Monday, September 8, 2008

The Charter and Harper

Had these thoughts while blogging at the Guelph Mercury: the King-Byng Affair altered the relationship between the Royal Guelphs via their crown representatives - their GG's - and throughout all National Legislations in the emerging British Commonwealth, and while the consequences of K-B removed offshore authority and transformed it into a formal mechanism for dissolving parliament, the fact remains that when Queen Elizabeth - the reigning Royal Guelph - signed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, she made the Canadian people sovereign before the law - individually and collectively. In our parliament now the GG is governed by a governing council, who themselves have become a formality in the protocol of parliamentary dissolution. And yet, both GG and GC's remain useful representative: they are there to guarantee that the rule of law remains when governments change. Both Council and GG should be there to mediate four year parliaments, to negotiate and support the creation of both minority and majority governments by ensuring smooth transitions between coalition cabinets - cabinets in which ministerial post allotments are based on proportional representation as ordained by the votes of a sovereign Canadians in the previous election. Queen Elizabeth, Trudeau, the federal Parliament and the majority of Provinces took power from legislators (and bureaucrats) and gave it us. This election is illegal by Harper's own law, therefor it is a violation of our charter rights. The Supreme Court should - if not stop this election - then at least warn the PM - that he has violated our rights - and then let him finish the election, facing us.

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