Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harper: the anti-democrat

I still have a hard time believing that a man who came to power promising democratic reform, could turn out to be such an utter hypocrite, and still have the support of the people who voted him. Clearly the Reform movement really was just a front for Alberta's oil industry, and clearly the Harrisite Reactionaries who form the core of the coalition party is now the Great Con, never were democrats. But somewhere along the way, probably listening to Preston Manning talking to Peter Gzowski on Morningside, I got the impression that the reformers actually wanted a more vigourous democracy. One thing is clear, if it hadn't been for Gzowski, Manning would never have reached a national audience, so any right wingers who are happy with their lot in life these days, should thank the CBC, because they gave you this chance to prove how much contempt for democracy you people really had all along.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hiding behind soliders wasn't working

so Harper has gone to hide beyond the Olympics. I say we let the world know the majority of Canadians did not vote for this man. Get out the vote from 2008, let us tell them he was our last choice. And that only a minority supports him.

Friday, December 18, 2009

US, China, India, South Africa reach an almost deal

more like an agreement to disagree about an international cap and trade economy run by Wall Street investment bankers, China said no thanks, I say, bully for China. Step and Fetch Obama, the premier politician representing the interest of the American petroligarchy, met with Premier of China and co, and waved some money figures around that will only sort of help before things start going really wrong on the planet. And yet I feel more hope now than if a deal had been struck. Somewhere in the series of blogs and commentaries I've traveled around in the last few months I came to realize that I shared something common with people I regard as extreme right, namely the view that an international cap and trade economy would be bad news indeed. To them, it's bad news because they think it's a socialist plot of the green movement. I think they're wrong in every part of their analysis except their instinct that there is something dangerous in a globally institutionalized cap and trade system. To them it's an attempt by the left to create a global state, while to me it's corporate socialism, because that's the end game of corporatism: like Roman imperialism: corporatists want to manage humanity as a resource, like the planet, their goal is to be free to use people as commodities, exploitable, expendable, tradeable.
The carbon tax on the other hand is just a consumption tax, it doesn't require an international carbon-credit trade manageriate to administer it, a straight carbon tax won't lead to global racketeering.
The UN just announced that 380 billion dollars worth of narcotics profit was money-laundered through international financial markets over the last year. My guess is Bersculoni's encouragement to Italian nationals around the world led the mobs to use the one time no-questions-asked transferring of accounts from foreign banks to Italian ones in 2009.
Gangster capitalism bought a good chunk of the world's assets at recession fire-sale prices: their merger with global corporatism is now complete, or would be, if China wasn't standing in their way.


A year ago Canada had a chance to side with the angels, but the corporate media ensured that never happened, by refusing to delve deeply into the various and countless hypocrisies of Stephen Harper, we are left with our ineffectual and much hated PM slumping around Denmark wasting more tax payer dollars, about the only thing Harper excels at besides secrecy and lies. Cap and Trade is a scam, because the people who will benefit the most are the investment bankers/racketeers, who just engaged in a series of shakedowns of the global economy, it's almost a good thing no real deal was reached in Copenhagen.
It's been a funny ride, finding myself agreeing with climate change deniers about what a global cap and trade system really is, but then, my central thesis is that the Cold War was essentially a merger between gangster capitalists and global corporatists. The UN made an announcement on Dec 13 that 350 billion dollars worth of organized crime narcotics profits were so successfully money-laundered in the last year that the funds actually helped stabilize the global meltdown. To me, there was no meltdown. it was shakedown, and most of the 'honest' people were shaken out of the money tree. A cap and trade deal would have created a new racket of global proportions: a corporatist coup was prevented, a massive international manageriate was avoided.
Dion's Green Shift Carbon tax was supported by 140 of Canada's top economists during the last election for a reason: it was simpler, more direct and more effective, Ignatieff was one of the first Libs to promote the idea, but now he too backs cap and trade. The Green Party of course maintains the Carbon Tax in its policy.
The failure in Copenhagen was multi-faceted. Harper's failure to be of any use looks good on him, but bad on Canada: the idea that a green economy can't outstrip the value of the petroligarch's century old governing model was a tedious tune but one he kept playing. What the mayors of Canadian cities and the Premiers of Quebec and Ontario proved was that the federal government isn't necessary for Canadians to take genuine action, although that too is a reality that unfortunately plays into Mr. Harper's main agenda, bankrupting the national government, so that when it comes time to pay down the national debt he created, he can have a fire sale of Canadian assets, there will be lots of good deals for the privateering friends of the Con coalition, because they want corporate socialism. At the same time, the failure of Copenhagen means untold misery, of a scale that doesn't require belief in climate change for large groups of people to discover what's going to happen: the senior citizens who supported Harper in the last election have helped condemn their own grandchildren to a very dark future. Let them die in the knowledge of what they did, or in ignorance, either way, the shit will hit the fan whether they believe in fans or shit.
There was talk that the Chinese only sent their premier, while the Americans sent their president, but Obama isn't much more than a premier himself, the president of Goldman Sachs stayed home too, the American congress has been bought and sold by big business, the Yes We Can campaign was a lie, Obama is just an extension of the Bush League, a step and fetch boy for the military industrial complex that so worried Eisenhauer. The winter of our discontent is upon us.
And yet, I see a glimmer of hope, it doesn't lie in politics, except the politics of the personal, we don't need big business, we don't need big government, we need one another, we need communities of action, we need a revolution based on a revelation about the inter-relatedness of personal and common good. Insurance companies began their existences as Mutual Benefit Societies. That is the essence of Green ideology: we are symbiotic lifeforms living on a symbiotic planet, Social Darwinism is a lie and we must now move beyond it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tories: everything on the public's dime

Never before has a governing party spent more of the tax payers dime for their own benefits than have the Harpercons, this time it's chaffeurs and paid overtime. I've been a diplomatic chauffeur (consul general of Pakistan back in 1984 or so) and I know there's a lot of sitting around, and extended hours, but the Harpercons, have - as in all things, taken their own sense of privilege to new heights. No taxi cabs across a few streets for these spend-alls, in fact, they really are fiscal conservatives at all: they are more like Lords of the Land, disdaining accountability and thrift.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christian Conservative Hypocrisy

I know the Christian Conservative is desperate to turn the channel away from the degree of shame the Conservative Party is heaping on itself in Copenhagen and over the Afghan detainee file, so much so that he thinks the photo-shopped Harper-Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby pic is equal to the crimes against humanity the cons are trying to conceal, but the fact is the image itself was removed from the Liberal website almost immediately, a staffer was disciplined for allowing it on the site, and the party apologized, quite UNLIKE what the conservatives did when they photo-shopped a picture of Dion surrounded by bullet holes that was posted on the main party website, and kept up for a week, no apology was ever issued, and no staffers were ever disciplined: there is no hypocrite like a conservative Christian, and now that I've posted this, my blog will be bombarded by spam comments, sent from heaven knows exactly where.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Telecom Co

brought to you by a Tory insider, who got Tony Clement to overturn a CRTC ruling on behalf of his clients.

Associated Press analyzes stolen e-mails

The "Climategate" emails stolen by Russian secret police/mafiya on behalf of the petroleum industry in an effort to scupper a deal at Copenhagen have been analyzed by the respected Associated Press and found to contain nothing that undermines global warming science. Surprise. Got to love the merger of global corporatism and gangster capitalism, always trying to do their worst for everyone but themselves.

Associated Press ananlyze

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Former Ambassadors not Happy with Cons

This is fascinating, looks like the wheels are coming off the Con that used to roll over everything and everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Climategate email burglars

The real story here, is not the phony spin being played around the world on the alleged content and interpretation of the emails, (which don't prove anything like what the climate change deniers say they prove) no, the real question here, is who ordered the break-in ? Who is the Nixon in this ? The theft had been traced to a server in Siberia, raising the spectre of the involvement of the Russian secret service, or the Russian mafiya, which are pretty much the same thing these days . Nothing quite like right wing neo-corporatist attack-dogs being unleashed by Russian mobsters: the fascists of North America join forces with the fascists of Russia in an attempt to prevent the sustainability of the commons and the common-law of the planet: this is a coup by gangster capitalists and global corporatists designed to ensure that oligarch privateer/pirates retain control of dwindling resources. If the attack dogs think they'll be rewarded in the long run, then they are fools: the forces against acting on climate change are people fully prepared to seize control of water and food resources, these are people like those who poisoned Bhopal and never gave a shit: these are people who - while the climate deteriorates - are fully prepared to watch the peoples of the world die off in the billions, including the attack-dogs who collude with them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Climategate" 2

