Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harper 's Mandate ?

What mandate ? The majority of the electorate voted against him last time and they will again. Don't you Conservatives get it, we think he's a weasel. He says he's done more in three years than anyone could have. Absolutely, he's turned Canada from being a respected world speaker into a mascot for the international Bush League. That's called followership not leadership, and you can climb into the handbasket again with him all you want, because we're not catching the hell bound train with you or him or your republican advisors.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tough on Crime

It's time for Canadians to get tough on crime and insist that if Americans demand the right to place themselves beyond the reach of international law, then they need to vigorously enforce their own constitution. Bush and Cheney are criminals by all standards, petty and profound, and if Americans don't deal with them then the rest of the world must.

Harper - Leadership ?

So, our Bush League cheerleader PM is campaigning on his leadership abilities ! Steve-o is neck and neck with George W in the race to become the last man on the planet to notice the environmental disaster heading our way. His leadership style is that of a one man policy wonk who works solely for the interests of corporate Canada, that most treasonous and treacherous of all sectors of the political economy: he's a republican conservative who helped destroy genuine Canadian conservativism, and his only international ally is on his way to disgrace and impeachment for his many crimes against humanity. Harper is just one more phony law and order con man who works for some of the most highly organized criminals on the planet. The majority of Canadians voted against him last time, and they will again.