nobody, and never will be.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Constitutional crisis & no one cares

The PM is about to break the law & no one cares. Have Bush\Cheney so debased ethics that the public has become inured to political corruption ? Is this the principled party that Preston Manning gave birth to ? Love him or hate him Preston had a moral code: breaking his own laws for political expediency was not part of his code. The majority of Canadians voted against Harper, he does not, & never has had the support of the people. He passed a law setting the term of parliament to four years. He does not have the support of parliament. He should resign. The GG needs to offer the job to someone else before any election can be called. I must have gotten old. Amoral times.

Harper the hypocrite

Law and order PM teaches civic lesson on first day of school: laws are made to broken, especially if you make them.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Harper, lawbreaker to be

Wow what a principled man, makes a law and is now about to break it because he's not getting his way, poor baby. Resign you gutless weasel.

McCain-Bush Frum fruckery

According to David Frum on CBC radio this morning George W's 'best speechwriter" is now working for McCain. Which means that the lyingist liar of the them all gets to 'occupy' McCain's soul for his new batch of untruths on behalf of the Ratking he and they serve.