So all the world's right wing media and political nutbars have jumped onboard the skeptical bandwagon, even the CBC described the release of 3000 emails as a leak, when it was in fact a theft, a theft that then became a massive, well-financed message based on nothing much in the actual emails, or at least nothing according to Elizabeth May who read them all. What she found is a tale of hard-working scientists trying to understand data sources such as old seawater temperature readings that dated back to tests that steamship boiler operators did before putting the water into the boiler, nuances about the differences in temperatures between water carried in buckets to the boiler and water carried in canvas bags, so concerns about messaging data" raised by the skeptics turn into interesting quirks of science and history.
Climategate is probably the only 'gate' scandal that actually parallels Watergate, the original 'gate', in fact the path from that Climategate has more depth as a burglary and coverup story, than it has as a science coverup. Watergate was a right wing break in of a liberal/democratic office, but where Watergate was a physical crime, Climategate is an electronic crime, committed by those prepared to lie about what they found. The 3000 emails, by May's reading, are innocent of the crimes being screamed at their authors by the skeptics. I personally don't think for a minute that the corporate sponsors of this break-in disbelieve the science, I think they want more time to buy up all the arable land and potable water, the old central methodology of capitalism: exploitation of resources: human, and otherwise, without necessity of ethics, motivated by profit. Climategate needs to be solved all right: we need to know who the thieves and liars and moneymen are. That's the real story here, and the CBC if no one else should start telling it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Vol 3 not ready for Christmas

It has taken me quite awhile to understand how to write Volume 3. It will be released in two parts in the new year, successively, part two nearer the spring. I will be reprinting Vols. 1 and 2, unrevised before Christmas. It had been my intention to revise them along with the release of 3, but this is as is. I will have an errata bookmark available, especially as regards their being two Domenic Longos, not one as v. 1 and 2 suggest, the two are Frank Longo's brother in Guelph, and Frank's son, who was Papalia's 1980's Californian advisor mentioned in Adrian Humphrey's The Enforcer (my source). Domenic Longo, the so-called third "old Don of Ontario" alongside Tony Silvestro and Giacomo Luppino is a composite person, possibly created by Humphreys or the police. Frank's brother was interned during WWII, Frank's son advised Papalia not to kill Iannuzzelli for running his own rackets in Niagara Falls. Louis Iannuzzelli lived until a few days after that Domenic Longo died in 1985.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peter MacKay, war criminal ?

A PM has a modus operandi for both Canadians and parliament, which has been to create a climate of lies, obfuscation, bluster and bullying and then stand back and smile that insipid smirk of his. His contempt for parliament, his contempt for the mjaority of voters who voted against hi, makes it clear that he is just the kind of guy who would, upon election in 2006, go rushing to join the Bush League in order to make Canada more like the America Harper loves - home of fundamentalist reactionaries whose "my country right or wrong" ideology has been emulated by his cohort of Tory thugs and Christian/capitalists (Cristian/capitalism are mutually exclusive terms, since you can't fuse a theology of 'love your brother', with an ideology of exploit your brother, and still hope to create a functioning community.) Conservative Christians and neo-corporatists are precisely the kind of people who end up turning blind eyes to torture, especially if they're Muslims, and have vast oil reserves to be exploited. The rush to be respected by Bush League Pentagonians, the precise group of people that Eisenhauer warned the world against, had probably led the Harpercons into crimes against humanity, crimes which will eventually be uncovered by the international crimal tribunal. Peter MacKay, he whose word was worthless even before he rushed to join the Bush League, is so intent on hiding the truth from the Canadian people, that the more he and Mad Dog Baird bare their teeth and howl and moan and groan and otherwise spew their hypocrisy all over Parliament, the more obvious it is they have some very deeply troubling facts that they are trying to hide. As Jesus said, the truth will set you free. When, as all the evidence - of everyone but those involved in the coverup points to - finally leads to the truth about what it is they so desperately want kept concealed, it won't matter what Canadians think because this will be played out in front of the world: they are a more virulent form of the Con practiced by Lyin Brian Mulroney. Those of us however, the majority, who voted against the Harpercons precisely because of our fears of this kind of Bush League leadership, may be vindicated, but don't expect those who elected him,to share our sense of shame, as already noted, they're big believers in "my party, right or wrong." And for Bible-believers, there issn't a single one of them who possess an Ezra spirit, the spirit that led the man who led the Jews back to Israel from captivity in Babylon, to apologize for the crimes and sins of Israel that weakened them enough to end up captives. The Harpercons have led us to Babylon, they don't know the way back to Promised Land, their religious hypocrisy makes them blind to the way back.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Whatever the excesses of the particular scientists involved in the series of emails involved in the theft of private correspondence now known as Climategate, the fact remains that every national science academy on the planet knows that climate change is happening. As for 'global cooling', it's caused by an effect called "dimming" in which atmospheric pollution reflects sunlight, and thus heat, back into space before it reaches the surface of the planet, it's a phenomena that wasn't understood until relatively recently, although it was first noticed in the 1950's near the Maldive Islands, where extreme pollution from Asia, meets the relatively clean airs of the south Pacific. Without telling us so, dimming is the major cause of the data differences so loved by those advocating for the corporate socialists who want to run the planet for a profit while exploiting everyone and everything thing they can without conscience. It's part of the merger of gangster capitalism and global corporatism (formerly known as fascism.) Dimming, far from being a cause for celebration, is actually making things worse. The "scandal" now known as Climategate is a public relations scam, paid for by corporations whose plans to control every aspect of the world's food and drinking water, are being threatened by the democracy inherent in green political philosophy. Climategate is a well-financed effort to undermine Copenhagen and the efforts to salvage the planet for more than those who support what is in essence a geo-political seizure of power by corporate socialists. Climategate is a massive marketing item in which Big Business is opening the payola floodgates to their journalist-stooges in the corporate owned medium (which is to say, most of the media on the planet). It is now producing its own dimming effect, a dumbing down of science discourse, by championing scientists who have been paid by corporate socialists to discredit the politics of climate change, as if it was genuine science instead of propaganda. Generally speaking, modern science is a whore at the best of times, committed to servicing those who pay, climate change science was an exception to that rule. Now, the corporations are fighting back. And it's not because the corporations don't believe global warming is happening, it's because they are intent on taking advantage of the situation when things start to really go wrong.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cdn Italians Interned In WW2

The attempt to bury the truth about fascism in the Italian Canada community during WW2 has made a reappearance in parliament, and not unsurprisingly it is conservative proposal designed to also hide the truth about Conservative fascism before the war. The Italians who were interred were fascists, even the mobsters were fascists, their whole ideology is fascist and still is. There should be no compensation. they sought the overthrow of the Canadian government in order to derail the war effort so that the overthrow of Britain would follow. If you want to read a detailed assessment of the issue, written by Italians and Italo-Canadian historians, read The Enemy Within. This whole issue is a disgrace. They were guilty. The Conservatives were guilty. There were about 650 Italians interned out of a population of 125,000 or so Canadese at the time. Mussolini's vice-consuls replaced the leadership of every social club in Canada with fascists, so more of them, not fewer, should have been interned. The most powerful of them were left alone to help form the Italian part of the core of George Drew's neo-fascism post-war conservativism. Veterans groups should be outraged. Mulroney tried to bury the history of Conservative fascism by apologizing to Italian Canadians who had been interned, and now, yet another, even more right wing government is trying to bury the past in it's endless efforts to unite the right. As for Quebec in all this, it had a fascist government until 1960.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harper enroute

to the parade of right wing buffoons that includes these two.

Harper gets off pot and stench roils out

Harper finally got off his pot and went abroad to find right wing allies at home, only to discover that while he's been away making deals with reactionary business interests in India, the stench of what was in the conservative pot began to waft through parliament and down the hill and into the streets of Canada. Even CTV and the Duffy Del Mastro dynamic duo can't put the king of pork back on his barrel, and nor can the Bush League backer of torture and deregulated capitalism come home and hide the rot at the root of Canadian conservatism because the smell of death can't be concealed by climbing back on his pot in the shithole he has made of the Canadian House of Commons.

Afghan Con Corruption

Cannon says the rule of law governs our relations with Afghanistan while knowingly attending the swearing in of a corruptly re-elected President, a man who represents those who routinely received prisoners from Canadian soldiers before torturing them before 2007. Cannon wasn't boss of the file then, because in 2006 these crimes against humanity were committed under the leadership of his predecessor Peter - my word is worthless - MacKay. Somebody say amen to the last inning of the Canadian Bush League.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Canada: least corrupt nation in the Americas

Until Stephen Harper and the Reform-Con coalition gets through with us.

