Monday, September 8, 2008

Harper's Triple Blind

What Harper can't see is that when there was a PC leader & a Reform Party leader; when there was a PC leader & an Alliance leader, we got to listen to both on tv debates; we could see & hear that the PC's were different than Reform-Alliance; and because we got to listen to both debates we now know for certain what is lacking in the present Conservative Party: progressive thought. The unprincipled behaviour is all too human. I'd sit down with Preston Manning before I would with Harper. For the PM is also blind to what is apparent to me: Liberals & Greens are different parties; their leaders hold different views on various matters, albeit the Liberal Party has baggage as well as an unfinished Just Society to build. Both are prepared to do something with green science & taxation, they will free individual enterprise from neo-corporatism, while Harper blinds himself to science without a sound theology to sustain him. He prays the oil men, pharmaceuticals, agribusinesses, bankers & republican Bush Leaguers can keep the dark forces of his rush flowing. Layton is in danger of following suit,albeit with different demons but neither May and Dion have those kinds of temptations. That's why I trust them, there's no time for demons. Besides which, Harper needs the power rush so badly he shares it with great reluctance, while Layton, the Greens, this version of the Liberals and even the Bloc are much more collegial, they know how to share.

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