Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our non leaders in our non-democracy

Nothing makes Stephen Harper's lack of leadership more evident than real leadership. Obama makes our Tar Sands eco-economist,anti-liberal, anti-labour, anti-civil service, anti-arts PM look like the last of the Bush League cheerleaders he is, and the more Obama acts, the more Harper's malice will become evident. Harper was in Bush's league, a narrow-minded hard-hearted demagogue, he is utterly out of Obama's league. Harper has betrayed every aspect of the reformist democrat he inherited from the old Social Credit, for the same reasons that Social Credit was betrayed way back in 1947, the extreme right wing learned how to turn Mussolini's corporatism into modern international neo-corporatism.
However much good Obama may or may not do in various spheres, there is no democracy in a corporate state, there is only the illusion of it, the pretense, made evident by the Dilbert manageriat that serves corporate power, the bumbling middle men have no real power, but are shackled instead by the banality of evil.
Obama's revolution may be a social revolution but politically it is going to fail because liberalism can only offer a kinder gentler version of Mussolini's state, it lacks the moral courage, and the vision, to dismantle the corporate economy and to free enterprise from the shackles of legal entities that have no conscience to bind their actions. Gangster capitalism and globalism capitalism are the same thing now. Obama will not change that, liberalism, if it returned to his political philosophical roots remains the only defense of individual freedom we have but corporations have more rights than citizens, because they have the right to profit without conscience: conservatives have abandoned the larger community good for the corporate good, because the manageriate dutifully votes corporate, they are a class devoted to their own self-satisfaction and security, they will do nothing for the common good because their work place teaches them there is only personal good, narrowly defined as keeping your job and your benefits, that is the biggest problem with corporate unions, they have the same Dilbert mentality. That is not freedom, but license. Our only hope is that biologically intelligent economic environmentalism will natural realign our society. The planet is a giant incubator for mutually beneficial lifeforms. That, and grace given and received, are our only hopes. Obama's leadership may take us part of the way, Harper's will take us nowhere near those goals.

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kheimbuch said...

Your diagnosis of "corporatism" is spot-on. It is in fact exactly the same system of corporatism that was devised under Mussolini and has now been adjusted to fit the agenda of global neo-liberalism. Liberal, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Labour, Tories -- they are all players in this game. All different heads on this monster.