Tory Hate Mail $6 million and climbing

Tory mailouts on the taxpayers dime that do nothing but spread partisan vitriol across the country have escalated at a rate greater than ever seen before. Put it in the same category as Harpercons - the biggest pork barreling machine in the history of Canada, use every source of tax dollars to attack, attack attack. Does anyone remember when this reform con coalition stood for something ?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harpercon Global. Inc

Soon the great corporatist crusader will set off on his world tour to unite militarists, bankers and right wing political operatives and so mastermind the end of liberal free enterprise. Harper admitted in Sudbury that these are not times for conservative economics, except he's wrong, these times are when conservative economics are being practised on the grand scale: this is the consequence of Reagan unifying global corporatism and gangster capitalism. Our "Wall" must come down now. Global corporatism must be unchartered, and a cooperative commonwealth created in Canada, based not on statism, but on credit unionism: citizen-members, our taxes, become mutually beneficial fees between members, where bureaucrats are employees,from cleaners to senior management,and where politicians are directors of the board elected by local members, to do things for the greatest common benefit and so rise all ships on the tide that will then be unleashed and we create a world economy where business is personal, rooted in partnerships and associations, commercialism that retains limited liability, in an attempt to consciously create responsible government ie. the greatest equal liberty for the survival of humanity.

Harper the follower

Gutless to nth degree, a climate change denier of the first order, Stephen Harper has no leadership skills except cunning and malice.

Khadr: child soldiers/invasion armies and justice

So a fifteen year old boy, living in a country that has just been invaded, surrounded by his dead relations and neighbours, may have killed some of the invaders during an attack. This case is a disgrace. Harper is a disgrace for doing nothing, for turning his back on injustice of the highest order. Every American war and cowboy or cops and robbers movie ever made would be on the side of the fifteen year old who tried to fight of the invaders. American justice is a travesty, their democracy is a travesty, and Harper is a gutless buffoon hoping Obama tanks and some right wing reactionary like himself seizes the government.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What I remember on remembrance day is all the lies and political machinations of non-democratic forces inside our own culture and societies that create the scenarios around which our "leaders" lead men and and women down a garden path to slaughter, I remember the dead who died fighting for one thing, in wars designed to combat very different outcomes than the ones promoted by propaganda. Over one hundred years of oil geo-politics, in support of the long march towards corporate hegemony around the world. That's what I remember. The greatest democracy on the planet is a farce as a democracy, when 44% of Congress are millionaires, they work for the rich, not the poor or the middle class. Here in Canada, conservatives aided and abetted the rise of fascism and ensured the decimation of Protestant Canadians who went off to fight the monster their own masters had help create. Iraq and Afghanistan, wars of humiliation and subjugation in the name of oil and religious crusading are still masked as wars of liberation. Soldiers appear to be the easiest people in the world to lie to. They go off to fight in the newest crusade for democracy, while here in Canada our own democracy is a fraud, we have a Prime Minister who is hated by most of the country, and yet he gets to rule us. Jesus advised us that the greatest thing someone can do is to die in the place of another, I'm just not sure he meant dying for the rich who have as much chance of entering the kingdom of heaven as a camel does passing through the eye of a needle. He also didn't say anything about killing to ensure the profits of oil companies, bankers and arms dealers, which pretty much explains all the wars of the 20th century.
But I do remember the dead, with great sadness, because most of them march off to die in the name of great causes. If only the causes weren't whitewashed and the real truth disguised with smoke and mirrors. If more people lived for great causes, maybe we wouldn't need so many dying for false ones. I remember the dead because they were betrayed long before they marched off to war. I remember their sacrifice, because it is manipulated, twisted and pointed at the next generation just like Jason Kenney is doing now with the new Canadian Citizenship guide: be prepared to die for the next lie.

It's not surprising Cons won in rural Quebec

For nearly twenty years Quebec was a fascist state, and there are still lot of reactionaries in that province, The Bloc Quebecois is far more progressive than many parts of that province, and large numbers in that province pine for a return to corporatism and social authoritarian governance. Harper has a natural home among them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Coach to Senator to Shill for the Con

Stephen brings out the liar in all his people.

44% of American Congressmen are millionaires

If you want to know why 1% of America controls the other 99% look no further than the fact that nearly half of Washington's politicos are millionaires. Healthcare for the poor, let them eat cake, bank regulations to protect the middle classes and the poor, fuck em. That nation is a disgrace, it's certainly not a democracy, with individual congressmen acting as nothing more than wholly owned subsidiaries of the super rich.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Firearms Commisioner's report

Available here.

More fakery with help from friends

Harper's first Little Help from My Friends photo sent by PMO intentionally misleading.

Duffy skewered

The former phony journalist turned Con man's senator gets what he deserves.

Tory long gun law and order hypocrisy

The removal of the long gun registry is just one more example of the total lack of strategic thinking on the part of the Con's. They really don't have a vision, what they have are a series of nightmares, all of them involving ways to destroy progressivism in Canada, and replace it with pure reactionary lack of common sense.
The registry should have been fixed, not removed. Law and order, just like Mike Harris and the murder of Dudley George: they don't want to obey laws themselves, they just want everyone else to do what they say: it's social authoritarianism on the grand scale, but implemented piece meal, because the majority of Canadians reject the very premise of social authoritarian politics.

Phony former journalist calls kettle black

Mike Duffy, who apparently spent most of the last few years of his career fighting for the Conservative cause and undoing any respect he had for his craft and sullen art, thinks an elected NDP MP is a fake while the the discredited former journalist and current Tory Flack, has spent the last three months pork barreling around the country on the public dime. Mike Duffy probably spent the last three months arranging the marriage between CTV and the Tory party.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming soon: guns galore

Con's going to rid of the pesky gun registry that the police like so much, and we'll soon be up to our yin ying in untraceable stolen rifles.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not so prepared

Apparently, according to the auditor general, there is reason for concern about the Harper government's preparedness. She doesn't say so, but it has to do with their being reactionaries, who can't actually plan to be prepared, because their natural inclinations are to react with a lot of bluster of the kind that John Baird excels at, and only then go looking for solutions, which is kind of how Harper does everything. He looks stunned for awhile, but after a bit he shows that great leadership of his, makes a decision, and then follows someone else's plan.

H1N1 man-made in 1950

This is a virus strain that was created in a labratory in 1950, and reappeared in 1977.
This historical overview by a virologist details it's roots.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Con's only real agenda item

The destruction of the Liberal Party.

The Marriage between the Tories and CTV

MP MacKay to marry CTV news executive. His oath to David Orchard wasn't worth much, but making himself the Man of the Conservative Television Network, for now appears to coincide with both his fiance's and Harper's agendas.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

66% of Canadians oppose Harper

As the new Angus Reid poll suggests two thirds of Canadians still can't stand Harper after more than 4 years in office.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tory Incompetence

in three boxes. 'Here's the stimulus details you wanted; we don't actually have a clue what the big picture is, but hey, we're just the government, who knows what we've being doing, we don't, so figure out this mess for us, will you ?' Bush League.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CTV complaint to ETHICS probe

Fucking eh, I say, about time, one Fox News is enough.
Time to play hardball and blast their Bush League spin out of the park.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sub Prime Time Bomb

Have the Conservatives created a sub prime time bomb, by using the CHMC to do in Canada what the American banks did in the US ?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

CTV Falling Apart

The Conservative Television propaganda machine is falling apart, and it's about time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harper's fundamentalist jihad

Excellent analysis of the Christian heresy that underlies Harper's Canadian-style jihad against liberalism, socialism, feminism, homosexuality and all things despised by Bush League social authoritarians. Which is why Harper doesn't mind lying, cheating, and otherwise playing malicious hardball with his enemies: the end justifies the means for Christian fundamentalists.

Torture denials continue

Despite the fact that General Hillier says in his new book that he told Ottawa that prisoners were being tortured in Afghanistan, Peter MacKay, the king of NOva Scoatia pork barrel, continues to deny he knew anything.

Stimulus bagmen

Or to how to buy Ontario one rink at a time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CTV has clip proving Baird was lying

Baird was waving those cheques around yesterday like a frantic lunatic because he was lying, there were no Liberal logos or signatures on them. CTV had a clip of Tom Clark proving, only the clip has already been removed. Senator Duffy sanitizing the universe again.

Pork Barrel Suprem

Finally, journalists at work, the infrastructure program was a massive pork barrel scheme, the government's lies about it are a massive propaganda scandal, and the cheque-scam is just the icing on the cake.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Deficit Jim Does it Again

When the wheels were falling off the Lack of Common Sense Revolution in Ontario way back when, Deficit Jim Flaherty hid a $5.6 billion deficit, and left it for Dalton McGuinty to find, and today, now Deficit Jim has announced another $5.8 Billion dollar deficit, this time for Canada, an improvement you might think, he's gotten more honest, he's not hiding it, but you have to add the $12 billion surplus that the Reform Con Coalition Party frittered away to get the real picture of a $17.8 billion dollar loss. Reform-Con, a Coalition Party Canadians can't afford.

