Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Stephen will be Stephen, there are stones inside his snowballs, I see him and I see George W. Bush, I their strings, I see their puppeteers, I see the same dozy grins, hear the same self-delusions, hear the same public deceptions. From Lack of Common Sense Flaherty I see a man giddy with hysteria after projecting 85 billion dollar deficits and tax cuts to ensure there won't be money to pay down the debt without misery, I see them together in the glib banalities of a thumbs up for the upcoming feeding frenzy that always follows Bush League economics, I see good deals for wise stock shoppers. I see the poor out in the cold while the middle class fix their cottages. I see artists bought off, their silence paid for, I listen to journalists and hear spin. I see the Beast slouching towards Bethlehem.

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