Peter MacKay, incompetent

MacKay, whose word to David Orange meant nothing when he abandoned Progressivism to join the Reform-Con Coalition Party, apparently didn't read any of the 16 memos warning the government that Afghan prisoners were being tortured, nor did Stockwell Day read any of the memos, in fact, they accused the Liberals of lying about torture, well the PC party of Lyin Brian may have gone down the tubes thanks to MacKay's lack of character, but the memos are real, the lies were Reform-Con lies, and some day, MacKay is going to pay for his lack of character and competence.

Harper's open government

For a guy who campaigned on open-ness, accountability and democratic reform, Stephen Harper sure loves, secrecy, silence and old style backroom politics.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Torture Smorture

Harper knew Afghan prisoners were being tortured by the corrupt government of Karzai long before he stopped lying about it. Stephen must have been child who lied a lot, and then covered up his lies with more lies. Somehow, Harper escaped his childhood without having learned that you don't need to lie about everything. I think he was sexually abused myself, I think that's why he's addicted to lies, he doesn't want the truth to come out, ever. It's probably why he became a fundamentalist Christian, the shame gets taken away, and then you start thinking you'll always be given enough grace to hide the lie you live.

New American Revolution

The revolt against corporate capitalism is about to intensify on Oct 27 starting in Chicago.
"Now is the winter of our discontent..." The answer is clear, de-charter the corporate economy from these large-bodied, small-brained predators. Free Enterprise Now. Put ethics back in economics, end the exploitation that is the soul of capitalism: democracy, one person, one vote, no Big Brother government or We Say So Corporations, gut the beast, now.


Harper lies again. "It only happened once", and Tim Powers on CTV can't even admit the fact that they are breaking the law, again and again and again. What is it about law and order party's that makes them not only lie about crime rates to scare seniors, but makes them break the law so much, Mike Harris did it all the time: it's the Bush League again, control the media, and you can lie as much as you like.
Stephen Harper: too small for Canada.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deconstructing Conservtaive Lies about Stimulus

Yet another main stream article deconstructing Conservative lies, this one about Nova Scotia stimulus spending.

Deconstructing Conservative lies about Crime

This article does what journalists should be doing every day, deconstructing the Conservative lie machine, It's what journalism should do, and no longer does. Harper gets away with murder on the lie front, because corporate journalism doesn't care whether he's lying or not. In this article, every plank of the Tory crime platform is shown to be the lie it is.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Structural Deficits

The Reformatories real game plan in all this is to put Canada so deep in debt that if they win a majority, then can do what they've always wanted to do: sell off the country's assets to corporate interests. By the time they're done in four years, there won't be a Canada, there will just be a string of provinces in the same boat as Alberta, wholly owned subsidiaries of the oligarchy. If they were genuine democratic reformers they would have done something to reform Canadian democracy, but they're corporatists, pure and simple, they want less government, and more owned enterprise (as opposed to free enterprise.)

Is Captalism UnChristian ?

Of course it is. It is based on exploitation of people in weaker positions than you are, corporations have no conscience to bind them to ethical treatment of others, they are literally raping the planet's resources; their efforts to control water involve some of the most amoral behaviours imaginable. It's a giant mask for demonic activity.
and fundamentalist Christians, in supporting capitalism, prove they are involved in one of the worst heresies in the history of faith. The are Mammon worshippers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harper lies again about

deficits, patronage appointments, government spending on Conservative self-promotion, Afghanistan, the nature of parliamentary democracy etc etc tec.

Harper lies again

Calling all internet users, let's make the phrase "Harper lies again" the number one Google search return any time anyone searches for Harper.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Worthington so wrong

You can't defeat the Taliban by more soldiers and building more reconstruction projects for the simple reason that the Taliban aren't the problem: the War Lords run that country as they have done for centuries. Afghanistan is on the ancient Spice Road, the Caravan route that Marco Polo took to get to China, way back when. The war lords are master black marketeers, they deal in drugs and arms and everything else, they are gangsters and they control their turf in the most time-honoured and brutal fashions. They play NATO like a game between minor league Tykes and NHL players. It's not an Islamic Nation, it's a tribally divided narco state that uses religion to suppress its women and keep everyone else in line. Worthington is wrong, again.

Opium in Alberta

The best way to defeat the war lords who control the drug trade, the Taliban, Karzai and the success or failure of the mission in Afghanistan is to establish opium as a cash crop in Alberta. Make it the source of the world's opium, and the war lords go broke. Heroin and morphine and other opium derivatives would make Alberta the first choice source for all drug dealers in North America. Of course, the new Alberta war lords will still be tied into the oil industry and the rest of the military industrial complex but what a great plan. Why go green, when you can go Alberta 'brown', or Wild Rose 'white'.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harper's next report card

You just gotta know that there will be as many lies in this report, as many lies as the Provincial Liberals inherited from Flaherty, as many lies as there will be corrections made almost immediately by parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page's report on Flaherty's figures. The Con goes on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liberalism and Faith

Liberalism is the protestant impulse to personal relationship with the divine.
The Haisidic enthusiasm for spirit at play. It is the individual rejoicing, repenting, reinventing. Faith Groups however, are often not Faith based but law - fundament - based, social authoritarians using the language of faith but denying the grace they receive by denying others grace before their law. Liberalism is catholic personalism: Trudeau and the Defender of the Faith, Queen Elizabeth, signing a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, making each citizen and visitor a sovereign member of an Eternal Crown. It is not Faith that Liberalism has no time for, it is the law forcefully placed before grace by hypocrites, that and a rabid evangelical republican heresy ramped up on the airwaves by dollar spinning, war-mongering, planet-denying anti-Edenists.
Liberalism gives the prophet courage to speak before the mob, the impulse to self within Self. David's heart led him to liberal excesses, and still he was declared "a man after God's own heart." Every heart has a Provident code of it's own and doesn't need social authoritarian deceivers of the elect to tell truth from lies.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Worthless Worthington

This man has been leaking right wing bilge like a sewer for four decades, the worst American president is the last one, George W. Bush, a criminal, Carter is decent human being, Bush isn't even that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And now we get More Mulroney lies

Now that the Great Con fete celebrating the achievements of Lyin' Brian Mulroney - the only PM who may have told more lies than Stephen Harper - has unfolded tonight as Brian planned, And now we should expect an endless revisionist attempt to make him into our Ronald Reagan - the neo-corporatist who put and end to communism by sinking the American economy under debt so deep he most Americans couldn't even see him giving the wealth of the American middle class to his big business friends: Reagan also traded drugs for arms during Iran-Contra and then lived to have the corporate media rate him as the Greatest President ever. Mulroney is really more like Nixon, a conniving liar with a deep hard-right personal learning curve rooted in post-war Quebecois fascism.
My favourite Mulroney moment was after he tried to get George Bush Sr to appoint him as head of the UN and the ENTIRE country howled our outrage that the master of corruption had been pulled out of the hole into which the Canadian people had flung him and was being dusted off for his reward by the capitalist pillagers who think democracy is a game in which they get to play with our lives. Scumroney I used to call him, still sounds about right.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trudeau's computer stolen

Watergate time again, Tricky Steve sent some young Tory out to see what he could find by stealing Justin Trudeau's computer is my guess.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bullshit from the Edmonton Journal

The failure is Mr. Harper's and Harper's alone, a real leader would inspire people to follow, Harper would rather kill off his enemies in parliament than seek mutual ways and means of creaing a more just society.

More Afghani madness

A student who was condemned to death for promoting women's rights has been freed, only the Afghan parliament is condemning the fact that he wasn't executed. Why are we helping these hateful people ?

Nanos polls for change

The most recent Nanos Poll appears to have captured a huge mood for a change in government. "Harper Re-election Question: Some people think that Stephen Harper has done a good enough job to deserve re-election. Others think that he has had his chance and it is time for a change. Which of these two opinions best reflects your personal view?
* Time for a change 58.5%
* Deserves re-election 31.9%
* Unsure 9.5%"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Harper not Minority Gov the Problem

The problem isn't minority government, the problem is the guy in charge. The failures of this parliament are the failures of Stephen Harper. He really doesn't play or work well with others. He should be fired, but since our system doesn't allow that anymore, we need an election to get rid of him.

The Incompetent John Baird

Mad Dog Baird is too busy lying about Canadian democracy and other acts of partisan malice to notice a multi-million dollar scandal going on in his own department.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


to teach a lesson you must first have learnt one, social-authoritarian lessons by national governments, are national socialist: consider grassharper, unions standing with corporations to ensure the survival of the most exploitative system of political economy the world has ever endured, Reagonomics, Harpernonmics, Jackanomics, will all soon be dust. Grassharper, teach a wiser lesson or leave the path of teaching to the wise.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Harrisite Harpercons and debt

Harris left the Ontario economy a mess, and now the federal cons have left an even bigger mess, one they lied about again and again and again, and we know exactly how they would pay off the debt - corporatize Canadian assets by selling off the commons to their privateering friends. Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harpercons lie again

Budget Watchdog Kevin Page has been right every time and the Harpercons have been wrong every time, now Page is right about the Lib's EI costs and the Cons keep lying. Stephen Harper, too small for Canada.

Afghanistani democracy

Fraud, that's why our soldiers are dying, so we can support our hand-picked puppet who has so clearly practiced large scale fraud during the election that civil society is decades away, as is any chance of repealing Karzai's law allowing the rape of Afghani wives by their husbands. What a sordid mess. At least the oil is is flowing, and the poppies. Drugs and oil, fraud and rape, what a recipe, what a cause worth dying for...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Recession isn't over

not for the real working class, few of whom vote conservative.

Kenney makes an ass of himself

He's speaking of the NDP, that mushy left-social democracy party “It's a party of hard-core left-wing ideologues. … It's not like a moderate, centre-left party. These folks, they drink their own Kool-Aid right? So I don't think we can see a realistic arrangement with the NDP.” They drink their own Kool-Aid right? As in Ken Kesey and the Electric Kool-Aid Acid test ? Wink wink nudge nudge, their policies come from taking too much acid... Kenney, lawsuit, fucking moron, dipstick so far to the right he doesn't even know what is moderate. The reactionaries' last stand: the idiots' last burble.

Bryant and the Cycles of Rage

It's beginning to look like the deceased Mr. Shepherd was so wound up in his own cycles of rage during the deathly incident at that stretch of Bloor that is unequivocally bound up in road user rage, that the deceased may have wound himself to death.

NDP Maybe Harper will fall on his head

and have a new vision. Maybe. There's a first time for everything.

Wrong Mr. Stelmach

The only thing that will damage the Copenhagen talks is if Mr. Harper's government is still in power: the do-nothing conservatives, are not an an asset on the this or the economic file, they are woefully lacking in ideas, imagination and understanding. The Arctic can't take much more of the do-nothing conservatives either.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Christian con is nearly over

The half-=baked theology of malice that inspires Stephen Harper and the rest of the Bush League will soon be regulated to Canadian oblivion.

Time for Harper to understand

once and for all: the majority of Canadians do not like you, we do not like what you stand for, how you think, how you behave or how you make us feel. The reason you haven't talked to a single voter who wants an election is because the only people you talk to are conservatives. Let me make this clear: we, the majority, don't like you and don't want you.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

God's version of Harper

I'm not about to pre-empt God's perogative to judge Stephen Harper but I retain my right to trust my own discernment about the essential nature of his emotions, thoughts and spirit, the spirit God gave him, so that we might know the mark of Stephen Harper, perhaps I have no gift of discernment, but to me, he has the darkness of eyes and the slight of hand of a natural born deceiver. I discern deception in Harper's Christian Conservative version of the body politic - in his social authoritarian beliefs - and in the ways in which he is willing to apply those convictions on behalf of the petroligarchs, arms dealers and financeers of the right wing coalition of privateers to which Canada's Bush League conservatives belong. I see the inheritor's shadow of the coalition that both won and lost the Second World war, what Tarantino might call the unmarked Nazis who took off their uniforms and then hid themselves among the emerging manageriate of post-war North American capitalism: which was a merger of Mussolini's fascism with Duplessism and CD Howe's neo-liberal interpretation of the pre-war imperialist-corporatism of Meighen-Bennett-Drew. I discern the shadow of the Bush League Petrologicahy concealing Stephen Harper, making him unwilling to guard the village well - the Living Water - against he tcorporatist privateers among his more militant backers. I discern a disconnect between Stephen's heart and head, a vacuity of vision, a willingness to deconstruct without an understanding of deconstructionism's true purposes, I discern that his social authoritarian streak was why he sold his soul for power in his very first week in office, the burning need to keep and exercise power is why he showed little but malice and spite to the Loyal Opposition and the majority of Canadians who quite consciously voted against him. I discern in him contempt for British constitutional genius. I discern deception in everything he does on behalf of his true masters, whatever his afterlife hopes of God salvaging a soul from the consequences of endless violations of his own sworn oaths, promises, proclamations, declaration, statements, press appearances, and the insistent utterances of his alleged first and always principles. I discern something in Harper I noticed in Frost/Nixon, Langella's acting, his understanding of Nixon understanding how badly wrong he went. I'm just not sure Harper has it in him to be Nixonian, but will more likely remain Bush League.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mrs. Harper Goes To Gala

Stephen Harper is sending his wife to Lyin Brian's big gala in September. Harper's consistency is clear in one respect: his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Baird Bullshit

Mad Dog Baird, the Minister of Transportation Porkbarrel, misses the point that his government is unstable by its very nature of being made up of malice mongers and reactionaries who have no vision or forthought except partisan attack mode.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Harper: the Ist Suburbanite PM

The man lives in a Calgary subdivision, which, like all subdivisions, is actually located in Anywhere North America, and not in Canada at all. Stephen Harper: too small for Canada.

Republicans for Ignatieff

See Manning Institute for conception, costs, and purposes.
Stephen Harper: too small for Canada.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wrong Again Mr. Harper

We can't wait to throw you out of office and let the Con Party combust on you.

Dust Bowl and an end to oil

With southern Alberta and Saskatchewan turning into dust bowls that will far exceed the ravages of the 1930's, the question will quickly come down to available drinking water versus water available for oil processing. Humans can live without oil, they can't live without water. With the mountain glaciers all melting or melted because of global warming, and thus with no means of replenishing prairie rivers, except random rain storms, it would appear that the once mighty economy of the bastion of climate-change-deniers will be reduced to little if any activity for generations, it's as if some Biblical wasteland will have been reaped by all that rapacious sowing. Michael Ignatieff's suggestion that the future lies in Alberta, has to be treated with serious scepticism, since it is far more probable that the province will revert to pre-1947 poverty levels, with populations having dwindled to the core of obstinancy that appears to govern the ideological blindness of Alberta politics.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Helping to shaft Afghani women

If you don't think we're in Afghanistan for the oil, but for the good of the people, here's what the American puppet president Karzai is up to now, and it isn't good for Afghani women. Why the hell are we helping this ? Do Canadians really need to die to help oppress women ?

America is a socialist nation

Any nation that spends more than half it's budget on its military is a socialist nation: "trickle down" was always a nonsensical notion, even in Reagan's day, Reagan was a military socialist, a right wing socialist, a national socialist in fact. America remains a national socialist country. It's also why its right wing media has mastered propaganda to a much higher level than the left wing has, because corporatism is well paid, highly organized and ideologically unified around a distorted Christian theology that denies most of Christ's teachings in favour of a top down hierarchical power grid, in which everyman gets the illusion of independence and none of its substance, law before grace. It's also why America is on a collision course for a Civil War. No Third World nation contains as much hate between citizens as America does. That's why most propaganda is aimed at hating outsiders, the Cold War, the War on Terror etc. but with the ending of the Bush League presidency and the loss of ascendancy of the hard right, the right is turning on the left, and while they are a minority of the population, they absorb malice like sponges. America the apex of national socialist ideology will soon be going to war again, civil war, and it will be ugly and brutal and very difficult to stop. It is however the logical conclusion of the Bush League and Reagan's national socialist ideology.

Palestinians are also Semites

thus, Israeli oppression of Palestinians is also anti-Semitic. The defense - by Canadian Jews - of Israel's Palestinian 'pogroms' is likewise anti-Semitic, because they support the oppression of Arab Semites. When the United Church began to question their position on Israel they were not being anti-Semitic when some members came to the table with the fact that Israel employs a form of purposeful misery-making against the Palestinians. It is also more than apparent to everyone with a brain that Israel has been treating Palestinians like shit for 60 years. But nor is it necessary to be anti-Semitic against the Jews to seek to hold them accountable for their real-politik atrocities. To bring charges of crimes against humanity does not require an equal measure of crime against the offending people. And where is the new Ezra willing to stand before the Creator and speak truth about the abuse of power by his or her people ? Bernie Farber is clearly not up to the job, he appears to be little more than an apologist for brutality. A Cultural Jew I suppose, without any of the spiritual intelligence that once made the Jews one of the wisest and most profound peoples on the planet. Farber is a prophet of jackals, not "a man after God's own heart".

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Climate Change the Military can believe in

If even the most reactionary, non-democratic force in the dying empire south of our border is starting to make plans for dealing with the instability caused by climate change, then even the most socially authoritarian RepubliCon is going to have to start believing in it much sooner than later. Of course, the smart ones already know it's happening that's why they and their friends are buying up so much land that will still be arable and contain drinking water in that dismal future, they don't want everyone believing in change's inevitability yet, at least not until it's too late and they own all the food and water resources on the planet. Which their military can then protect for them. Won't that be fun for the have nots who warned and warned and warned but the sheep were too self-satisfied to listen.

Bill Davis turned 80

Somebody say amen.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lyin' Brian's Party

Lyin Brian Mulroney gets a party for the majority he won twice before the Canadian people shredded the PC Party to pieces in revenge for everything about him and his politics, while his arms dealer buddy and payola supplier Schrieber goes back to Germany and jail. Mulroney, who should be stuffed into prison here for his sins, was a PM who told more untruths than any PM before him, but has since been bested by Stephen Harper, a man couldn't discern truth if his life depended on it. Love him or hate him the last honest Conservative was Joe Clark, and Joe now laments that he has no party, at least not since the the Reformatories and the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries took over the Right in the wake of Mulroney's hated government. My favourite Mulroney moment was the outrage that exploded across Canada when the President of the first Bush League tried to foist Lyin Brian on the world as head of the UN. Never was I more proud of Canadians than when we roared down that revisionist revival. Alas Alack however, poor creature Mack, the Con game goes on without men of integrity to pull the oil guzzling junkie party out of the ditch into which it's driving the nation.
Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Liberalism and Ethics

Thomas Axworthy makes a good case for a restoration of the liberalism that was the Gladstonian counterpart to Disraeli's conservative democracy (ie letting the servants vote because they'll always vote for what their masters want.)

Friday, July 31, 2009


The CBC coverage of the event is here, scroll down a few blog postings and you'll find it, if you haven't seen it, and think this story is some kind of liberal conspiracy, just look at the tape, the PM takes the host in his hand and walks away with it, he does not consume it. That's all, no conspiracy, no reason for Irving to fire the editor and publisher of the Telegraph Journal so Irving Inc. could please Harper and get the shipbuilding contract as a reward for helping Stephen with his vengeance just because that paper allegedly "broke the story", the story was captured on camera, no one broke it. Harper lied, again, he was being malicious, again. Stephen Harper, too small for Canada.

Wrong Again Stephen

Harper says Canadians don't want a fall election, and yet, in that poll last week that noted that the cons are the first choice of about 20% of Canadians, the poll also noted that they were the last choice - behind the Greens - of everyone else but 12%. Canadians don't like Harper, we don't trust him, and we seriously don't like his brand of conservatism. We want to get rid of him and his con game so badly we're happy to dump him out of the lifeboat in mid ocean. He's a creepy little man motivated largely by self-obsession and malice. Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crime Wave PM

Despite Harper's blaming the opposition for his inability to fight crime the way he would like (my but Cons love police states as long as they're right wing) the fact is crime in Canada is at it's lowest rate in 30 years and has been falling for years. Hey, it's a repeat of last years scare the old voters tactic.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Some 'Star'

A Star was born said Ian MacDonald, except then Raitt turned into dying star, and O what will MacDonald say tomorrow ? Con apologists in the media watch the Pillsbury Dough-head PM deconstruct himself, tapes, tapes and more tapes eh Stephen ?

Mad Dog Baird

It would be perfect for Mad Dog Baird to be the one who torpedoed Harper for good with this little bit of throwing his thick-skulled weight around.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

more Seal Heart

It's all about the Arctic, Inuit voters and control of oil reserves. 13% of what's left on the planet.

Dion and CTV decision

CTV - Conservative Television in action - guilty as charged. No integrity, no ethics, and they cost Dion the momentum he had going into the last weekend, thus leaving us with Harper, Captain weasel, who couldn't define the nature of Canadian democracy if his life depended on it. And we got Mike Duffy as a Senator, Harper's way of thanking CTV.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seal Heart Politics

The Governor General asked to eat - and then ate - raw seal heart at an Inuit celebration: a) because eating it - if offered - was the right pan-Canadian cultural thing to do because that would have been the essence of her protocol, b) she asked to eat it however - before it was actually offered - perhaps because she likes to eat fresh kill raw or c) because GG Jean became Stephen Harpers's tool when she prorogued parliament despite his lies about the nature of Westminster democracy and therefor asked because d) Harper - via the GG Council - told her to win the Inuit to the conservative cause because e) there will be an election sooner than later and Harper wants to win the north so that he can turn it into a corporatist enclave because f) Canada needs to unify the north against Russian claims to the Arctic and because g) Harper is the servant of the Canadian oilgarchy and it is for their future privateering benefit that he wants to secure the Arctic oil resources and because h) oil lease/tax revenues are the basis of his economic theory and the Inuit can be bought off with Tory largesse and i) because Harper hates Europeans for being a bunch of socialists (and therefor the GG eating seal meat would piss off the anti-seal hunt European Union - all the nations of which having already forced one another to give up all their own 'iffy' historical food pleasures and habits because they believe the biological future of humanity is serious in danger, so therefor, everyone else should be on the same self-sacrificing diet as they are and finally, because j) Harper denies climate change (and the human causation of same) not because he doesn't believe in it, but because as long as he denies it, Stephen's oil bosses stand a better chance of controlling the available land in our globally flooded future, and some of that higher land lies in the barely ice-covered rock outcroppings of the far north - the future temperate zone of the stricken planet.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ridiculous Harper

Harper's new socialist-separatiste coalition is beginning to take form.
If anyone out there still thinks this PM is a man of principles, better look again, there is only one principle in Stephen's world, Stephen first, Stephen second, Stephen last, Stephen all the time. My guess is conservatism will not rear it's small-minded ugly little head in Canada again for another generation when this master hypocrite finally waddles off the national stage.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mulroney should Not be lauded

Lyin' Brian was a big business tool who sold out Canada, a man who created a constitutional crisis in Quebec because he thought he could out think Trudeau but lacked the brains or imagination. He was an egotistical reactionary, no matter what Peter MacKay - the man whose word is worthless - thinks. Mulroney's corruption into a bagman for an arms dealer is the proof of his own pudding.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Somali Pirates and Canada Law

When a Canadian warship stops a boat used by Somali pirates but no arrests can be made because no Canadian Law was broken, surely the UN needs to become involved. We need an international code of the sea that allows national navies to intercept pirates, and turn them over to an international piracy tribunal or some equivalent.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

MacKay loses Nato bid

Peter MacKay, the man whose word is worthless, has lost out in his manoeuvrings to become head of NATO, thank god. One less Tory embarrassment on the world stage: MacKay can now sink into the stink of his own choosing: like his father, he's just one more politician without integrity, whatever his feudal subjects in Nova Scotia think. Peter MacKay, the man who brought us the small-minded, mean-spirited, hard-hearted corportatist leadership of Stephen Harper, may they rot in history together.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hudak for Ontario ?

If this is the man that uber-right wing Mike Harris wants in order to recreate his little fascist regime in Ontario then everybody who was pillaged and abused by Harris in the 1990's, everyone who was marginalized and made to feel like a second class citizen by the reactionary middle class who supported the kind of economic rapists who just brought down the world economy, should take note. Harris, the demagogue with the worst attendance record at the legislature in the history of Ontario premiers, who obsessed about law and order while ordering the murder of Dudley George, Harris fast tracked an agenda designed to create a conservative police state (it wasn't the fact that communist countries were police states that Cold War-era Conservatives opposed, it was the fact that the Warsaw Pact nations weren't corporatist police states. Pre-Hitler war alliance Mussolini was their model, him and Generalissimo Franco. George w. Bush made that clear. Harris divided the province into haves and have nots and then proceeded to kick the shit out of the have nots, leaving the province a much worse off, embittered place than it was before he took office. The key to the sociopathy that is Harrisite Conservativism was his parting shot: if he had to do over again, "I would consult less." More like Mugabe I would expect, just tell the people what to do, and then kill anyone who disagrees with you. That's where Mike Harris would have gone, if he could have.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three years for protesting war crimes

The man who threw his shoes at George W Bush got three years for protesting against the most protected war criminal on the planet.

Harper looking for new pimp

The voice of hypocrisy speaks for Stephen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry Stephen,

but those are rose-coloured economic lenses you've got on. Unless of course you're just lying again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Liberals going after religious voters

Contrary to this article's contentions, Catholic voters have not always voted Liberal at all. During the pre-second world war period fascism was actively preached by Catholic clergy across Canada. Mussolini's ideology of Corporatism, which was itself rooted in conservative Catholic theology, helped secure the already absolutist position of the Church in Quebec. In the rest of the Catholic congregations of the country - especialy in Italian Churches, Mussolini was a prophet of God: it was a conscious decision derived from the Lateran Agreement in Rome. Quebec was a jurisdiction of extreme right wing politics under clerical control until only after the Quiet Revolution of the early 1960's, when Liberalism deconstructed the facsist state created by the Union Nationale. The history of Liberalism in Canada - in Catholic parts of the country, was historically Rouge, an anti-clerical, Enlightenment-rooted view of individual liberty.
That view culminated in the particularly 'Canadian' funeral of Pierre Trudeau, which, while it was encased within the high pomp and circumstance of Cathedral orthodoxy, was riven through by Trudeau's own Catholic Personalism. Personalism, as a political theology, is the liberal side of Catholicism, in that it is more akin to Protestantism, with it's emphasis on an individual's existentially independent relationship with the divine. Generally speaking, Christianity is by definition personal, and only by practice, does it become conservative, ie hierarchical. The idea of 'once a Catholic, always a Catholic' is akin to those aspects of Judaism in which one is born into a community of believers, in conservative theology, the community as a people is what is in actual relationship with God. Once "relationship" has been abstracted into that belonging to a "people", rather than that of a person, almost every point of access to the divine can be controlled by those who control the community.
Liberalism's initial success with Protestant voters was rooted in Protestantism's reformed hierarchical structure: Pauline theology not only requires an individual to take responsibility for right and wrong, for making the world a better place, but it expressly posits the idea that a religious community is actually formed by individuals in relation with God, who can only then develop a spiritual relationship with one another. Protestantism has its ebbs and tides, and can become as extreme in its hierarchical control of individual believers as Catholicism, the method of control however, especially in modern times, has become increasingly more obvious. In contemporary fundamentalism, while individual responsibility remains a part of its theology, structurally, the whole basis of the personal religious experience has been twisted away from personalism towards status quo views of power,and the notion that the religious leader knows better than the individual. Thus, the community so formed, flows from the individual to the leader, and not from the individual to the divine. Thus, rather than a genuine spiritual relationship with ones' neighbours, one is left with a religious relationship with a boss.
That's why American evangelicalism is so right wing: the idea of liberty is still espoused, but Liberty actually belongs to the nation, to 'Americans' and not to individuals. The individual fundamentalist does not have to think or feel for themselves, they just have to do what they are told.
The fact that Ignatieff is trying to move Liberalism back into legitimacy as a political theology is not in itself troubling, since Canada was created as a nation designed to heal the fundamentalist religious divisions between Catholics and Protestants that had previously torn apart Europe. A path of personal spirituality is entirely in keeping with the principles of liberalism. What is questionable about Ignatieff however, is that he is essentially a CD Howe Liberal, the follower of an ideology that tried to liberalize conservative corporatism, and failed. Ignatieff has already started espousing a new orthodoxy, in which business, the state and the individual will 'deform' back into a giant pyramid scheme, his comments on the Tar sands make that clear. My guess is that Ignatieff is not after a spiritual renewal of Canadian personalism in order to create a Just Society founded on the Greatest Equal Liberty for all. My guess is that individual concepts of freedom will be reduced to an abstract 'internalism', so that Canadians will be encouraged to identify themselves with the new global heirarchy, and so do its bidding. In fact, it is becoming increasingly obvious from Iggy's management style, that he is in essence, a Fundamentalist Pastor, controlling both the medium and the message. And in that regard, he is not at all unlike Stephen Harper. You can have them both.

Anti-Climate Change "Science"

So the Czech president thinks that efforts to address climate change are really just assaults on freedom. Freedom ? What I want is freedom from an economy that has so completely enmeshed itself into global gangster-corporatism that its proponents have no compunction about lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, raping economies or pillaging the resources of vulnerable peoples. Conservatives really have to find some new ideas, because they are increasingly trapped defending the indefensible. Conserving the freedom of others to treat entire populations like indentured servants is no longer an option. Conserving the privilege of the few over the liberty of the many is no longer an option. There is no reason for Conservativism to be so reactionary. Conservative thought used to have dignity, now it's just the play thing of global thugs.

Yet another war looming

And this war, is going to hit the poor hardest, because the rich will come in and strip them bare: middle-class North America, inured to the misery of others by their own sense of entitlement, will allow it to happen. This will be the logical conclusion of gangster capitalism, the conscienceless pursuit of not just profit, but the grand theft of the planet's remaining resources. Maybe they'll let us die fighting the war for them. Just like a good pyramid scheme should.

Oh yes, with the tar sands Canada is nothing

Now here's a moronic POV from one more right wing 'economist' with his head firmly stuck in the muck. If this nation is so unimaginative, so singularly lacking in the ability to think beyond the corporatist bog, then we we will fail, but not because of an inability to let some big businesses profit off a sandy ooze pool.Can we never get beyond this duplicity and downright dumbness. If a person is what they eat, perhaps a nation is what it consumes: which is fossilized death in this case.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MacKay for Nato ?

Sure, let's give the job to a man whose word is worthless.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Give the money to municipalities

As far as I can tell Canadians live in towns, villages and cities, that's where they work, that's where they eat, sleep and shop. Provinces are abstractions. Even on islands like PEI and Newfoundland, everybody lives in a municipality. It's at the municipal level that you can act locally and think globally. So in order to solve a global economic meltdown created by the merger of gangster and corporate capitalism in America and abroad, the place to re-invest in non-corporatist society is at the local level. It's deeper representation than can be provided by federal ridings, which makes government expenditures less prone to the kind of partisan manipulation so loved by Stephen Harper. The three billion dollar slush fund he wants has only one purpose, because Harper has only one purpose, the destruction of the Liberal Party. What he wants to do with money is to make Conservative ridings healthier and to make everyone else suffer for not voting for him. This budget is such a waste of time, it was designed to do little, and to achieve nothing more than the appearance of doing something. It has no vision, no depth. Let the people we vote for at the local level have the money, they know what's needed where we live.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mad Dog Baird wants our trust

Minister Baird, who strikes me as a thug more suited to organized crime circles than those of democracy (which may be why he lied so utterly and psychotically about the nature of Canadian democracy before Christmas) now wants us to trust him with 3 billion dollars. I'd rather trust Meyer Lanksy than Baird, because Lansky at least had a genius for money,while all Mad Dog has is a genius for deception and vitriol.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drawn into the debate with Canadian Jewish leaders

As someone with Jewish blood in me who is not technically a Jew, and who is not a follower of Judaism, except as a Christian who thinks the heart of David is the best thing about the old testament, besides the depth of vision of prophets like Isaiah, I developed a romanticized notion of Jews from having guided canoe trips at a Jewish camp in Algonquin Park way back when and so still love a great many more Jews than I even know Muslims. However, I nonetheless find this whole issue of Israel's treatment of Palestinians both anti-Semitic, and a symptom of the hard-hearted, stiff-necked tendency of Jewish leaders to dam the rivers of justice. There should have been a Jubiliee in 1998-99, justice should have been done to the Palestinians, justice still needs to be done. The idea that conservative Jews can simply ignore the demands of Jubilee is highly offensive to me and to scriptural prophecy. No amount of propaganda can change that fact. And that doesn't make me an Islamist, it makes me just one more voice crying out in the wilderness for Jewish leaders to let justice flow like a river. As for Warren Kinsella, his position is always in opposition to conservative propagandists: the idea that he is somehow promoting anti-Jewish sentiment by railing against reactionary elements in Canadian Judaism is absurd. The idea that he may be a closet Islamist is equally absurd, he's on the same side of the denial of Israelis first, Palestinians last as much of the Jewish leadership is, left or right. By the Rivers of Babylon I sit down and weep when I remember Zion.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Harper to join Socialist Plot

Now that Stephen has someone to follow, he's ready to join what he used to refer to as the socialist plot of environmentalism, who needs ethics.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ostrich Effect

According to Niall Ferguson, an alleged financial guru from Harvard, there is the potential for a great darkness to cover the earth because most policy heads are in the sand, doing everything they can to pretend that everything is alright, when things so clearly aren't. He also believes strongly that "The lesson of the subprime crisis is that you shouldn't give mortgages to people who can't afford them. Duh …"
As someone who has spent most of my life paying other people's mortgages through rent, I take issue with the notion that the expansion of home ownership to those who allegedly can't afford to pay for their homes is the rootball of this crisis. If someone goes from being a renter, to being a mortgage payer, where is the imbalance of ability to pay ? We are paying the mortgages of the better off, month by month, year by year, increasing the value of the asset to the owner by paying off the owner's mortgage, and when we are done paying off the mortgage, the owner has profit and we have nothing. If there wasn't a need for a massive downpayment, and thus a need for loans in the first place, there would have been no subprime crisis. In a market economy, the owner wins and the renter loses because someone has to lose money for someone else to make it, an imbalance that is further degenerated in a corporate market economy, because the corporation is not only not required to act ethically, but they are expressly designed to profit from their lack of ethics. Corporate economics take an already flawed market system, and intensifies the flaws.
Granted, many new home owners get caught up in corporate media spun delusions about keeping up with consumptive ownership of stuff and more stuff to stuff into their homes, but the simple creating of owners out of renters is not the problem. Duh.
Perhaps a strike by hundreds of thousands or even millions of renters would make it abundantly clear whose money is being used for what profit purposes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Beyond the Wealth of Nations and Back Again

Beyond Adam Smith came the creation of business charters governing the relation of capital to industry, in the late 19th century, governments created corporate crown charters and thus created corporate capitalism. It was designed from the beginning to be an economy run by legal entities that intentionally lacked 'a conscience to bind them' to statements such as citizens make in court affadavits. Capitalists, having divorced themselves from conscience through charter jurisprudence, were then obligated by government to make a profit above all other considerations. The creation of corporate capitalism led to development of the manageriat: management acted on behalf of shareholders following the directions of the board. The manageriat is not required to act out of conscience, only in pursuit of 'legal' profit. Technically corporate capitalism is not imperialist because an empire requires an actual emperor, or empress, and the manageriat is more Dilbert than Queen Victora. Corporate capitalism was not created to develop the wealth of empires or the wealth the nations, merely the wealth of shareholders, most of who nowadays don't even own voting shares. Corporate citizenship belongs to those who hold voting stock, they are the voters who elect those who govern our markets. Economy is never economy alone because markets are not all there is, therefor corporatism is not all there is in the real politik of power. Here in Canada, ever since the creation of the Charter of Rights snd Freedoms, The people who govern the political economy are us. We constitutionally wear the crown in common these days. We have the right and the freedom to remove corporate capitalism and its conscienceless pursuit of profit). To move beyond the post-Adam Smith globalizing corporate economy we Charter challenge the right of a conscienceless entity to be in court with a citizen, we challenge the existence of their charters, we prove in court that they have no right to be in court with us, and that they have no place in an ethical society.
Corporatism is the rationale for pillaging the wealth of nations by those who own charters which allow them to make money without necessity of conscience: it's Post Adam Smith capitalism.
We must come back from beyond the Wealth of Nations, we must uncharter global corporate capitalism, we must free enterprise from the consequence of the damages caused by businesses that act without conscience, domestically and internationally. We must restore ethics to business: the charter of citizenry must be more important than the charters of shareholders.The pursuit of commonwealth is more important than the wealth of corporatists. Doing so would lead to the the death of free enterprise., but its birth: free enterprise is not corporatist, it's rooted in ingenuity and personal responsibility. To come back from Beyond the Wealth of Nations would always to free enterprise for the first time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

McGuinty's Space

Normally I have a queasy easiness about Dalton, he doesn't impress me, but he doesn't depress me either, politically speaking, he's something of a Larry Grossman PC to me.
Fair enough, reasonably self-possessed, and occasionally quite effective, willing to surround himself with intelligent ministers who he then let's do what they have discussed doing with the public and cabinet and legislature, causing considerably less harm than did Mike Harris's Cromwellian cohort, Dalton is no better a Premier than Rae but then I like Rae. As for McGuinty's request that journalists stay out of what is essentially his intimate space, I think reporters should no more be stuffing a mic or a camera in the eyes of a store clerk who makes the news than they should be getting in the face of a Premier. "Scrum" is a metaphor, not an excuse for violating anything more than the distanced edge of personal space. Five feet seems sensible to me.

Flaherty sings from anti-populist hymn book

Alberta Reformatories and Ontario Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries refute their own populist origins and sing like Ernest Manning from the Big Business Liturgy I say buy and sell bio-regionally, save yourself, your neighbours and the environment, but think globally: cooperate with others to create the most stable and most dynamic international commonwealth possible.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Conservative Vision

As Tory bloggers and writers are themselves saying this budget does not fortell a viable conservative vision, and that's because puppets like Harper are incapable of articulating the only viable conservative vision there is: conservation: a green, sustainable, non-corporate, community-celebrating economy for non-statist anarchists.


Stephen will be Stephen, there are stones inside his snowballs, I see him and I see George W. Bush, I their strings, I see their puppeteers, I see the same dozy grins, hear the same self-delusions, hear the same public deceptions. From Lack of Common Sense Flaherty I see a man giddy with hysteria after projecting 85 billion dollar deficits and tax cuts to ensure there won't be money to pay down the debt without misery, I see them together in the glib banalities of a thumbs up for the upcoming feeding frenzy that always follows Bush League economics, I see good deals for wise stock shoppers. I see the poor out in the cold while the middle class fix their cottages. I see artists bought off, their silence paid for, I listen to journalists and hear spin. I see the Beast slouching towards Bethlehem.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ignatieff: right wing liberalism, again.

Since Ignatieff believes the Alberta tar sands are the trump card up Canada's sleeve, it is quite evident that he is willing to undo everything Green that Dion attempted to achieve. The CD Howe side of the party has taken over: we're back to Paul Martin liberalism. There is no Just Society in the cards and certainly no green society. He is also so intent on selling out the Liberal Party to buy the favours of the oiligarchy that Canada will have no role to play in the green future that isn't dictated by corporatist ideology. And now the middle class has a second do nothing option. Political opportunism is depressing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our non leaders in our non-democracy

Nothing makes Stephen Harper's lack of leadership more evident than real leadership. Obama makes our Tar Sands eco-economist,anti-liberal, anti-labour, anti-civil service, anti-arts PM look like the last of the Bush League cheerleaders he is, and the more Obama acts, the more Harper's malice will become evident. Harper was in Bush's league, a narrow-minded hard-hearted demagogue, he is utterly out of Obama's league. Harper has betrayed every aspect of the reformist democrat he inherited from the old Social Credit, for the same reasons that Social Credit was betrayed way back in 1947, the extreme right wing learned how to turn Mussolini's corporatism into modern international neo-corporatism.
However much good Obama may or may not do in various spheres, there is no democracy in a corporate state, there is only the illusion of it, the pretense, made evident by the Dilbert manageriat that serves corporate power, the bumbling middle men have no real power, but are shackled instead by the banality of evil.
Obama's revolution may be a social revolution but politically it is going to fail because liberalism can only offer a kinder gentler version of Mussolini's state, it lacks the moral courage, and the vision, to dismantle the corporate economy and to free enterprise from the shackles of legal entities that have no conscience to bind their actions. Gangster capitalism and globalism capitalism are the same thing now. Obama will not change that, liberalism, if it returned to his political philosophical roots remains the only defense of individual freedom we have but corporations have more rights than citizens, because they have the right to profit without conscience: conservatives have abandoned the larger community good for the corporate good, because the manageriate dutifully votes corporate, they are a class devoted to their own self-satisfaction and security, they will do nothing for the common good because their work place teaches them there is only personal good, narrowly defined as keeping your job and your benefits, that is the biggest problem with corporate unions, they have the same Dilbert mentality. That is not freedom, but license. Our only hope is that biologically intelligent economic environmentalism will natural realign our society. The planet is a giant incubator for mutually beneficial lifeforms. That, and grace given and received, are our only hopes. Obama's leadership may take us part of the way, Harper's will take us nowhere near those goals.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Only a sophist can rationalize the murders of nearly a thousand innocent Palestinians and blame Hamas while absolving Israel. In Canada, it's called partisan politics; there are more Jews than Muslims here, so it's alright to kill Muslims and not alright to blame Israel because there are more votes to be gained, that's why both Libs and Cons are falling over themselves to support Israel. Israel is NOT a liberal democracy, it is a reactionary democracy. Both Jews and Arabs are Semites, so it is NOT anti-Semitic to oppose the murder of Palestinians by Jews, it's pro-Semitism. I am a pro-Semite. I am not opposed to the existence of Israel. And yet I KNOW that Israel has committed 60 years of atrocities against Palestinians. This MUST STOP. This is NOT an eye for eye. This is a hundred eyes for one eye.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Military Police Make Arrest in Afghanistan

It is clear from this and from the comments that follow it in the online article that some people believe that the Taliban "hates our freedom" and other people believe that the majority of Arabs hate the West because of the licence we take with their economies and their politics and thus with their lives and the lives of their generations. I'm one of the latter believers, so I happen to agree in principle when the Military Police act against a soldier: of course, the MP's may have been ordered to find and make an example of a soldier as part of our new Afghan PR campaign, so that the arrested man may himself be no more or less than yet another casualty of war lost to a split-second response to dangers/paranoia while embattled in the ethical shades that haunt the killing of anyone on behalf of a nation.


Stephen Geoffrey Harper-style.

Cap and Trade Fantasies

One of the foremost global warming scientists in the world is warning Obama that cap and trade won't help solve the problems he thinks it will. As for Canada's government and people, we're so deep in denial about the consequences of our lifestyle that we pretend to care about the environment and yet continue to support a prime minister who takes his orders from Big Oil. According to Gwynne Dyers new book, while people like Bush and the Harpercons 'fiddle' every powerhouse military in the world is planning its strategies for the future around the crisis that is going to inevitably destroy our delusions and the lives of our children and grand children.

The real problem with the economy

Canada's CEO's have allegedly already earned more this year than me or most people I know will earn all year. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class sells out the poor in the hopes of becoming rich. Corporate capitalism is a disease.